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  1. Today these attorneys called up wanting me to call them back what should I do? Their judgement fell off and now they are calling me its no longer on my cr either
  2. So my score will go back up right?
  3. Today and credit score dropped 30 points,ouch
  4. I got the offer of CL up to 30k,couple days ago in mail i am going to apply for this now.
  5. Got the letter and it said I was denied because few accounts open on my EQ report. Duh why I am applying for the target card idiots and I just went to target yesterday and had the preapproval thing again on the receipt
  6. Funny you said that We spend alot at target each month especially for cleaning supllies clothes and whatever else we need. I have been getting those preapproved offer on the top portion of the reciept so that is why I applied to begin with lol, and I dont get approved should be getting their letter as to why Im not approved w a EQ Creditscore of 713.
  7. Damn i got denied for the target card wtf, I called them just now and they said I will be getting the letter in the mail as to why I was declined not even w a 713! No deros/cos, and a 6 figure salary to boot I feel like a pos. ty target!!!! I dont work but my wife does but on the on screen app it just asked for income, didn't asked if I work. I am curious as to why I got denied shall see soon.
  8. They checked my higest creditscore EQ i have a 713 think I will get this card?
  9. They said if I get approved for the Target red card then I will get the target visa, so i did the on screen application name,ss#, phone number, and income, then it said requires further processing,is this a rejection?
  10. Quartermoon, if you do decide to do it please let us know what it shows on cr etc, just curious.
  11. If you delay in responding they will send you this cheesy brochure full of prizes if you pay it soon, It all depends on how much you owe they sent me this silly brochure and said if I paid I could chose between a radio or a cordless phone wich by the way wasnt even close to what they asked me to pay for, if you look under RJM you will see what I mean or go to Buddhibbs.com the letter is on his site.
  12. Seasoned Credit Enhancement Options: Level 1 Credit Enhancement Credit Limits: $5000 - $9999 One Trade Line: $1000.00 Two Trade Lines:$1800.00 Three Trade Lines: $2500.00 Level 2 Credit Enhancement Credit Limits: $10,000 - $14,999 One Trade Line: $1100.00 Two Trade Lines: $2000.00 Three Trade Lines: $2800.00 Level 3 Credit Enhancement Credit Limits: $15,000 - $20,000 One Trade Line: $1200.00 Two Trade Lines: $2200.00 Three Trade Lines: $3100.00 Wow that is a lot of money even for the level 1, is this even legal? And you are AU of whos accounts they say their accounts but what companies?