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  1. Thank you. all Excellent issues you pointed out. I was having problems with the whole payment talk they keep repeating. Settlement amount 1000 and then balance due 1000 worded like that, is that supposed to be my next payment. Going to have to do a little work on this lol
  2. The whole talk of payments just worried this will screw me. I have agreed to pay 1000 for settlement and be done. What do you guys think of this? Thanks Outstanding Balance: $4,132.44 The purpose of this letter is to confirm the agreement made between you and Santander Consumer USA ("SCUSA") regarding your account. As discussed in our telephone conversation on 9/3/2012, SCUSA agrees to allow you to settle your account by making payments on your account as follows, subject to the terms and conditions in this letter: • Settlement Amount: $1,000.00 • Down Payment: $0.00 • Balance Due: $1,000.00 • Settlement Expiration Date: 9/14/2012 We have updated your account to reflect your agreement to make payments to resolve your Outstanding Balance in accordance with the terms of this letter. If you fail to make payments in accordance with the terms of this letter, SCUSA will consider this settlement offer automatically revoked and null and void without further notice. In addition, SCUSA may pursue its right to collect the full amount due in addition to pursuing any other available remedies. Once all payments have been received by SCUSA, posted to your account and cleared in accordance with the terms set forth in this letter, SCUSA will (i) forgive the remaining portion of your Outstanding Balance, (ii) consider your account as settled, (iii) adjust our records to reflect the settlement of your account and (iv) report the status of your account to the credit reporting agencies as settled for less than the full balance. You also agree to allow SCUSA to request a refund of any credit insurance, life insurance, GAP coverage and/or service/warranty contract(s) that were financed under your contract or loan and apply any and all refunds to the remaining balance due on your account after the payment made by you of the Settlement Amount Payment of the Settlement Amount must be received by one of the acceptable methods of payment set forth above and by the 9/14/2012. This settlement may have tax implications. Please consult a tax advisor to determine the impact on your specific tax situation. SCUSA cannot provide tax advice to you.
  3. This is with the original OC they have agreed on less than 50% and to send a letter that states my credit report will say payed as agreed, is this enough or would it be better if it was settled on report. The best solution is a pay for delete because I have late payments associated with this account but if they wont agree, which of the others options is best. And if they will agree to pay for delete do I have to get that in writing, email or what?
  4. I am in Texas the car is in my name only but was awarded to my ex wife and she is responsible for the payments and keeping insurance on it per the divorce decree. She has been late since the divorce in 09 every month and behind. It is with Santander bought from HSBC. Recently she went and bought a car in her name but cant make the payments on the other one. She still has the car and has tried to sell it with no luck. Legally what options do I have with this? Thanks for the help! My credit is not great but this has not helped at all!
  5. Even though the company did absolutely nothing for my parents. They had to reconcile with the OCs and pay off everything. I just cant beleive that they can get away with that and my parents let them do it! Thanks, CarolinaBlueEyes
  6. The DOLA is 2/2001 on one credit report and the others are scheduled to be removed in 07 and 08. I know this is past the 4 years here in Texas. Other than that I have had no contact from asset other than sending out the DV letters and getting one item removed that was also out of SOL, but this one they dont want to give up. Sorry I am new at this if more info is needed let me know. Thanks, Feel Violated
  7. I got the typical response letter on their letter head with a few numbers they say I owe, along with another letter with the obligitory this is an attempt to collect a debt..... I wanted to check and see if it would be a bad thing for me to put into my second letter that what they sent validates nothing and that they are continuing collection activity on a debt that is way out of SOL. Thanks
  8. Before I found this board, my parents used First American Debt Solutions 2003-2004 paying in 6,000 dollars but they didnt accomplish anything so my parents stopped payments and took care of everything herself. I just found out about this and was wondering what options my parents have in getting their money back? Thanks!!
  9. I just received 2 more back and they are the same way $0 balance and hand written in blue unk.
  10. These are both way past the SOL but yes the ink does match. I was very pissed I just couldnt grasp that they would do that. I will have to send another email to her
  11. I received a response back from Lisa Signore today. Its insane, the papers she sent from the OC say 0 balance owed on both pieces. Except for where she obviously wrote the amounts in and marked zero out in blue ink. What options do I have? Thanks, Gary
  12. I received a response back from Lisa Signore today. Its insane, the papers she sent from the OC say 0 balance owed on both pieces. Except for where she obviously wrote the amounts in and marked zero out in blue ink. What options do I have? Thanks, Gary
  13. I sent an email to Lisa Signore and in return she asked for more info and the last four numbers of my ss# Should I give her these numbers. She should already have them right. Thanks, Gary
  14. I disputed them last year. Should I try again or just DV them? Also how do you get the old addresses?