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  1. If the SOL is 2 yrs, can a CA still report this on your credit legally? My fiance had a charged off verizon account. It was deleted rather quickly from her credit. The SOL of 2 yrs could be why. But now Pinnacle has purchased it. They have put dates of 1/2009 for being opened. And reported on 4/2009. Is this reaging? This verizon account was closed in 2005. Pinnacle bought it from Verizon. They do list Verizon on there as Original Creditor. I have another CA that is reported similarly. Don't CA's have to list DOLA when they report. I can understand the reported date being recent but not date opened? Any comments are appreciated.
  2. I am inquiring about an old post ( http://debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showpost.php?p=482314&postcount=9 ). I am dealing with Pinnacle who is reporting a debt bought from Verizon for my fiance. The original account kept magically have ghost fees of an outragous amount. Tried to correct with Verizon but ghost fees kept getting rebilled. Fiance closed her account and refused to pay it. No one could ever tell her where/how/why those charges occurred. They eventually charged off this account and it has a bill of near $750. Recently Pinnacle Credit Services has purchased this debt from Verizon. Verizon was reporting a negative tradeline and it was closed in 2005. Without disputing anything, verizon has deleted the negative tradelines and is not on any of the 3 reports. I sent a copy of the letter from the post mentioned. I tailored it to her. We are wanting to buy a house and to get the best rate, we need to have this collection account deleted from her credit. We can still get house if we show it as a paid collection. I don't want to pay if its not deleted. Nor do I feel she needs to pay for ghost fees and charges that should not have occurred to begin with. We are in a time crunch and need this to happen FAST! In reading this thread, I see someone had to finally send a copy of an intent to sue letter or a petition to Pinnacle before they deleted. I am fully ready to sue over this matter. I also have the follow up nutkase letters to send after the 30 day period is up from when the signed the little green card. Here are my questions. I know I have to see the results of the initial letter I sent. I do not anticipate a deletion within the first several days and they will put up a fight. What do I need to do to get violations so I can sue? Do I need to request copies of my credit reports directly through CRA's to show that they have not reported tradelines in Dispute? I highly doubt they won't be able to validate this debt and how they come to this amount owed. If they can't validate or don't obviously that is a violation if they continue to report. I just want to have evidence so I have a case for sending them an intent to sue. Secondly, what form do I need to fax them for an intent to sue? Do I need to get the actual petition as used in my local court systems? So I can say I intend to file this petition tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM if they do not correct their reporting after vailidation failed. Also, I sent the DV letter CMRRR. This was on 4/29. I get a letter on 5/2 from Retrieval-Masters Creditors Bureau, INC stating that their client (Pinnacle) has bought this debt from Verizon. The letter is dated 4/27. I have not received the little green card yet. It goes on to state that "Since we have not heard from you regarding our initial notices, we must assume that you do not dispute the debt in question. Therefore, your account has been classified as a valid and undisputed debt and subject to collection in FULL." This is the first we have heard of RMCB. We found Pinnacle on her report and shows reported 4/2009. Equifax shows as an installment account and currently late 120 days. The other 2 CRA's show as collection accounts. I have not disputed yet via CRA's. I am waiting to dispute after I get green cards. Is this correct? Do I request a copy of credit report first? To show if they report as in dispute. Then once I get copies, dispute the tradelines? I live in Tarrant County in Texas. I checked and both Pinnacle Credit Services LLC and Retrieval-Masters Creditors Bureau, INC is licensed and bonded in Texas. I know some people in this thread have had some success with Pinnacle. Any help is appreciated!
  3. I may give this a try. I have repaired my own credit through method's frequently mentioned on this site. However, my GF has allowed me to take a look at her credit which is in the mid 500's. She has a lot of negatives, but she has paid everything off. So not much leverage for a pay for delete. So this might work on her paid accounts.
