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  1. Just reviewing my records. In 2006 I offered $200 to close the matter (sent by certified mail). After that I didn't hear from the CA until last week. Either they were lazy or were trying to rack up the interest.
  2. Today I received a summons from an attorney's office representing a collection agency. I've got some questions on what to do next. Background: Citibank account not used since 1998. Had a $3000 balance that was mostly paid down by 2001. Lost my job and got contacted by the CA. Started paying them in 2002 (before I knew about this board). Last payment was probably 2003 (still within RI SOL) Not sure if the amount was fully paid or not. In 2006 the same attorney's office mailed a bill. I sent a DV letter and I have the mail receipt from that. I don't remember any correspondence from them until to
  3. Bank of American just graduated my $99/$500 card. The next week my scores went up 30 points. Not sure if it was the type of card or utilization, but it was great to see the scores go up.
  4. My friends at Resurgent sent me a letter. They received the DV letter I sent to Merchants Credit. They are doing their research. Until receiving that letter, I had assumed that Resurgent had purchased the account from Merchants.
  5. Okay, Resurgent Capital Services of Greenville SC says they are representing LVNV funding. The "validation" page lists the previous creditor as Consolidation usa. Very strange because the last letter came from Merchants Credit, who claimed to represent LVNV. There is a page about privacy notice from each of the "Sherman Companies" Sherman Acquisition, LP Shermin Acquisition, LLC Ascent Card Services, LLC Resurgent Capital Serivces, LP FBNM, LLC LVNV Funding, LLC Sherman Acquisition II, LP Sherman Acquisition TA, LP Ascent Card Services II, LLC
  6. I have an update: LVNV Funding/Merchants Credit sold the account to another company. The new creditor (I forgot their name) sent a letter, with a "validation" page containing nothing more than a balance from Merchants Credit. So this is new. I'll DV the new company and find out if they sell to someone else. This is worse than confo flipping.
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  8. Does that add up to $1000 per violation?
  9. I'm not sure about ConfusedToo, but mine might be related to an old cell phone account. 1998 at the latest. The chances they have any account info are very low, but I feel better nonetheless. It can't hurt?
  10. Two weeks ago I also got a letter from the same Ken Hughes at Merchants Credit. They claim the OC was Southwestern Bell, which I don't recall ever having an account with. I am sending a DV letter using certified mail. Their chances of collecting from me are about zero.
  11. Thanks everyone. I wanted to be sure. I can wait another year for the tradeline to expire.
  12. I had a Discover card that went delinquent in 2001. In December of 2005, I settled the account. Discover sent me a tax form, and everything looks closed. Question: On my Equifax report, it says: Date of last activity: December, 2005 Description: Settlement accepted. Paid account/zero balance Current status: Pays as agreed Does the "Pays As Agreed" status hurt me? My understanding is that the tradeline will fall off in 2008.
  13. I sent a letter requesting: • Name and address of Original Creditor • Name, address and account number on file for alleged debtor • Amount of alleged debt • Date that this alleged debt became payable • Date that the account originally became delinquent • Verifiable proof that I have a contractual obligation to pay your firm. • Any agreement that bears my signature, wherein I agreed to pay the creditor. • A copy of all statements while this account was open. • Any documents that grant your organization the authority to collect this alleged debt.
  14. After more than two months I received a new letter from the collections agency: Dear Traveler: The enclosed information is in response to your letter dated April 14, 2006. The original creditor was Citibank. We have enclosed copies of 4 statements previously sent from the original creditor as well, to serve as verification of the debt. The balance currently due is $687.42. Please contact our office within 10 days. We will be happy to set up a monthly payment arrangement or discusss the possibility of a settlement on this account to you. Sincerely, Collections Rep I'm a little confused. How do