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  1. i'm also in california i sent dv letter to amex regarding charge-off. i haven't got response after 90 days. is there something you can do ?
  2. I have sent dv letter to discover card (oc) they replied , it was sold to first select and will let them know. what can i do at this point ? when i disputed with cra as not mine , it comes back as verified. I heard it somewhere 'not mine' is the strongest word in disupte. should i try to dispute with something else ?
  3. All my credit card debts are past sol and will fall of my cr in two years. I recently sent 9 DV letters to all CA listed in my cr. CMRRR it's been approx 45 days and no one , not a single CA has responded yet. but when i disputed with CRA all of them came back as verified. So I believe I have them on verification without validation as continued collection activicty violation. Do I need send ITS letter at this point ? or Do i actully after sue these guys to delete this ? Can someone provide sample ITS letter please ?
  4. Im little confused here I have charge-off cc debt from 5 yrs ago , passed SOL. I have sent DV letter to OC 3 weeks ago I haven't heard any response from them. but I noticed they pulled soft inquiry on my report several days ago. Is this considered violation ? I believe DV is only for CA and OC do not have to respond to my DV letter. but I read it somewhere OC and CA is considered samething in california. If not what do i sent to OC ? Can you clarify this for me ?
  5. There was judgment filed aginst me in 2003 I talked to judgment creditor and he's willing to vacate this if i paid it. but he has no idea how to do it. all he has is some paper that shows satisfied and take it court. does anyone know how to do it ?
  6. I have amex charge-off from back in 6 yrs ago Everytime I disputed it comes back as verified. Can you tell us more details with amex ? was it phone or letter ? Would it be possible to show sample letter?
  7. I can't figure this out. Let say your spouse has credit card debt. Can they sue the other one if she/he has asset ? I heard it from somewhere even in community property state , other party will be liable only when death occurs ? THank you
  8. i have several cc debt went 120 days past due now. and I also have 3 other cc that are balance $0 and keep in good payment history. I think credit card company keep monitoring your cr. do you think thse other delinquent accout will affect my other cards in good standing ? (Such as rate , terms , or possible closing by CC company )