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  1. The link is the guy I signed up under with my wife. When I signed up under my wife she got $20, but I never got the $10 signing up thing that she got. So I posted his link in hopes that people get their $10 thing. I have gotten a lot of help from the boards and would rather people get $10 than me make anything off this. If you look through my past posts, you will see that I am not someone who spams or promotes anything(but is a JDB lawsuit magnet). I was just sharing something that has worked for me(My wife, who I am working on her credit now). I imagine that it isn't going to go a long w
  2. They report to all three. They just report to that other one for free. I have been using it for a couple of months now. When I was reading through the info, that one was the first mentioned for free. Then I kept reading and found the $9.95 thing where they report to all 3 of the major CRA's.
  3. I haven't posted in a while, but am having great success with my credit repair. While working on my wife's credit repair I ran across this guy on the east coast that found a "credit card" company that basically just has you load money onto a card and they will report to all 3 Credit reporting agencies for 9.95 a month. Since I needed to start building positive CL on this disaster of a credit report and wasn't going to get a card from the bottom of the bottom feeders, I figured what do I have to lose? I have been trying it out and it has worked great. I loaded $20 onto the card, a couple o
  4. 09/02/2009 Filing: I1 - Initial Appearance by persons other than the plaintiff or petitioner Paid by: (defendant) Receipt number: xxxxxxx Dated: 9/2/2009 Amount: $xxxx (Cash) For: (defendant) 09/02/2009 Answer (Pro Se) 09/18/2009 Return Of Service 8-12-09 09/18/2009 Affidavit of LVNV Lawyer 09/18/2009 Memorandum of Costs This is what the court website has listed as actions since filing the answer
  5. Sorry it has been a while. No answer to the counter claim. Is there a spot on here that advises how to motion for a default judgement?
  6. My wife was sued by a LVNV company about 5 months ago, and I made an answer and a $35k counter-claim. I have not heard anything what so ever since. I expected atleast a call from there lawyer. What next? A motion for summery judgement? A motion for dismissal? I want to get this over with and didn't expect it to go so long after my answer(frankly it was a stupid answer to a stupid company, but hey, it has been 6 years and may be time barred.) Any help out there?
  7. I just recently became a part owner in a rental property. There is no mortgage on this home, but will being a part owner make it any easier to obtain a mortgage on a residential home?
  8. Has anyone had any luck with their Experian Special Handler person? I just had a great conversation with mine today(I have one of the nice ones). I am thinking that she will be kind of helpful, but who knows with these CRA's. I just prefer talking to the same person every time, and being able to mail to the same person. I have someone with Eq and she was really helpful, but was wondering if anyone has had a helpful one at Exp.
  9. I have one of those 7 yr fraud alerts on my Eq and the other two dont even have the little one on them. I would say that they only share some things, sometimes.
  10. I had this happen to me with Equifax. My report showed up like this and I couldnt pull my report anywhere because they had a fraud investigation. They put me straight through to a very helpful person when I called, and I got a lot of things deleted. It was my best experiance ever! Experian has been a huge pain for me, and others, so your experiance may differ. But I would give them a call.
  11. They all act independently of each other. Otherwise all 3 companies would have the same report for you and there would be no reason to have 3 companies. I am not sure about them reporting to one another, if you ask them they don't. One of my credit card companies said that they report to one company and they are suppose to show up on all 3. You will have to dispute all 3.
  12. Chexsystems is basically a credit report for writing bad checks, or leaving a bank account with a negative balance. They keep a national record of all of the bad checks and what not, and banks check these when opening a new account and sometimes on a periodic basis. They will send you a report just like everyone else will. You will probably be doing a lot of faxing with them, as it is their preferred method of communication.
  13. Make sure you send to each of the credit bureaus. Keep an eye on it as well. This is probably something she will be dealing with for the rest of her life. Also, have her bank pull a chexsystems report. Make sure she doesn't have anything on their either. They are fairly easy to deal with in my experiance.
  14. Estimated date this will be removed: 8/2008 That is the line that matters for re-aging. The placed for collections in 2005 doesn't mean a whole lot. The CRA doesn't care if they ever validate the debt with you, it doesn't effect their ability to have it on there. The only thing that validation does is gives you legal leverage if they continue collection activity without validating. If they verify to the CRA when you dispute, that has been said to be continued collection activity. You would then have a cause for suit. On here it is recommended that you have a handful of violations before y
  15. Dealt with these guys for over a year with my wife, to no avail. They just keep transfering it within their umbrella of companies. One this I did notice in your letter though: You combined a DV with a full cease and desist, now I have been away from the boards for a while but I don't think these two things go well together.