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  1. I live in IN. SOL -7 years Summary-I purchased a car from Americredit years ago, the dola was jan 2000. (Voluntary REPO). So rightfully this should have been removed in Jan 2007. In 2006 Palisades sent me a letter saying they purchased this account. Since then I have recieved letters from several places collecting for them. I have NEVER disputed any of this or tried to get it off my report- I didnt want to mess it up, and wanted to wait until I was fully loaded and knew exactly how to handle this one before I started because it is for $9,000 and I just did not want to screw it up. I also have never agreed on the phone to make any type of arrangements on this account since Jan 2000. Please point me out in what direction to go. I have a few specific questions. Questions 1. If this was purchased by CA can they legally start the dola again? If so WHY 2. Can Americredit AND Palisades both report on my CR? 3. Should I hire one of those NACA attorneys for this or can I handle it myself?
  2. I used to, but I will be ordering a new service like that soon. I cleaned me and my husbands credit reports up tremendously about 2 years ago using this site. Haven't been up on it in a while, but going at it again. Back then with Exp I had 18 potential negative items, 3 positive items. Now with Exp I have 5neg and 5 positives. May 2007 we purchased our first home- I owe a lot to this site. I believe my score was 479 then, and last year when we bought our home it was 669. Hallelujah!
  3. Okay, I can remember reading about this, but can't remember what it's called. I just got my transunion credit report- and there were only 2 items on it, then I search and look and it says I have been in there files since 6/2007.... um I am 31 years old and I have kept all my credit reports since Jan 24, 1994 so I know they had me on file longer than this, how do I remedy this situation? I think it may be because of a name change. But still, my social is the same. What is up with that, are they that dumb?????
  4. This is reporting as "paid". I was thinking of sending them a letter stating that I checked my report and noticed that it is still on there, and that we agreed for it to be off, then enclosing a copy of the letter I sent them last year and the copy of the check. Oh and by the way, I closed that checking account shortly after that, so I wasnt worried about sending them a personal check at that time.
  5. I haven't been on this site in quite a while, so bare with me. My question - is it legal for the ca to continue reporting a negative tl when they agreed not to? We verbally agreed on the phone, THEN I sent a letter with the check stating that by cashing it they agree to remove it. Arent they supposted to remove it? I just checked my report and its still on there, I did this a year ago, what do I do next. Below is what was written on the letter...please let me know thank. " By cashing check # 123 the oc(name) and/or ca(name) agree to the following terms in good faith: Any and all inquiries, trade lines or entries made by oc and or ca regarding the above referenced accounts will be deleted from my Experian, Equifax, and Transunion Credit reports within 10 business days. If these terms are agreeble, please accept the enclosed full payment check in the amount of $123.56. "
  6. Okay, here is my situation: I had a loan with Americredit that defaulted in the end of 2001. Just recently Calvary purchased this account. I met with a loan officer yesterday and she told me that since they bought the account the state of limitations starts all over again, is this true? What can I do about this? This is one tradeline I have never tried to DV or dispute because I was gonna try and wait it out. It would have fell off my report next year ($9000). Is there any hope for me at all? I am in Indiana. My and DH are trying to purchase a house, I am not working, but my scores are higher so they want to include me in the loan, I dont want Calvary to later try to take our house when we buy it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Can NCO and Assetcare both be on my credit report for the same paid debt?
  8. vibrance

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    Can NCO and Assetcare both be on my credit report
  9. I have been searching on where to find usery laws for Indiana. The posts I have searched says find my states "civil code", can someone please direct me on how to do this? thanks in advance
  10. Question: I was reading on the link for sol, but still didn't quite understand the difference between written and promissory. Now would a car loan be considered a written contract or promissory? There is a difference in 4 years on these, so I need some clarification.
  11. Thanks so much for you responses... This is an old repo, I bought the car in 2000, and it was repoed around the end of 2002. Divemedic- dofd I am not sure, it had to be some time around nov 2002. Recovering attorney- In my notes it appears that the vehicle was auctioned by Americredit Aug '03 and sold for $500. They sent me a letter about a right to redeem. Is there any hope for me on this one?
  12. Question: I have an a voluntary repo on my trans cr from Americredit- Why does it say purchased by another lender?I ask is because I was contacted by Calvary Portfolio saying that they purchased it from Americredit. Iwas not sure about how to go about dealing with Calvary since they are not reporting it on my credit report. The lady told me I am accruing interest of like $4 daily. Right now the account is like $5000 more now than it was before they got it, can they do that? I have been reading a lot on this site tonight and found that in my state calvary is not listed as a licensed and bonded to collect in Indiana. Any suggestions on where to go from here?
  13. I have a few questions I got a letter from Wolpoff & Abramsom regarding a Household/Orchard Bank credit card I had- it is due to be off of my credit report in Aug '08. I have already DV'ed Household Orchard last year and they are still listing on trans and equifax. Wolpoff & Abramsom have put several inquiries on my trans report (5) within the last year. 1. Do wolpoff/abram have permissible Purpose for the inquiries? And can should I do a regular dv on them even though they are not listed on my CR? 2. Do I need to do DV household/Orchard again? 3. If I do need to DV household/orchard, should it be a different letter? (I think I sent them the wrong letter the first time- because I thought they were they a CA but are really the OC. Help me out, I dont want to get another judgement. I didnt follow up good last year with my DV's, I had a new addition to the family and kinda got side tracked.
  14. How are you guys obtaining these codes in the first place, by calling FICO?
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