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  1. I am very fortunate because the vehicle sold at auction for 96% of what I bought it for! Now I am just beginning the collection process with Wells Fargo Auto Finance and they aren't asking for that much to settle the debt. With a little bit of focus I could pay them back in 6-8 months. Now my question is this, has anyone ever successfully negotiated to either have the repossession removed completely from the cr or negotiated to have derogatory remarks removed and only "satisfied" or "paid in full" as a comment? If so, please share your strategy with me. Thanks!
  2. One of my better creditors is reporting a late payment on a new loan I just got and I need to know what the best strategy is to both remove the late payment and to keep positive favor with the creditor. For some odd reason unbeknownst to me, the post office started sending my mail back to sender. One day my mailman asked me did I put in that request and I said no. He said he would start sending my mail back to me. So after about a month or so I noticed that I had not received a statement from my creditor for awhile. I didn't notice right away because I get TONS of statements every month.
  3. Are there specific laws/statutes I can quote? Also, Experian is the only one doing this reporting...this OC is not reporting on Trans or Equi anymore. Also, who am I complaining against? The OC or EX or both?
  4. Experian has an original creditor reporting STILL --yet the collection agency assigned the account is expiring because its too old (7.5 yrs) to still be reporting. I have written to Experian requesting that they remove the OC since its on my CR w/o an expiration date yet all they did was UPDATE IT. Please help! Now Experian REFUSES to remove their mistake. It's illegal for them to still be reporting the OC yet they won't delete it! Somebody help!!
  5. ok just so that i am clear: "transferred/sold" is a a) negative factoring account positive tradeline "charge-off" is a a) negative factoring account positive tradeline and if these are considered positive tradelines does this mean they can be reported for 10 years? does balance also factor in to what these are considered...for instance if it is a 0 balance "chargeoff" as opposed to a $1282 balance "chargeoff" does that make it a positive tradeline?
  6. I am having a very difficult time removing these accounts on Experian & Equifax. They refuse to delete these accounts that are too old to be reporting. All of the accounts are 7.5 years old. Experian & Equifax are only "updating" the account after multiple certified letter requests. Does anyone have any idea what I can do to get these off?
  7. Hi Does anyone know of an easy major credit card to open for a new business? I understand that it will be primarily based on the owners credit but I was wondering if anyone had any insight on this... I need to begin establishing business credit and just need 1 major credit card. Thank you!
  8. Hi I was wondering if: A) An account reporting that is was charged-off/sold/transferred is counted as a bad debt or good tradeline If an account reporting as a charge-off/sold/transferred is indeed considered a bad debt, what are the best grounds to get this removed? C) How long can a CB report accounts that are charge-off/sold/transferred? 7 or 10 years? All insight appreciated...THANK YOU!
  9. I have been investigating all the secured cards. I was denied the partially secured bank of america and capital. So I have to go the secured card route. Does anyone know if any secured card DOES NOT report "secured" to the cb's?
  10. Thank you LadyNRed. After reviewing her credit reports in more detail there are several reporting "paid" before the actual filing of the bankruptcy and other errors. My question is, is it possible to get these tl's removed based on inaccuracies reported or is the most that the CB will do is CORRECT the information? Addtly, a Vickies Secret acct. is (1) reporting extremely negative payment history after the bankruptcy (2) reporting open/paid as agreed (3) reporting included in ch. 7. Since there are so many errors in the VS tl should it be disputed to be completely removed?
  11. Yes, Laura Jean I have the same question. I am trying to help a friend navigate her way through her credit repair. She filed ch. 7 bankruptcy. After viewing her credit reports she has several listings under "adverse accounts" or "negative items" that were included in the ch. 7. Most show 0 balance or is left blank, only a couple have negative payment histories reporting. So my first question is are the accts included in ch. 7 still able to be reported? And if so, for what length of time?
  12. Thanks DocDon for all of your information. Anybody else have similar situation pls let me know. Prepared to continue traditional dispute just wondering if anyone knew a different perhaps more effective way.
  13. That's what I'm asking DocDon if anyone has any additional specificity on how I can remove those TL's if the CB's are refusing.
  14. I want "transferred; sold" off my CR's. The accounts in question were charged-off. Some report lateness some don't. I want them off, the CA's that were assigned these accts have all fallen off due to age.
  15. Yes, I have disputed in writing. The TL's were not removed on the premise that the TL's are reporting under "positive credit history" to which of course we know that it is NOT positive to have "account sold; transferred" on your CR. So, I am asking if anyone has dealt with a similiar situation and may be able to offer advice.