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  1. Hello guys I used to life in FL a while back around 5 years ago and I every couple of months I check the Florida court cases online to make sure I'm not being sued by anyone over there, Today I was doing a search and I found a case filed back in 2005 which I have never seen in any of my previous searches and here its what it says : 08/09/07 FWOP NOTICE GENERATED 10/24/2007 01:30 PM 01/09/07 SUMMONS RETURNED - NO SERVICE DN01 08/03/06 SUMMONS RETURNED - NO SERVICE DN01 06/28/06 SP PRETRIAL DATE 08/04/2006 09:00 AM 01/13/06 SUMMONS RETURNED - NO SERVICE DN01 12/07/05 SP PRETRIAL NEW DATE 01/13/2006 : 10:30 AM 12/07/05 STATEMENT OF CLAIM $xxxx.xx any ideas what FWOP means ????? and since I have never been served what should I do about this ??
  2. he is dealing with it I just wanted a second opinion from the board, he basically said the same thing as john.
  3. I dont think they have a damn thing on me like you just said ! i am going to reply with your first answer I applied for a few credit cards over the years, but am not sure this alleged account is one of them and required strict proof.
  4. 1 Did you ever apply for the credit card which is the subject of this lawsuit ? 2 Do you recall signing an application or did you apply via phone or computer? 3 Did you receive billing statements of your credit card account on a monthly basis ? this are the hardest questions i have to answer
  5. they asking me when did i apply for this CC? Was it a signed contract or oral ? did you ever receive statemets from this account ? did you ever made any payments ? etc etc
  6. Hi everybody, I am currently involved in a lawsuit that is about 8 months old, i hired a lawyer from the naca web page. He filed discovery with this JDB lawyers, but now the JDB lawyers filed a REQUEST FOR ADMISSION, INTERROGATORIES TO DEFENDANT , I was talking to my lawyer and of course we both agree we can NOT lie to the courts. My question is Since i have to admit and say the truth does that means i am screwed ? or do they still have to provide a signed contract ? and present all the evidence they have ? "i know for a fact they got nothing" but like i said my concern is admitting this is my account
  7. A fried got served a month before the SOL kicked in but the first court hearing is 2 weeks after the SOL ! can he Claim SOL ? or is she done ?
  8. Can the a debt settlement be done via fax ? or does it need to be mailed ???
  9. I have a question about SOL SOL kicked in Feb 2007 but i was served september 2006 before SOL kicked in. My question is can i still claim SOL of am I shot on this one ????
  10. Does anybody have a good letter of satisfaction to settle with CA ???
  11. there are printing errors on the same print out they sent before they sued now they have fixed the words. but besides the print out i dont think they have anything else. should i try to settle with them ? they have shown signs that they are willing to settle outside court.
  12. Does it has to be an original statement or could it just be a print out ?
  13. thanks for the replies we already had our pre-trail hearing and I denied the charge so the judge asked them to proof it was me and he said he couldn't do it on the spot so the judge set another court date for Jan 10 and she told him to make sure they bring proof. Anyway's after the hearing they sent me a letter with the only thing they have been able to produce which is a print out of the transactions, but if you see it looks like it was typed by someone as they misspelled some words other than that they have nothing..