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  1. My credit is alright... My score is coming up... My wife and I prior to this opened a secure loan and secure credit card with a credit union. We had to put up $1500 upfront. Also I went to a few of these smaller loan companies here in Oklahoma(Sun Loans, Courtesy Loans, etc.). They report to my credit and the payments are small. I have 3 of them on my credit I have been paying on. To update... I have $5500 in personal expense loan with NFCU, 2 CC with $1000 balances, $2000 NAVCHECK on my checking account and my auto loan of $20000. They are working on doing a mortgage for me at the current time. Most people may think that I bit off more than I can chew but I make $8000 a month after taxes and have no bills other than these loans. I have not reestablished my credit in the past so NFCU is really helping do that. The CC will help with my utilization. My wife uses the secured card for groceries, etc and we pay it off bi-weekly so that helps too. I hope that answered your question. Try them.. You will not be disappointed.
  2. Want to tell everyone my experience with Navy Federal CU. My credit scores from PG were EQ 559, EX 597 and TU 570. I setup a checking acct and savings acct with them. I began reading on this site about them. So i applied for an Nrewards CC. I was approved for $1k credit line. So I applied for the MC. They approved me for another $1k credit line. I applied for a auto loan($20000) and was approved for no money down. I also applied for a $1k personal expenses loan and was approved also. 4 approvals! AMAZING! I thought my credit sucked! It probably does. But this will help. On a side note, went to the dealership to buy the vehicle and the finance manager wanted to get my business so bad... 2 months ago I tried to get an auto loan and was told needed to put down $5-7k. I told the finance manager this and then I told him why would I go thru you when NFCU gave me a $20000 auto loan with 0% down. Can you beat that? That shut him up QUICK! ANYWAY, NFCU ROCKS!
  3. My wife received a letter in the mailing from a coll agency that we owe First Consumers National Bank $1800. The Date opened was 06/2001. They would not give us the date of deliquency. To be honest we do not remember this credit card. They refuse to send us any documentation showing we owe it. Is it correct they can still collect on it? We were advised by Lexington Law not to do anything with it. If we make a payment on it then the dates change. Is that correct? They cannot sue due to the 7 yr rule? Is that correct?
  4. Yesterday my wife and I contacted a bank that we owe money to in regards to pay/settling the account. It shows on our credit bureau as a collection agency named CBSA. The guy at the bank told us we owe more than what is showing on the credit report. He also stated that they are not using this collection agency any longer. We contacted the collection agency to ask them to remove it. Immediately they tried to collect on it asking us to PIF. We advised them by telephone that this amount was innacurate and asked them to remove it. She said they don't remove it. We told her per the FCRA that if the item is showing on the credit that they have to remove it from our credit. She said she would contact the bank and asked for our phone number to call us back. My question is... what is our next step? The bank is no longer using the collection agency. The collection agency has reported it on our credit. By them reporting innacurate info how do I get it off of our credit?
  5. Hello all, I need some help. My wife and I are trying to buy a house. My credit score is very low(TU - 503, EQ - 525 and EX - 565). I have contacted Lexington Law and they are helping me try to raise my score by removing stuff from my credit. Is there anything else I can do. I have opened 3 small loans($250 each), a secured loan from my bank($2000) and I have a current car note in my name. I am just at a loss. I don't know how to get my score up. Anyone have any advice?
  6. My wife and I are buying a house. I am paying off everything on my credit.. My current score is 460 and this guy tells us if we pay off everything that my credit score will raise to 580 and I will qualify for 100% financing.. Is this possible?
  7. Currently I have 23 negative items on my credit. My wife has about the same. Most of them are prior to 2002-2003. We filed bankruptcy in 2001 due to premature birth of our son. Basically for the last 5 years we have been struggling & not really caring about our credit. Eating & surviving was much more important. Now I finally got a job that pays very very well & we want to buy a house but with our credit we cannot. Last time I checked my credit score was 480. We have no positives on our credit except my wife has a car note that she pays every 2 weeks to a "buy Here, pay here" place. We are just wondering what are the best options for our credit.. Pay everything off or just pay some of it off & then try to get some secured credit. Any help is greatly appreciated. Jamie Baghdad,Iraq
  8. My wife & I are trying to clean up both of our credit's. Total is about $16,000. Most of the stuff is from 2002 & before. Is it better to pay off all of the stuff current? I truly don't know how to proceed. I took a job in Iraq to get us financially where we need to be but.. I just don't know how to handle my credit at this moment. Can anyone give me some advice as to what to pay off first or is it just better to not pay off anything & go get a few secured CC's. Any help is appreciated. Jamie
  9. What are the best ways to raise a credit score?
  10. Is there a rule or someone know the best way to repair you credit. I am going to Iraq next week & my wife will be paying off our bills but she does not know which bills to pay off... the current ones delinquent or the old ones. Granted we want to pay everything off but I want to help my credit score. Any help is GREATLY APPRECIATED. JAmie
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