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  1. I feel that they continue to have false information on my report, since the court agreed with me that they cannot prove that the debt is mine.
  2. I am fighting with MCM now, a year later and they just verified their collection on my report.
  3. The results from the dispute is back from TU (took three days). Midlands collection is still there with me supposedly owing over $1500. Will be sending letter to Midland. Should it be an ITS?
  4. Got a letter in the mail in Nov. of 2005 from a lawfirm representing Midland Credit Management. DV'd the lawfirm in Dec. 2005. They replied to the DV with a summons in April 2006. I filed my answer in Jun 2006, filed my trial brief in Jan 07. Was in court March 2007. OC was Household, sold account to CA (MCM). MCM sued me in superior court for the principle balance of just over $1,100. Showed up in court, they could not prove the debt was mine, they had no signed application, no copies of any credit card receipts. Case found in my favor.
  5. When MCM sued me in court, it cost me hundreds of dollars to file my answer (court fees.)
  6. So, the OC is also listed on all three. Since the court docs, mention Household and an account # in them. Would a letter to the CRA for this account also work?
  7. What information do I need to take to the lawyer regarding self empoyment? DH is self employed should I take a P&L, bank statements, and budget? For how many months? I am both part-timed employed (thus get paystub's from two places) and self-employed.
  8. Thanks, I had read all the stickies when I realized what we were going to have do. I had even started on your list. I knew that I had read somewhere a suggestion on where to look, but could not remember where. Thanks again.
  9. Today in the mail we got a demand letter from a lawyer. He wants just under 40K by April 15th for his client, if we pay it they would forgive the remaining 20K. The client is the former landlord of DH business, they sold the building and asked us to move. We had been in the building since 1990, and had an arrangement with them to pay as much as we could, and get caught up when we got a big sale. (We have been behind pretty since the beginning.) We don't have 60K. How do we pick a BK Attorney?
  10. Looked at TU also last night. The collection is also there, lated updated 3/08.
  11. Last March, I met Patenaude & Felix representing MCM in court. Needless to say they lost, and the court found in my favor, they could not prove that the debt was mine. All I did was defend myself, I didn't countersue them. Well, life has kept me very busy, and after I was denied credit today I realized that they still have the collection on at least one of my CRs. Their last update was 2/08. So, do I send them a settlement letter? Or, dispute with CRA (which reads consumer disputes this account), then wait and see if it is removed?
  12. DS called BofA and told them where his van was parked. January 11th they picked it up. Yesterday he got a Explanation of Deficiency or Surplus from BofA. They are wanting just over 4K. (Includes balance plus 1,240 repo expense, 320 repairs expense, 99 commission of sale) In the body of the letter it mentions in bold print "This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose." It also mentions to contact BofA immediately at the phone number listed above (there is no phone number listed above, although there is one listed below.) He also lives in Cali
  13. Look at the above sticky: If You're Suing or Being Sued...Read This.. In it there is reference to several threads on how to answer a summons.
  14. I had to pay the 180. to file my answer in Superior Court in Calif. and I had no counterclaims.
  15. Went to court to day. Sued in the cental valley, lawfirm from San Diego. They farmed it out to a local attorney. Midland v mtnair. They lost, I won.
  16. Now to get this stuff off my CR.
  17. Went to court today. Midland v mtnair The judge said given the evidence presented I have to rule in favor of the defendant mtnair. I won.
  18. IhateCAs, I appreciate what your saying, but....... The facts are also, before the dispute the TL included a balance of nearly $600. Now it states paid collection and zero balance. How did that happen? AFIN must have updated the acct. I'll probably dispute with EQ again.
  19. The Credit Bureau still reporting is really being stubborn and willful. I'd sue both for inaccurate reporting. I don't know if AFNI ever told the CRA to remove it, just their word in a letter from June. Maybe I should just dispute tradeline with EQ one last time.
  20. Are you sure when the SOL is up. Because with a CO, it's not the same date as when it charged off, it's the last time it was current.
  21. They wrote that they were deleting six months ago, as of 5 min. ago it's still there.
  22. I also today got an email from a Jennifer at FICO, in which she states that collections are considered negative.