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  1. lil, lexington law is perfect for people like you and I. Toooo busy to mess with all this crap. See my response on lexington of another post
  2. that is why the hand written letters are so important!!!!!
  3. lil, Get your reports directly from the agencies' web sites. Pay the $10 per site and get them online and be done with it. Getting them directly from the agencies also gives you a agency file number that you can use to dispute your issues. Looks much better to them to have the real and correct and current info. After that your reports will be coming in almost monthly from your disputes so you will not need to buy them really after that. Also, get your FICO from MYFICO.com do not use the other services scoring as it it almost always inaccurate.
  4. Punch, I have been a client for 2 years of Lexington. I have been fairly happy with thier service, and I feel like I have received my monies worth. What do they do: 1. Dispute your bad credit tradelines in a timely and effecient manner. 2. Their letters are hand signed, so they look MUCH more like a individual person wrote them. 3. They organize your info into a great website that rates the severity of each tradeline on a 1-9 scale so you can use your time wisely. 4. I get things deleted all the time from them, so no one is "ignoring" their letters. That is not legal anyway. 5. You get to choose what and how and what priority to dispute your tradelines within the web site. Very cool. 6. Monthly activity and very good communication from the Paralegals 7. When I get letters and credit reports back after disputes all I do is scan them to a pdf (Adobe Acrobat) file and email it to them. THey update the website, shoot me an email that it has been updated and then I can log in and tell them what to do next. Very slick. Could you do all this yourself? Yes, but will you? Probably not. If you had that kind consistent discipline month in and out your credit would probably not be all messed up in the first place. Their service will work like gang busters at the start for you and then slow down as you reach the harder headed CA's. Try them for 6-8 months and then stop if you feel like they are not doing anything for you. There is no contracts you can stop them at any time. There is also nothing says you cannot work on your credit as well during this time. Which is what I have done. I probably would NOT get the Concord Level service. That is an added fee service that sends out hand signed letters of Good Will and for Validations. You could do this VERY easily with the info off this board. Any other questions about them, I would be happy to answer. Take care! Katy, TX
  5. I have had things removed from Experian, but if it does not come off after 1 dispute they seem to lock you down from disputing any more. On the others, you dispute it 2-3 times and they actually do it it'll likely come off. Especially this time of year. IT's just a game Experian is playing.
  6. Hey all, Fairly seasoned credit repair person here. I have had very good luck with EQ and TU both clean as a whistle. Experian on the other hand is very messy. I have disputed with all 3 over the last yerar and a half at the same time on the same tradelines. Stuff comes off the other two, but not Experian. I keep getting the "Previously Investigated" reports over and over and over. I even tried the steps up the law suit letter ladder, just get back "previously investigated." I have seen this problem listed in other messages, but I have not seen any good resolutions. I hate to go the creditors and validate just for experian and then they put it back on the other 2 as well. What has worked for you guys. How do I get them to move? Merry Christmas! Katy, TX
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