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  1. They definitely will report you as an AU. My mother has me added on one of her accounts and it shows up on my credit report every month. I don't know how it factors into my score...
  2. ugh, I was soo mad when Juniper closed my account due to non-activity. I even got a supervisor on the phone and she told me she couldn't re-open my account and to re-apply if I wanted it back. They didn't even send a notice! I will never recommend this card to anyone.
  3. I re-applied last night and got an approval email today for the my access checking account w/ the Hello Kitty debit card. This is good so now I have 2 checking accounts for use just in case I have an emergency. Now if cleaning up my reports and getting the scores up were as easy. I want to buy a house in 2 years (and I'm single) so I better get moving!!
  4. Ok I received the results today and they removed it! Cool. I don't think I am going to reapply, but this is good to know. The letter said: "the disputed information submitted by Bank of America has been deleted from your file at the request of the source of the information." So, what does that mean exactly? I was the one who requested the removal but Bank of America is the source of the information. Huh?? I guess I should just be glad that they removed it, period. Thanks everyone for all your help.
  5. okay thanks i will try that and send it out on Monday. =)
  6. there is a section to write a dispute on the form, however I do not know what I should say. Is there a section on this site that can guide me? Thanks.
  7. okay got the report and there is 1 entry from BOA reported on 12/2003. reported for 'any amounts owed have been paid. account abuse.' hrm...i am pretty sure this is a result of a couple bounced checks that i may have argued over fees w/ the bank. would it help to go into a boa branch locally and ask them to remove or can they not do that? what should i do? thank you.
  8. Hey thanks- I guess I don't really need another checking account, but I was really surprised that BOA declined me. Seriously surprised b/c I don't have bad credit anymore. Hrmm.
  9. so do i have any recourse or will i have to wait it out?
  10. I recently applied online with BOA for a 'my access' checking account w/ a cute Hello Kitty design debit card. I was a BOA customer w this same account from 2002-2006 until I switched to a local bank w better rates. I have no outstanding debts owed to any bank and have bounced a couple checks but resolved them w/in 1-2 days. I was surprised when I checked the application that I was denied! Seriously?? The rep told me to call chex systems (and of course they didn't give my any answers). I am waiting for my report to arrive. I have never even heard of these guys but have done some research. Can you be reported to them for bouncing a check (even if you paid the fee and resolved it right away)? Are they easy to dispute? I cannot believe I was denied a checking account!! It feels so weird and I wonder what the heck was so bad on my chex report...gosh =(
  11. I called Target to inquire about the interest rate on the new card, but couldn't get past the automated system. I guess I will have to wait until the card actually comes...?
  12. No, I am sorry. I meant in 2006. I have it in my signature too. That would be crazy though.
  13. I actually was approved for a target store card last may with $200 limit. I didn't really use the card more than 3-4 times and always PIF. Just this month I saw a soft inquiry from them and I was thinking they were going to up my limit, so I waited and nothing. Finally, I got something in the mail from them saying they upgraded me to a Visa with $1000 limit!!!! I was so happy b/c this is one of the 3 CC's I have been working towards-----> AmEx, you're next on the list! Maybe in 2 years I will get rid of my crappy high-interest rate cards and have that AmEx too. Looking forward to the future
  14. LOL! Will you do it for me, razr? And while we're at it can we use your SS#, income, and dob? Haha, juuuuuuuuust kidding o.0
  15. Thing is they gave me this loan w/out collateral. Now I have all this collateral and can't get a better loan. They are greedy and lazy. Why wouldn't BB&T want to finance this? They have a loyal customer with decent credit, a LOT of collateral there, not to mention the car. It's not like I can take the money in the cd and dash in 6 mos if I use it to secure the loan, so why? Well, I am done ranting =) thanks for all the input. Glad I have a place to get advice.