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  1. I have a realstate account that I have gotten deleted from all CRA`s except Eq. I was deliq. in Dec. 1999 , but we sold the house do to BK payed the creditor , but they are showing the balance is 119,000 and acct. open, thats wrong ,I have in the past sent them the bill of sale and other things but it always comes back validated ,I`ve disputed numerous times online to no avail ,,what can I do, on my credit report it shows that I am 119,000 in debt it looks bad, what should I do. Thanks
  2. does anyone know witch CRA does harley pulls from? Thanks
  3. I have,nt had any luck getting Bk lines off my report it was filed 7/2000 should I just give up and wait till 7/2007 and it will come off right Thanks
  4. Hi I was wondering about closed accounts i have three that were closed by BK in 2000, but have seven that wre closed because never used them should I take them off my report thanks
  5. who has the best credit monitoring sevice. thanks
  6. Wife and I are getting a divorce We Have 1 Joint account 6000. with Discover She put Discover and some of her indevidual accounts with a DCS but I told her to take Discover off because I did not want that on my credt report I called Discover they will not put that on my report but the account will stay closed now till it is paid how bad will that hurt me we have not been deliquent or anything I would appreciate some ideas thanks
  7. Hello I am new at this and would appreciate some advice. My wife and I are getting a divorce We have 1 joint account togather 6100.00 at Discover card She put in with a DSC last week but I told her it would be better to split it and pay it off so it will not hurt my credit Scores(671,658,648)I have two other credit cards Providian 1500. limit 1400. charged on it and capital one with 2750. limit,2500.00 charged on it Would it be worth to contact one of them to see if I could get a balance transfer since I have credit with them already we have till the 10th of next month to come up with both halfs and discover card will wipe the slate clean but i am just worried about my half No equalty to get loan Thanks
  8. Her Other Card is a Individual Capital But if I call discover to change it I do not want the D.C.S. to give her a bucnh of penilties I am not sure what to do, Thanks
  9. My Credit Credit report is just now starting to look better after filing bankruptcy in 2000 TU=671,EX=648,EP658 And I Will call Discover see what they say Thanks
  10. I am new to this but I have been reading your posts and it made me A little nervous. My wife and I are seperated and In all likely hood getting a divorce anyway she ran up are Discover card witch is joint and a another card witch is just hers She said she was taking responsibility to pay it and she got a D.C.S. to help her,but since my name is primary cardholder they needed my permission for them to pay, they called me and I said yes but did not sign anything I took your advice and called Discover and they settled from 17.29 to 15.99 I thought that was terriable and called my wife she got mad at me, said she was just trying her best She said she did sign papers and was just going to leave it be for awhile see what happens Being the Primary cardholder on the Discover I do not want my credit screwed up, Any advice I would appreciate Thanks
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