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  1. While I understand that the "program" does not require any specific score, wouldn't the score still be a factor with the lender? For example, I've been told that with my scores, a lender would typically require me to put down between 15 and 20%. At present, I could come up with 5% and would need to rely on one of these programs for the remainder. Although I realize that one program alone would not be able to provide the remainder. . . is it possible to receive assistance from more than one? I apologize for the multiple issues in this post, but thank you in advance for any feedback.
  2. I live in Northern Virginia (Fairfax County) and just waived arrears for my ex-husband about 30 days ago. They have been removed from his credit report and also the judgment that was issued has been released on two CRs.
  3. Wow!!! That's fantastic. What area do you leave in? I haven't seen too many lease options around here (DC area), or maybe I'm not looking in the right places.
  4. Thanks for your post. Well, since my last post, my middle score has actually gone up to 568. Would that get me any closer to 100%?
  5. I have a Capital One account from 1997. I settled the account and it shows on my report as a CO with a notation that it was settled for less than owed. Shouldn't this have been deleted from report since its more than 7 years old, or does the time for reporting start over once I settled it? Also, I have a Target account that was IIB, but the laste DOLA was 1998. Would the account fall off 10 years from the date the BK was filed or would it fall off 7 years from the DOLA? Thanks.
  6. Thanks everyone for your replies. I'm going to try hard to be patient. . . seeing as 20% down is absolutely out of the question. Hopefully within a few months I'll be able to post again to advise of my new purchase. Thanks to this site, I've had a number of baddies deleted from my CR, so following this forum's advice has definitely proven to be beneficial.
  7. Actually I've been looking in Ft. Washington/Clinton Md, which are in Prince George's County in MD.
  8. Waiting is what I know would be best - rate wise. But living in this area, for every year that passes by I feel like my chances of purchasing a home by myself are becoming less and less a reality. Homes in the DC area are ridiculously overpriced and to make matters worse I'm competing against households with two incomes. Hence the urgency. If I ventured into subprime land would it be possible to get 100% financing at a higher rate? I'd rather be housepoor for the next year or so than risk never being able to purchase one at all.
  9. That's correct I'm renting now. I read on another post that having 4 positive tradelines would be useful which I do have. My rent being one, Orchard Bank, First Premier and Reward 660.
  10. I'm very anxious to purchase a home. My scores are as follows 510 Transunion, 548 Equifax and 610 Experian. I have 1 unpaid judgment, a BK discharged in 2001 and 3 CO all of which are in dispute. Is there any way I would qualify for a mortgage with these rates? I know rate may be higher but I'd be willing to do that until baddies come off.