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  1. Hi thanks again for the reply. I was able to talk to a lawyer regarding this and he said that the fact the they did not validate the debt is not a strong or effective affirmative defense??? So does anyone happen to know If I use the statue of limitations as a defense and for some reason its not up. Can that hurt me in anyway? Because I'm not sure exactly when the last activity on the account was and I think I was about 3 years ago. But wouldnt they have to prove that? Also in the compliant on the 3rd Casue of Action (Open Book Account) It says 20. Within the past four years, in Los Angeles County , Defendants became indebted to Plaintiff on an open book account for money due in the sum of $4023.38 I dont know maybe I dont have any defenses should I just try to settle this?
  2. Hi thanks for that info. Yes it says I have 30 days to file a response.
  3. Thanks so much for the replys Hi to give you guys an update a legal assistant from there office just called me at work to tell me that unless (he was very nice) I want to get a judgment against me that I have to options they will take 80% of the balance in full or I can make pays of like $350.00 for a year. I told him I'd call him back
  4. What what should I respond should I aked them to show me some kind of proof that I owe them this money and if so how?
  5. Okay so worst case scenario they sue and win. Are they going to garnish my wages or will I be put on a payment plan? And if I just ignore it?
  6. Hi yes its that issue Shot now I remember my old user name how did you find that?
  7. Hi, I just got a summons and complaint from Arrow Finanical for my good guys account . But first of all its says it was filed on Sept 13 and I am barely getting it? Does that sound right? Anyways I need help answering it. Its a compalint for money and damages and there are 3 causes of action Breach of Written Contract Account Stated Open Book Account They are suming me for 4023.38 is there anyway I can settle this out of court for a lesser amount?? Help what should I do? I am in California and I sent them a vaildation letter a few months back They never responded at least I dont think they did I moved recently The last time I paid on this was I think about 2.5 years ago. And the receptiost signed for it I was at lunch I just checked with the LA Superior Court website and its says for future hearings : NoneHistories ( Dates listed in descending order) 09/13/2005 COMPLAINT FILED. RN ALH479046003. 09/13/2005 SUMMONS ISSUED. 09/13/2005 NON-APPEARANCE CASE MANAGEMENT REVIEW SCHEDULED FOR 01/31/06 AT 01:30P M, IN DIV/DEPT. 2CM . CLERK`S CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE MAILED/GIVEN TO RESPECTIVE PARTIES/COUNSEL ON 09/14/05 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------