  4. I am doing my homework for a loan. I am straddling the fence a bit. I am trying to get out of a 27 year remaining, 8.875% original mortgage. I am paying about $140 a month for PMI. My credit unions best rate is 5.75%. If I make bi-weekly payments, there is no PMI. I prefer to have 1 loan, not 2. There are no points, low closing costs, no origination fees. They will only finance up to 90% LTV. To get to 90%, I believe I will have to pay down current mortgage and have to pay about $4500 out of pocket to do so. I have the funds, but will wipe out the savings to do so. Though the savings will outweigh the initial cost. Can I get just as good a rate on a 15 through a broker where I might be able to find a 95% LTV refinance? This is not a cash out. This is in Texas. Current payoff= $138,000 Appraisal will be no less than $155,000. Possibly more. This is what concerns me. I am being told this is the best appraisal amount to expect. Despite upgrades I have done since the 3 years we built it. (ceramic tile, wood floors) I would like to finance no more than $145,000 which is about 93-94% LTV. Is it reasonable to be able to have pre-pays & closing costs of about 7k or less on this loan? Annual Insurance= $1200 Annual Taxes=$3400 (before homestead). Three years and have not filed my homestead exemption yet. I hear this should save me 600 or more. I really need to do that! Debt to income will be fine. Hardly any debt. <1k cc debt, 4k signature loan, 535 monthly vehicle. 80k HH income, employed (full doc loan okay). I don't mind if PMI is involve, we intend to accelerate payments within 6 months and within a year we would drop PMI. My goal is 6.0% or less!
  5. Thanks for the advice! I am recomending he seek an attorney. Original post deleted to protect innocent people.
  6. Just dispute it as not being accurate. Experian you can do online. I have only my current employer on my reports. No old employer. Some may not want any employer information showing. I don't have any negs, so no one is calling me at work. I find it helpful when applying for credit, that my current employer is reported. Getting employment information removed should be pretty simple.
  7. Whenever they say any information is being reported by a trade line, I ask which one? And when they tell me, I will say something like "That is odd they are reporting a bad address. I will have to contact them to get it corrected. Never much said really. And then I make sure I update my address with that company. And then dispute it again in a month or two when they reported the new address. Then it will no longer be associatated. I went from almost 20 down to 2 addresses. And I had about 5 that were sticking due to association with a trade line.
  8. If you know for a fact it wasn't late, just contact OC. They should update it accordingly. And since you know it wasn't late, there shouldn't be a problem. If you do everything through the OC and make them update, you won't risk losing the TL. It is probably cheaper for you too since its just a few phone calls with follow up. No need to send anything CMRR unless OC really gives you a hard time. I bet you can get it corrected in 30 days with OC. Try it. It is only a phone call. What is to lose?
  9. I am guessing you will lose 1-2 a day for the next several days until you see 0. Took me another few weeks before EQ was a bumping and grinding. But only 1 a day there it seems. But its happening!
  10. Is this spam? Not to seem negative but it seems lately 1 posters will pop in and direct us to another site. And what do you know for a small fee..... Just makes you wonder if the spam was in the email or posted here.
  11. I never could find donna dimarco who was the name it stated. Maybe donna got married and she has a different last name. It happens. The person who told me that may have just tried to search her last name, and couldn't find it. And decided she must no longer be there. Sounds funny a Donna from legal was able to help. I am betting it is the same donna. Though I delt with Consumer Affairs I believe. I did get my issure resolved. Congrats on your removal. Sweet isn't it?
  12. Sorry to hear about your tough situation. It is hard to advise you, because you are the one who ultimately have to deal with the consequences as well as the long term effects. Really I guess my advice is to prioritize what is important to you. I think you should focus on your Home and Cars. Try and keep them all current. I am guessing you will need those with a new baby and all. You said one car might have to go. Can we assume you have 2 or more vehicles? First thing to suggest with vehicles, if it is financed, often times your lender will be able to defer 1-2 payments a year on your vehicle. This will get you 2 months of no payments on one or both vehicles. That is the first step I would try to get you back on track. THe next thing is to consider selling a vehicle if one must go. Can you sell you vehicle for what you owe so you at least break even? If you can, and you can afford being with just 1 vehicle that is an option. I would still attempt to defer payments. And then sell before another payment is due. The extra money saved on vehicle payments may be enough to get you caught up on everything else. And if it does, and you do sell a vehicle...I would take the saved money from the vehicle payment and try and knock out all of the credit card debt which if I am to understand correctly is under 1200. If you can get those out of the way before baby is here, maybe this will get things going on a positive note. Then there will be cleaning up any credit scars. If you haven't gone past 30 days late from any creditor, I would get on the phone immediately to all of those who you are nearing 30 days late. And attempt to work out a workable plan with them. Do something. And don't hesitate. Do it today! That is about all I can suggest not knowing more. Obviously you will need to tailor this to your overall credit picture. I hope it helps. Good Luck! And hang in there, we have all been there.
