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  1. Well I thought I'd give US Bank a shot. No joy for me. My EQ score is in the low 600's too but I've got a lot of new accounts. I shouldn't have wasted the inquiry. Oh well. c'est la vie!
  2. Well crap! After getting my credit back up into the semi-decent range, I let one slip through the cracks and now have a 30 day late payment from Target showing up on my CRs. Its now PIF, and I asked the nice lady at Target if she could remove the late, but of course she said no. I don't really have a good excuse for being late so I can't play the sympathy card in a goodwill letter. Any ideas? Man this bums me out.
  3. woo-hoo! I just got my new Delta Skymiles Gold Amex in the mail. Only a $1000 limit but what the hey, it's my first ever Amex. They pulled my EQ CR and my FICO is 640ish. Purty kewl.
  4. Wow. I just pulled my new CR from TrueCredit and my Juniper card is already showing up on EX! Talk about a quick turn around.
  5. Karen Richardson @ Custom Funding in Dallas, TX. Her email addy is: krichardson@customfunding.com
  6. My scores are FICO. I have several medical collections and a couple of other older baddies.
  7. Sweet! I just got approved for the Carnival Sea Miles MasterCard with a $500 limit. I immediately tried for the Air Tran Rewards Platinum but got the "We need more time" response. Thanks for the info all. TU: 601 EX: 575 EQ: 630
  8. Gateway has deal with a sub-prime financing company. If you apply for their credit card online and get turned down, you will then be asked if you want their "partner" to contact you regarding financing. The partner will only finance certain systems and I believe they require a down payment, plus a couple of weekly payments before they will actually ship the system.
  9. Just got the initial paperwork from the lender and it is indeed Novastar. Guess you know your stuff sr28b. Also, thanks to everybody for their good wishes. This board has really been a lot of help.
  10. I had a similar situation, although I never got pre-approval letters from them. Back in 2000 I had a $300 card with them which went to collections and then charge-off. It now shows on my CR a $609 balance. I applied for a CapOne card in August 06 and was initially given a $300 limit, but have received a $200 cli since. It doesn't seem that my past charge-off through with them has affected me at all.
  11. Thanks sr28b. I actually don't know who my broker is using. Guess I oughtta find that out huh?
  12. Just heard from my mortgage broker that my loan has been approved by the lender's underwriter. I have to admit to being a little surprised since my scores are not that great (581, 595, 649). Although, apparently this lender uses the average of the three scores rather than the mid-score. I even got a decent interest rate (i think), at 7.99/9.45 on an 80/20 full doc loan. Another broker sent me a GFE for a 100% loan at 10.65%. I told him no way. So now I'm scheduled to close on the 28th and I will be actually be a home owner before I turn 40, which was my goal. Pretty cool eh? FYI, for those of you considering new home loans with scores less than 600, according to multiple people in the mortgage industry that I've spoken with, most sub-prime lenders are increasing their mid-score requirements to 600. -Lee
  13. Yup...after only 5 months they jump me from my initial $460 limit to $800! Sweet! I've just been buying groceries and gas on it and paying it down about to about 20% of the limit each month. Guess they want my Christmas business.
  14. E. I have to disagree with you on this one. While it may be frowned upon, I don't believe it is actually illegal. Even though the CRA's and some CA's may wish it to be. The CRA's use "strong-arm" tactics to discourage the CA's from doing this, but that doesn't make it illegal. I could be wrong about this, but I'm unable to turn up anything that specifically forbids it or any cases that weren't settled before a jury could make the determination.
  15. Yeah, Orchard/HSBC confuses me. On the one hand, they won't unsecure my $1000 MC, but they gave me a $2500 Best Buy card. Go figure.
  16. As for the legality of the 1099, the amount it was issued for was for an amount that would have been my normal post tax net, so I think they got that part right at least. But as Robert mentions, they can't have it both ways; it is either a debt or income. Also, section 803 of the FDCPA specifically defines a debt as: "any obligation or alleged obligation of a consumer to pay money arising out of a transaction in which the money, property, insurance or services which are the subject of the transaction are primarily for personal, family, or household purposes, whether or not such obligation has been reduced to judgment." Now I don't think an employer overpaying someone would meet that definition.
  17. Hello all, I'm in a bit of a strange situation. A former employer of mine claims that they overpaid me by $3600 when I left their company in Sept. 05. They turned me over to a collection agency whose letters I ignored and then in Jan 06 the company issued me a 1099 for those earnings so I thought I was in the clear. Now I'm seeing a negative entry on my Equifax report for that amount that list the employer as the OC. My first instinct is to sue but I wanted to see if anyone else has ever been in or heard of a situation like this and what legal remedies I might have. From what I've read of the FCRA, this alleged debt to a former employer would not be considered a reportable debt as defined in the FCRA. Is that correct? Any help or input appreciated. -Lee
  18. I've been told that to be sure that the extra money you're paying goes fully toward the principal, rather than interest, you should send it separately and write on the front and back of the check "To be applied to principal only.". This in essence becomes a restrictive endorsement and by depositing the check, the lienholder is agreeing to reduce the amount you owe, and that interest is calculated on, by the amount of your payment.
  19. I was recently approved for a WalMart card with a limit of $460. I take it that they aren't very generous about CLI's? Also, whats with the weird limits they give, like 80, or 140 or 170?
  20. Thanks LNY. You're right on both counts. I just called Target Customer Service since I didn't have the App ID handy and they confirmed it is the Guest Card with a $200 limit.
  21. I was just approved for a "red card" as well. Although I don't know what my limit is or whether its just a Target card or a Target Visa. My approval page just said I was approved for a "Red Card" and that I would receive details in the mail. Wierd.
  22. You're right, in my case it was 41.5k @ 8.5%APR or 44.5k at 3.9%. I haven't done the math but I think it works out to a better deal; especially if I keep the truck for most or all of the 72mo.
  23. I thought the dealership was great. My sales person was Terrance and he was low key and low pressure. I didn't put any money down, but of course that just means that I'm going to pay more in interest in the long run. The rebates ended on the 5th of July, but I bet they'll do something else soon.
  24. Last year I put my intelligence on hold and got myself into a 7 year note on a used '05 Chrysler Pacifica. I hated the car pretty much right away but I was stuck, not only with it but also with the 18.9% interest rate Centrix Financial was hitting me with. When I got the Pacifica, my scores were in the 520-540 range. Yesterday, I went to Don Davis Ford in Arlington, TX and told them I wanted to trade in my Pacifica and put no money down on a new, fully loaded, F150 Lariat with a sticker of 37k. I fully expected to be laughed out of the building but much to my surprise they gave me 1k more for my trade than Edmunds showed it was worth, plus FMC financed me with a 3.9% interest rate! What a difference a year can make. My EQ FICO was only 644. Now whats interesting is that while my payment when up due to the much larger loan, I'll wind up paying about the same for the new truck as I would have the Pacifica due to the much lower interest rate. The finance charges on the Pacifica were around 17k whereas the finance charges on truck are only around 5k. Pretty durn cool if you ask me. Just thought I'd share. -Lee
  25. Anybody know which CB GMAC uses? Particularly for SmartLeases? I'm considering this option but if they use EX I'm probably sunk. TIA -Lee
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