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  1. Should I just pay them all off or can I negotiate amounts because I have cash in hand ?
  2. Im in CT. If the OC was paid in full does the CA have the right to report the debt on my CR ? I called CA today and she told me they do not have those debts in her CA so I must dispute to get them removed. Does this sound right ?
  3. Has anyone here heard of Phil Grove and his Assignment of Mortgage Program ? SCAM or is it for real ?
  4. My mother in law passed 3 years ago and my brother in law is supposed to be keeping her affairs in order. He has moved into her home that is part of the estate and claims he is paying all the bills with it. I heard from my daughter that he told someone he was 7 months behind in the mortgage. Is there a way for me to find this out before my wife does so we can can get it caught up before probate ? Im sure he wont be honest with me if I ask so is it public record if the mortgage is paid late ?
  5. They ask me NOT to show up at the court. Just file the answer for and wait for a hearing date. Ok Im gonna "DISAGREE" and see what happens. Thanks for everyones help
  6. Im in CT. The form only lets me "disagree with the claim because" or "admit I owe the claim" or "admit I owe claim but need more time to pay" and gives me 2 blank lines under each choice to explain. It says if I disagree I will be given a trial with a Magistrate and he will decide if I owe anything. What Im thinking is I can pay it between tmro and the time we go to trial and the Magistrate will toss it.
  7. OK. . . So I ask for a continuance on this "ANSWER" or do I just say " I have no knowledge of this debt and am in contact with the CA to get copies of the bills ?
  8. she will do as I ask because Im the one who will end up paying. She gave me her copy of the "ANSWER" and just signed it and said "do what you need to do". So basically Im just going to "DISAGREE" and say that we never got bills or collection notices sent to the correct address.She has moved 5 times and actually the lawsuit stuff for her was mailed to my house. She would have never known if I didnt tell her. Does this sound like Im on the correct path ?
  9. OK so if reading this correctly if I "ANSWER" . . ."DISAGREE" on grounds that I know nothing of these bills and the only thing Ive seen is this lawsuit. It will give me time to pay it off between "ANSWER DATE" and "HEARING DATE" then it will not show on my CR. I pretty sure she owes it but has not spoke to me about it. Does this sound correct to you all ?
  10. So shoild I answer "I disagree" or " I admit I owe" or I admit I owe but need more time to pay" I can go to courthouse tmro . Just dont know what to say. If I disagree and ask to look into why I never saw any bills can I pay it off in the mean time then if it does go to court its all paid ?
  11. So should I not agree ? But pay anyway ?
  12. account stated ? not sure what that means. If i agree and pay in full before the hearing date will i still have a judgment on my CR ?
  13. Im in Ct. Got a small claims suit against my wife with my name on it too. Medical debt from her hospital visits. We do not live together and i never saw any collection notices from the hospital.I have an Answer date of 4-11-12. If I ask for time to pay is there still a Judgement on my CR ? I called the CA lawyer today and they were not very helpful. Offered to pay over 2 months and paralegal just laughed and said "just fill out the form". If I agree I owe on the ANSWER and pay it off, is there still a JUDGEMENT against me ?
  14. Not on my CR yet but its not a judgement yet either, I just cant believe they can try to sue me with no notice of collection