  13. For true fico scores, accounts which are in dispute is not calculated into your final score. The item you are disputing is helping your FICO score tremendously. Likely due to its age and most recent positive attributes. This is likely the cause. Fako scores might not calculate it as such. Fico is what matters.
  14. Well you are limiting yourself. They have a right to verify your address and ssn information. Sending them a copy of your ssn and something that proves address. I suggest getting a new DL and send them a copy or a utility bill, or even a pay stub. You need to provide something, or they will not send you your report.
  15. Now you have them on 1 violation. By now reporting to the CRA, after you requested validation, but before actually validating the debt. This is considered continued collection activity. You can now sue them if you so desired. Though 1 violation is pretty weak. I am under the impression it would be best if you had more than 1 violation if you intend to sue them. Though you could just write a very stern letter or even an ITS.
  16. Also, I wish they would have worded the law a bit better. It is vague. It states for 1 year preceeding. I wish it would have stated: No more than the 1 year period preceeding....Since they are reporting it for the 1 year (2) actually, they are complying with the law as it states for the 1 year preceeding. Now, I am not sure if it has been tested that it should be 1 year and no more. Maybe it has. I personally think the wording isn't as precise as it could have been is all. If they would have put it in as I suggested, it clears up the confusion. And I am not certain that how I am interpreting their wording is correct either. So please someone with more knowledge chime in if I am way off base here.
  17. Dont bother. Sure it might work but its a hassle. And by the time you end up in court you will have acheived *b. Just so you know it took me about 55-60 pulls before I seen results on TU. It took about 70 to see it on EQ. I have since added 2 more inq onto TU. And that was about a week ago. Those are still there. Losing about 1 a day on EQ now. And I have a dispute in with EQ on non-pp INQ. I will be happy when my EQ is showing 3 or less from its current 21.
  18. Sorry to hear about it. I hate those form letters. Have you tried bumpage? If you do, just be patient.
  19. Although, it sounds like you have enough evidence to walk away with cash, I would be happy with complete deletion. I never want to go to court. But if they won't budge, take em for as much as you can.
  20. Some have had success doing that. Though when I tried it, I was not successful. If they are valid old addresses, they will keep them on. And are reluctant to remove them. So I recommend that all addresses you do not live at currently, you have never lived at.
  21. You need to find out about licensing/bonding requirements of your state. Start with your attorney generals office to find this information out. Each state has a different office who would be able to provide this information. The other thing that might be of use is SOL. Is it within the SOL? If they are legally able to collect in your state (bonded, licensed, or not needed in your state) and the debt is within statute of limitation, it sounds like they have the upper hand. It appears they have validated the debt. Of course do the other tests allow them to collect in your state though? I could be wrong, but it does seem they have provided proper validation. An expert will chim in if I am wrong. Your next option could be to try and see if thay violate any other laws of FDCPA. Or try and do a pay for delete.
  22. Blu, PM sent with all the email addresses I still had for them. There was 11. I may have deleted the invalid ones. Hopefully I did. Edit: When I sent the email I addressed my conversation to Mr. Barrist. I BCC all the addresses so no one would see who else it was sent to.
  23. I second the selling it. Depending on the amount you owe and amount you can sell it for, assuming you can come out of the deal owing no money to the bank, you may just have 2-3 30 day lates left. And you might be surprised how fast it sells. Beats a foreclosure!
  24. Want a bunch of NCO email addys? I sent mine via email. They deleted it. Though I also sent one via regular mail. Not sure which one resulted in the deletion. I sent the same email 3 times and kept forwarding emails stating that failure to comply will result in me persuing all legal remedies available to me. The first email was sent on a Sunday. Sent it via CMRRR on Monday. And kept sending emails through the end of that week. I think it was by the 10th day I got a letter stating that this item would be deleted and sent back to the OC. Now the funny thing is they actually sent what appeared to be 100% validation. To the letter really. Not anything signed, but that wasn't needed. So I was nervous as the entry on TU was still there. But a few days after receiving actual validation from them it was deleted. So I am not sure which the deletion resulted from. The emails or the CMRR. And likewise I am not sure which caused the actual validation either. So YMMV. But I have a nice list of addies for NCO. One is the CEO. And some were responded to, I am not responsible but I forwarded your concern. 2 I believe were invalid. But out of 15 it was pretty decent. If wanted, I can PM you.
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