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  1. I saw those, but there was some insinuation that there were other addresses.
  2. Any chance of sharing the addresses that you have found for Good Ol' Larry?
  3. Has anyone ever delt with a Laurence Hecker, PA out of New Jersey? He has a receptionist that refuses to give their address to me and a p"paralegal" that cannot remember Laurence's Bar number. Does anyone have this guys current address and the correct fax number for this guy? He seems to be in New Jersey.
  4. Funny, Graham & Beagle are attempting to collect debts in teh state of TExas and guess where they are not listed? That's right folks.
  5. It is my understanding that debt collectors must register in the state of Texas before engaging in debt collection activites. I am trying to locate the agency that they must register with and the list of debt collection agencies. Does anyone know this agency?
  6. I need this collection fiorm's information. Does anyone have their current phone number and mailing address?
  7. Is Bill Stewart a partner in this firm? Anyone deal with a Toad named Stanley Berstein? This guy called a client's grandmother and stated that he was investigatoing the client for fraud and that he had a warrant for the client's arrest and was going to come to texas to arrest the client. I would like to know the real names of these people. Sean
  8. Any laws on disclosure of personal information to third parties? Looking for Texas Law & Federal Law cites.
  9. Anyone ever heard of these guys? Do they do work for NCO?
  10. I pulled them up at the MAryland Secretary of State and the website indicated that this company had been merged into another entity.
  11. Anyone know anything about them? Obviously part of NCO Group- but who are their favorite collection agencies? These guys have a clients debt- SOL ran in 2000. The Collection agecies will not give me the contact information for the owner of hte debt. Their tactics: Contact client- get a cease and desit/validation letter- then they pull the account and move it to another collection agency. Start process again. As this is getting old- I am wanting to se tthese zipperheads up for a fall.
  12. the infomration that is out on the internet is staggering.
  13. SC-Texas


    I do mostly Family law, a litle criminal and a little ins. defense. I have a few friends who have run afoul of some of the se collections agencie s and have fun relasing stress by playing with them. I will look at a consumer law cae if brough to me. May be able to help send in the right direction if I can't take the case.
  14. I am betting that it was an outright lie. Or, conversely- she was lied to and beleived the person that told her that. I am voting for outirght lie