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  1. I am prepared for what ever happens-- like I said it is only about $500. The damage list was never signed and we have two separate copies one appears to be fraudulent. We shall see what the judge says. Any ideas on how to handle the CA in the meantime?
  2. I think this has to be a common situation but haven't found a post yet to match my question. I am in the process of suing my previous landlord for intentionally witholding my rental deposit. After we moved out they created bogus charges and charged us for wear and tear. We refuse to pay them until this gets resolved in court. Unfortunately, couldn't get a court date until April. In the meantime, we are in collections. We wrote the CA letting them know it is in dispute. Last letter from CA says they are going to investigate our ability to pay (it is only 550 but it is the principle of the matt
  3. I see what you are saying. The only way to get proof is to quit paying them. Makes sense. Then they will be obligated to show what I owe, what I have paid, and all the other details. I think it looks my next step is to dispute as multiple tradelines as you mentioned earlier. Other than that it seems like my hands are tied. This position is not a good one to be in. Thanks for all of your help today. I have been busy learning how to get this addressed. Unfortunatly there is no addressing this and I will be 37 years old by the time I have this off my record. That is a scarey thought. Wish that t
  4. How about I sue them? Seriously, they have to be breaking some laws.
  5. I have no idea what the rate they are charging is because they won't tell me. All she said is that they set it aside some time ago and that I now owe over $3000.00. How can I find out what the law allows? Do I look it up in the RCW or in Montana Law? They won't give me an accounting of what I have paid. Check this out: I requeted they send me monthly statements a long time ago. The statements they send only gives me a balance which does not match what is listed on my credit report. The statements do not list what I have paid or anything, only a balance due. My last statement only says that th
  6. First, a huge "thank you" for your your response. You don't know how much it is appreciated. The hospital is in Montana, I am now in Washington. I sent a letter to the hospital complaining about how rudely I was treated by the lady in financial. I guess everyone has a supervisor and I can go up the chain of command. It took her a week to call me back. It sounds like I am just backed into a corner and at the mercy of the CA with no end in sight and this is what seems wrong and infuriating. I am scared if I stop paying them, they will just add more interest and that the interest will just com
  7. Actually, the hospital was very rude, refused to give me any information what-so-ever except to say that they had not been contacted by CA regarding my offer to settle the debt. That is the only question she would answer. A long time ago, CA said that they would set aside the interest. They did, and they separated that out onto another TL which reads "Dispute". The other TL's are separated out but I have no idea why as it should be the same bill from OC. One was last reported 3-2006 and says $$793 the other $$1238. The CA has attached thousands of dollars of interest and the agency worker wou
  8. Here is the letter I am sending off today. Let me know what you think. Like I said in another post, I am not so sure (after reading the law) that I can DV someone on a debt that is so old and that I have been paying for five years, I am still giving this a shot. A lot of this was copied from other sample letters I found online. I just combined the two. Let me know what you think. Here it is: _____________________________________________________________ This letter is being sent to you regarding the above referenced account and after several attempts of contacting your office via telephone and
  9. Hello, I am sending out a request for a validation of a debt that I have been paying for last 5 years (medical) I think they are screwing me and if they had it their way, I would be paying them for the rest of my life, though this should be paid off by now. The interest is ridiculous and should be illegal. I am trying to figure this out and buy some time while I get more information from them at the same time since they are being sneaky bastards and won't give me any detailed info over the phone. Question: I read the law and it looks to me like the validation proceedure is only applies to the
  10. I posted something similiar earlier. -- hopefully not a duplicate but want more specific advice on how to settle this. I will sum it up here. 1. old hospital bill 2001. 10,000.00 bill went to collections when lost job & couldn't pay. 2. been paying for some time. balance almost down to 1000.00 3. interest set aside at my request some time ago. 4. want to settle. CA saying most likely no and that I have to pay interest. 5. what to do now? 6. maybe won't pay as they are being rude. 7. will they sue if i quit paying? Let me know if you need further info. I wanted to simplify and clarify wha
  11. Can they sue me if I just decide to quit paying??? I live in another state now-- how likely is it for them to decide to sue if I stop paying. I have absolutely had it with these people.
  12. The hospital called me back. They said there isn't much they can do. They don't even know what the balance is. They did give me the phone number for a lead there who is able to discuss settlement however. What a rip off that the hospital isn't getting the monthly payments. I am so angry at this system! I will call the lead worker tomorrow and see what she can do to help. Collectors are not ethical are they? They don't care how the debt was incurred or even that i have been working my butt of to pay them every month for the past five years!! They make money off their stupid power trips and lyin
  13. I wasn't sued for a debt so that is a relief. She doesn't know that I am trying to buy a house. I told her that "my life is changing and I am going through some things right now and NEED this paid off". I was vague with her.... but she still has the upper hand so it probably doesn't matter. I hate these people. Question: Do I offer 50% of interest AND the Balance? Were they fooling me when they set the interest aside? Or do I just offer 50% of the balance for original debt? Then- do i put the offer in writing with a money order? Or wait to hear from her in writing on whether she will accept
  14. Help me if you can. I have been crying for an hour. I was hospitalized a few times in 2000 and ended up with $10,000 in medical debt. I couldn't work for awhile and the hospital turned it over to collections. I have been paying them responsibly and religiously since 2001. At one point I noticed the balance wasn't moving and called the CA and told them I would have to go bankrupt because I couldn't afford to just be paying interest. CA said fine, they would set the interest aside and once the balance was paid, we'd negotiate the interest. I have always felt like my worker was there to meet me i
  15. Please help me decide which course of action to take. Or tell me if I should do both. I have two accounts one NCO financial and one Credit One LCC both saying they are with ATT universal. If this is on my credit report, why have I never received a bill? is this normal? Question: Do I send dispute letters to all three reporting agencies while at the same time asking for validation of what the hell this bill is from and who it is from? I am so frustrated and so new that I don't know what to do. I keep crying everytime I look at my report. I never knew it could be this bad.