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  1. my attorney asked for $500 to do this, is this reasonable? Also what happens to all the payments I made up until now? Thanks in advance
  2. The tustees office stated the tax refund is in addition to my plan payments, my bk attorney said it is applied toward my plan and just causing my plan to end earlier. What should I do?
  3. Thanks. Just trying to get some input, since I feel my attorney did not get me the lowest possible repayment plan.
  4. I am expecting a 2300 refund for 2006, when I "surrender" this to the trustee. Does that get applied to my balance of 21330 or is it in addition to my balance. Thanks in advance.
  5. Yes, I wanted to be prepared when I call him. If I call and ask to convert to 7, he will do it, just wondering if there is something else that can be done.
  6. Hello, I made 5 payments into a 13 plan and my confirmation is on 2/20. I just got let go from work this past Friday. my confirmation is so late cuz the judge kept postponing it, due to his illness. so I just went along with the 3 potponements. Does anyone know what other options are available? and if I convert to 7 how long do I need to wait for my 6 month avg income to reduce sufficiently. I live in BY and payments were 395. Also What does the trrustee do with the $ if I convert to a 7? Thanks in advance.
  7. I got the offer and it is good, so I will take it. They were not worried about my poor credit, just as long as I had no criminal record ever. It is outsourced, so maybe thats why. Thank you all for your input.
  8. This specific position is administering the network hardware as is relates to videoconferencing. I always thought that is illegal not to hire because of BK and to fire because of BK. Other than credit, I am not worried about anything. Thanks for all the replies.
  9. I am interviewing for a position at the local Police departmet as a IT System Admin. They say they do an extensive background check. Is that criminal only or credit too? Should I tell them I filed BK 13 this year? Thanks in advance.
  10. I just wanted to let everyone know that I had my 341 meeting today and went rediculously smooth. My case is messed up, I had 240K in credit card debt and took a second mortgage in April 06. Meeting took 10 minutes and had to pay 145 a month more than the 250 proposed. At least, now I can start a new life without worries. Thanks to all who provided a very worried person input, especially LadyinRed! Its good to know there are good people out there sharing their knowledge and experiences in order to help others. Ron N
  11. called my lawyer and the secretary said that the Mephis PO Box is just their payment center. Is there any way to check in a few days if they got it? Otherwise I will wait until 341 meeting and see what they say.
  12. my 341 meeting is on Fri 10/6. I need to make my 1st payment now. Does it have to be a money order or is personal check OK? Also going through papers I got from my attorney, it states mail payment to Trustee at Memphis Tennessee when I filed in NY Eastern District. Should I mail it there or call attorney on Monday before I mail it. Thanks in advance.
  13. by slapping for contempt, what do I gain out of it? (other then stopping from calling my home) Thanks!
  14. I filed on 8/9. I informed them the last time they called a week ago that I filed and to contact my attorney with any questions. However they called again yesterday for one account, and their debt collector for another account (Valentine &Kovakis) called on Sunday. I beleive they are violating the automatic stay, will discuss with my attorney today. Thanks
  15. from Chase. What should I do? Will inform my attorney tommorrow. I live in NY. Thanks in advance.
  16. He is a bit wary, since my disposable income came out to 116. but since I owe 240k, he felt that a trustee would not accept that as reasonable payment. so he modified my no fixed numbers like food to bring me under 100/mo. and filed a CH7. Also debt is from gambling, but no transactions since 12/05. We shall see what they say. Thanks again!
  17. sorry, I just filed and want to be prepared if it is dismissed. He just said that if it is then we try CH13.
  18. I I file for VH7 and the trustee rejects it. What can I do to get them to accept it? Is filing CH13 my only other option? Thanks in advance
  19. Thanks for the reply. I spoke to 3 lawyers and all are trying to get me to pay closer to 10%. When in fact my budget using IRS standards allows for onlt 2-3% over 5 yrs.
  20. I owe 240k in unsecured, I can only afford 200 a month. Does the BK Trustee have to accept that? One lawyer said the repayment plan should equal at 10% of the total debt, is that true? So he stated about 400 a month. Thanks
  21. Thanks for the input.
  22. MBNA sent my account to them and they sent me a letter stating the balance of 48k is due. What should my first response to them be? a DV letter? Thanks
  23. appologies to all for posting on the wriong thread! just thought it was a similar topic.
  24. MBNA sent my account to W&A after 4 months of nonpayment. What should my first response to them be and how long til they arbitrate? Thanks
  25. I have not been paying a MBNA credit card for 4 months and they sent the account to a law firm Wolpof & Abramson. How long til they arbitrate? and howlong from arbitration til judgement and then lien/garnishemnt? Thanks