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  1. My FAKOs have totally flipped out. As of two weeks ago, I was running fairly similar with the big 3... lowest around 500, highest around 600. I recently paid off an auto loan early (like 5 years early), so I was curious as to how my scores would take that info as it came down the line. Ex and EQ dropped by 100 points. Ok... So imagine my suprise when it caught up to TU yesterday and THAT score went UP over 150 points. Huh? I'm confused now. Now I have scores ranging from 450 to 760. wth?
  2. I too had a medical bill go into collection that I was paying on. Long story short, I had health insurance suddenly, and without warning OR notice, it was yanked. I had no idea. I went to the doc.... next thing I know, I have about $2000 in bills coming in between the docs office, bloodwork lab, etc. In the end, 2 of the 3 bills were just fine with me paying them off monthly. I sent letters explaining the situation, and how much I could afford, and all was good. Except with the third. From day 1 they said "we don't accept partial payments", etc etc... yet they happily cashed my check e
  3. Wow, I didn't think I'd be posting in this area for another year or two, but here I am, lol! Anyways, I really wasn't looking to buy just yet. While I've greatly improved my credit scores in the last year, I still have many old CO's on my CRs and figured I wouldn't bother with trying to buy a home until they dropped off. But.... I found a home unexpectedly. A heck of a deal. One I can't pass up trying for. This is a manufactured home on .552 acres. Price is $65k, FSBO. Long and short, the woman who owns it just inherited some land elsewhere, wants out ASAP, so is selling for cheap to
  4. TheRoadBack- did you by chance get any calls from them yet? I have to admit, I laughed at the jackass who called me. The first words out of his mouth were "this call is about how you are being SUED!" I told him I have no idea what he's talking about, but he can't call me at work anymore. He then SCREAMED, and I mean literally SCREAMED, "OH YES I CAN!!!!!" He was still ranting when I calmly told him that anything they needed to talk to me about could be done by mail, thank you, have a nice day. LOL! I'd always heard about these irate people... never got to hear one for myself till tuesd
  5. then what did this mean? Says there "withdrawn"
  6. Oh hon, I know! I've been worried sick about it since they showed up on my CRs. I read all over here about them and how they are, and frankly I've been waiting for a summons since day 1. I wouldn't even feel optimistic at all if it weren't for the new CA on the job. I never thought I'd be HAPPY to get a letter from a CA, lol! But I'm kinda hoping Unifund gave up on me, and sold me off to these guys. *shrug*
  7. Congrats! They were one of my toughest to get removed, but not only did they remove themselves, they sent a letter to me saying they screwed up, so I have wonderful backup if they ever pop in on me again. Isn't it a good feeling?
  8. I got a letter a few days ago from Commonwealth Financial Systems. Right away I saw it was a collection notice concerning the old Citi account that Unifund had showed up about a few months back. So I hopped on truecredit and sure enough, Unifund is gone. This new CA is not on there (yet). Is there a chance I dodged being sued by the dreaded Unifund? I only wonder because I spotted Unifund right away on my CRs thanks to truecredit. I immediatly DV'd them. Their first response was typical "we have to find the documents" crap. I firmly reminded them again a month later about their lack of v
  9. Hey there! I'm mad I've been offline so long and missed all this! (Moved, took them 2 darn months to tranfer the phone line!) Anyways, it does seem they're blanketing NC right now. I found them on my CR about 3 months ago. I DV'd, got a demand for payment in return. I've got a laundry list of violations on them, but I wonder about something... Have you all noticed that they are listed as "withdrawn" on the dept of sec of state website? Shouldn't that mean they can't be chasing us around? I just wrote up a horribly nasty letter to them, I'm so mad I'd kick them where it counts if I could
  10. The card holder simply needs to call and ask you be added as an AU. My mother and I just did this for eachother, and they didn't even ask for SSNs. (which I did think was odd... they didn't ask for anything but names)
  11. Congrats! I can't wait for that day myself.... and I think it's near!
  12. I really didn't even have to fight them much, to be honest. I sent my first DV back in late 11/05 directly to sherman aquisitions. I was then sent a letter from Dawn Anders saying they had ordered the documents I requested, and it would take 10-12 weeks for them to come in. I replied with a letter telling them that was BS (worded much better, I assure you, LOL!), and again requested validation. This time someone else, a Desimber Wattleton (what a name!!), replied with a letter outlining the account, some weird printout of payments made through my debt consolidation program, and a reiteratio
  13. Wow, congrats! What a great leap in score!
  14. After all the BS with them not validating, and the CRAs verifying twice now, I got a very unexpected and welcome letter yesterday from Dawn Anders at Resurgent. "This letter is a follow to our correspondence regarding the above referenced account. Upon researching this account, it has been closed. You should no longer be contacted by Resurgent Capital Services, LP or any affiliate agencies regarding this account. In addition, the three major consumer reporting agencies have been instructed to delete the tradeline in its entirety during the next reporting cycle. We apologize for any inconve
  15. I'm no lawyer, but I just had to chime in here. I am so sorry for what you are going through, you will be in my prayers (and your mom as well). As far as paying them... I don't see why you should. As it has been said, she is elderly and probably judgement proof. Screw them!