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  1. Well I thought I'd give US Bank a shot. No joy for me. My EQ score is in the low 600's too but I've got a lot of new accounts. I shouldn't have wasted the inquiry. Oh well. c'est la vie!
  2. Well crap! After getting my credit back up into the semi-decent range, I let one slip through the cracks and now have a 30 day late payment from Target showing up on my CRs. Its now PIF, and I asked the nice lady at Target if she could remove the late, but of course she said no. I don't really have a good excuse for being late so I can't play the sympathy card in a goodwill letter. Any ideas? Man this bums me out.
  3. woo-hoo! I just got my new Delta Skymiles Gold Amex in the mail. Only a $1000 limit but what the hey, it's my first ever Amex. They pulled my EQ CR and my FICO is 640ish. Purty kewl.
  4. Wow. I just pulled my new CR from TrueCredit and my Juniper card is already showing up on EX! Talk about a quick turn around.
  5. Karen Richardson @ Custom Funding in Dallas, TX. Her email addy is: krichardson@customfunding.com
  6. My scores are FICO. I have several medical collections and a couple of other older baddies.
  7. Sweet! I just got approved for the Carnival Sea Miles MasterCard with a $500 limit. I immediately tried for the Air Tran Rewards Platinum but got the "We need more time" response. Thanks for the info all. TU: 601 EX: 575 EQ: 630
  8. Gateway has deal with a sub-prime financing company. If you apply for their credit card online and get turned down, you will then be asked if you want their "partner" to contact you regarding financing. The partner will only finance certain systems and I believe they require a down payment, plus a couple of weekly payments before they will actually ship the system.
  9. Just got the initial paperwork from the lender and it is indeed Novastar. Guess you know your stuff sr28b. Also, thanks to everybody for their good wishes. This board has really been a lot of help.
  10. I had a similar situation, although I never got pre-approval letters from them. Back in 2000 I had a $300 card with them which went to collections and then charge-off. It now shows on my CR a $609 balance. I applied for a CapOne card in August 06 and was initially given a $300 limit, but have received a $200 cli since. It doesn't seem that my past charge-off through with them has affected me at all.
  11. Thanks sr28b. I actually don't know who my broker is using. Guess I oughtta find that out huh?
  12. Just heard from my mortgage broker that my loan has been approved by the lender's underwriter. I have to admit to being a little surprised since my scores are not that great (581, 595, 649). Although, apparently this lender uses the average of the three scores rather than the mid-score. I even got a decent interest rate (i think), at 7.99/9.45 on an 80/20 full doc loan. Another broker sent me a GFE for a 100% loan at 10.65%. I told him no way. So now I'm scheduled to close on the 28th and I will be actually be a home owner before I turn 40, which was my goal. Pretty cool eh? FYI, for those of you considering new home loans with scores less than 600, according to multiple people in the mortgage industry that I've spoken with, most sub-prime lenders are increasing their mid-score requirements to 600. -Lee
  13. Yup...after only 5 months they jump me from my initial $460 limit to $800! Sweet! I've just been buying groceries and gas on it and paying it down about to about 20% of the limit each month. Guess they want my Christmas business.
  14. E. I have to disagree with you on this one. While it may be frowned upon, I don't believe it is actually illegal. Even though the CRA's and some CA's may wish it to be. The CRA's use "strong-arm" tactics to discourage the CA's from doing this, but that doesn't make it illegal. I could be wrong about this, but I'm unable to turn up anything that specifically forbids it or any cases that weren't settled before a jury could make the determination.
  15. Yeah, Orchard/HSBC confuses me. On the one hand, they won't unsecure my $1000 MC, but they gave me a $2500 Best Buy card. Go figure.
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