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  1. I see where a lot of you are talking about "bumping" and TU, what is this, does it help your score? I am trying to work on my credit, and this site has helped me so much.
  2. I am unsure of how to ask for a few lates to be removed. I have an account with Capital One and Credit One that have a four month period of lates due to my lay off from work. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. So I am new, I sent a DV letter to this company called JJ MacIntyre in Corona Ca. I have no idea what this debt is. i sent it by Registered mail (green Card) came back yesterdaY, as did a letter today from them it says this: After verifying the information provided by the credit grantor, this debt appears to be yours. However since we were unable to make contact with you, we are requesting that you call us immediatly upon reciept of this letter. We will pend your file for five working days, at which time we are required to return the inquiry with the information we have on file. If you believe
  4. What kind of items can be disputed?
  5. Thanks for the information. Is there an advantage to using the monitering services? what is a good one?
  6. What is a 90 Fraud alert, Also I keep seeing where some of you do a "soft pull" to cause the others to bump off your reports, how is this done? Do I have to buy a new report everyday to do this?
  7. Yes these are for accounts that I paid off two years ago. They were paid in full. I have one recently that I have not paid, what do you mean when you say "pay for deletion" Do I try and ask the CA to delete or the OC?
  8. Hi I am so thankful for all the information on this site, I have been having some great luck at having info removed that is not correct. I am wondering what is the best way to have collections removed. They are paid, and from three different medical offices. Do I write Goodwill leters to the OC, and has anyone had any luck doing this? Does anybody have any suggestions as to the wording? They all show being reported 2003/2004 as paid.
  9. My discharge was in 2003, can I just dispute the accounts even though they show "Bankruptcy" . Can I use the dispute on line format? or is it better to send individual letters on each account. Also my court number is not the same for each CRA, I pulled all three on My scores are terrible, I have 24 negatives and only 12 positive. EXP 491 TU 412 EQU 492 What is better to start working on first? Sorry for all the question, after seeing my report I feel so helpless.
  10. I am just starting out, I see where some of you have been able to have accounts listed in BK, removed, How can I start doing that? What kind of letter can I write to these.