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  1. I recently pulled my report and i see that NCO pulled my report in Dec 05 and i was discharged in july. Can they do that or can i disputed it with the credit bureau?
  2. I have been trying to correct my husband's report to show the bankruptcy correctly. AFter speaking to 3 different companies that aren't report the aBK they all told me that the acct was charged off before the bk so they aren't affected by and and don't report it as being included. Is this corrected?
  3. I'm thinking sending a letter of intent to sue to the CEO, President and the legal dept of the company. I was informed that sending letters to the heads of the company could help. Can someone tell me if the following info is proof enough that they knowingly reported? I just want them to fix this especially since i'm still paying them. The first report with inaccurate dates. The second report with the new info still wrong. and The reaffirmation agreement faxed to my lawyer days before the discharge. And finally the ffinal papers from the court with all the dates on it.
  4. what if a creditor is reporting a charge off after the real discharge date and then reporting a false bankruptcy date? is that still the same as a chareoff after bankruptcy?
  5. After disputing the incoorect info a creditor came back with more damaging info and it is not accurate. On the Conn's acct they went from showing: Status: discharged in bankruptcy cptr 7/Never late Acct History:Debt discharged on may 27, 2005 to now showing Status: Discharged bankruptcy chapter 7/Account charged off. Charge off as of Oct 2005 to Dec 2005 Debt included in bankruptcy on Jan 13, 2006 Is there any section of the fcra that i can reference in making them show the correct info or threaten to sue them if they don't? The original bk dates were filed on 4/05 discharged 7/05. I kno
  6. I know i found a topic in this forum a week or two back with a link to a website that you can type @(the company name) and you can pull addresse. Does anyone know the website. I can't find the topic now?
  7. First off thanks for the advise on my last question. I spoke with my laywer and conn's and they told me i have to keep paying for the merchandise or give it back. I got a copy of the reaff agrrement and they faxed it to my lawyer 5 days before the discharge. By the time i would have rec'd it in the mail and mailed it back the date was to late anyways. Since i have to keep paying this can i reopened the acct and get conn's out. It was a good acct before the bk it was never late and still never late. This way since i'm still paying anyways i'd get good credit out of it.
  8. Does anyone know of any other reporting agencies or is it just the 4? Equifax/CSC/Experian/Transunion
  9. I ordered and paid 9.50 for a copy online. After speaking to a woman at equifax about not having a confimation number she told me that she would send me a copy in the mail with a confirmation number on it in order to dispute an item. A few days later i got a credit report in the mail from csc credit. It show the 3 accts plus 6 more. Why didn't equifax show it on the report i paid for online from them. Is it legal for them to report differently? I think it's very misleading for them to do that.
  10. Thank you very much. I did look on the contract and on the back is a section that says Security interest. So now, if i quit paying them and then they call me and say they want their stuff back what should i tell them? (EDIT) One last question i just got the transunion report in the mail and i think i have discovered a problem. Shown on this report unlike on experian they offer a spot labeled Loan Type. They show secured. Does this mean they get to have the merchandise back if i quit the payments or does the rule above apply. Sorry about the repeating questions i just don't want to stop p
  11. The tv and computer is from conn's. Which is the accts i'm questioning. does that matter as far as giving it back?
  12. One my experian report samuels is reporting that my date of deliq is when i filed bankruptcy. I disputed and they verified to the cra that this info was correct. When i got the report from the experian I called samuels myself and they told me that the acct was charged off in aug 99. They tell me that they cant send me anything except a paper show bankruptcy. How can i get them to report the correct date of aug 99 date to the CRA's? HELP PLEASE!!!
  13. This debt is on a computer and tv. Am i required to pay for it or give it back? I'm confused because, they sent the reaffirnation agreement to my lawyer by fax on 7/18. i was discharged 7/23 before i rec'd it from my lawyer. I signed and sent him the only copy but he never rec'd it in the mail so no signed copy ever got to anyone much less filed. i don't know if that means since they sent one i owe them or since i have merchandise i owe them. I'm Confused!!
  14. New question. I have found out that the ball was dropped on filing the reaffirmation papers. The lawyers said he never rec'd the papers and the creditor never rec'd the papers so i called the bk courts and they don't have them either. So now my question is am i still liable to pay this debt? It was on my list of creditors. How do i know that they were for use included in my bk?