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  1. Hi. I am in the state of CA. EDFUND at one point switched our Social security numbers as account numbers to some other series of number opposed to using Social. I have been trying to get it removed and have had NO luck. So Can anyone help me??? I do not wish to have my social security number shown on my acct as my ACCOUNT number. Even the CRA shows the last four digits. But EDFUND has the whole number with 2 digits on the end. That is not fair. i have been searching on web for days and figured I am doing it wrong as I am not a paralegal nor a lawyer. I just tried to find something from Social security office i found some paperwork about privacecy. but I figured someone out there knows please help me because in reality they have me listed for the social security acct, plus the one with the NEW number. its hard to explain. but basically state of Ca has some rules about it but I cannot find it. That was why they changed. I guess i could call. Any suggestions????? thanks in advance.
  2. I just saw this on YOUTUBE about a Coll Agency Unicredit of America which debt Resolution center this was TODAY FAke Courts, Fake jUdge, etc. The state has shut them down http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dl0lrjSHyYo
  3. I think I understand what you mean in re: to Duplication. That has happened to me. Originally I had BRAZOS as the company that I paid each month. However, somehow they sold the loan or transferred to another one of their INNER circle of friends. Then I was sent a letter informing me to pay Educational Funding Service. Well last year November sometime they TRANSFERRED my loan to AES. So in June I pulled my credit and low and behold I had on my credit report 2 brand new student loans with AES and the SAME 2 old loans with EFS. I disputed so the CRA said, "These are your loans." Basically nothing changed. So then I disputed the totals. Then the CRA actually noted the 2 TRANSFERRED loans as being TRANSFERRED with ZERO balances Then I finally got them to update the AES loans. I called and found out that AES, BRAZOS, Bank of AMERICA they all basically are in the same pot with my loan. HOwever, AES is supposed to be the one who updates the info and etc but BRAZOS is the guarantor or the loan. So my new problem is I want to remove the old loans that were sold or transferred because I had them DEFERRED a number of times and they've been on there for over 7 years. I was told that the CRA has to remove. So my problem is NOW what do I do to try to get them to remove.
  4. This bank does not use Chex System International Bank is Basically http://www.netspend.com Customer Service Toll-free: 1-86-NETSPEND between 8AM-10PM CST, Monday through Friday and 8AM-8PM CST, Saturday and Sunday. customerservice@netspend.com NetSpend Corporation PO Box 2136 Austin, TX 78768-2136 Fax: (512) 857-0263 Basically you can call them and find out where the nearest place to sign up. They have places at Check Cashing facilities. You are issued a Prepaid Debit Card MC/Visa at that moment good until your new card arrives. You are able to put money in the Savings or the Checking of this card. You get something like 3% on money in savings acct. https://www.netspend.com/info/pr2006-10-09.shtml You have online acct you set up and you can move money from the Checking to the savings in order to get a bigger return. Also, you can do direct deposit. The Bank Issued is called International Bank and they will give you the routing number when you set up your acct etc. I really like it. I really am trying to OPT out on traditional ways of doing business. I'm really upset to find my bank closed my acct without telling me I didn't know until I went to the bank (WASHINGTON MUTUAL) I had banked there for like 4 years and they claimed it was FRAUD. Well I don't really need them as i have another credit union acct so it will be on my record for at least 4 more years that's so not fair. However, http://www.netspend.com does not ask for all that info and it doesnt' go on your credit. You can do bill pay. they send you a TEXT message with your bank balance so you don't go over. If banks like Well Fargo, Wash Mutual didn't want people to go over on their accts they would send text messages or not allow your acct to be in overdraft but they make millions if not billions of dollars on overdraft charges. I think a lot of people in the future will OPT out because of whatever reasons and go with Prepaid services that allow so much more ways of doing business fairly. they do charge a fee to use atm, etc but it's ok. Well worth it.
  5. yeah everyone has those complaints about the Payday loans. They do charge ridiculous fees On such small amounts of money but people are always borrowing from them. I would suggest if you know for a fact that you borrowed from them, contact the company directly and THEN find out the collection agency. I'm sure you will find out who it is. Put on your sexy voice and sound like a victim. Call up the place that you borrowed the funds from to begin with and tell them some sad story about your mamma, dog, gold fish whoever. GET the info you need re: collection process. Then ask them again. Say, "Oh I was wondering how this all works. I really want to pay you because blah blah blah thanks for lending the funds can you send me paperwork on this whole thing? " Whatever 2005 was a long time ago. Anyway, surely someone will tell you whom you need to speak to. And who cares if the collection agency is online or not online just about all companies are online duhhhhhhh. Get their phone number there are some companies online you get find out where a person lives, works, address, etc just with their phone number. So that may be a good $30.00 investment. which reminds me I need to pay them $5.00 to keep me off that list. But sure enough somewhere they are charging $60.00 to people to buy the list that people have paid $5 to be off the list. Welcome to USA land of opportunity and the American Dream. If we can just get our credit strait without any errors, misspelled names/addresses, and keep collections from trying to milk us for debts from the 1970's we would feel like tony the tiger GRRRRRREAT! anyway, I would call the people that i borrowed the funds from to start and get info on collections. OR when collections called again, ask to speak to a supervisor. Outsmart them, tell them that you don't have a checking acct anymore because of whatever reasons and you were wondering if you could simply mail them the money you owe them. Then DV those losers. They have a job to do get their money from you and charge you double. I'm sure if you have the money you don't mind paying only what you owe and NOT double. If we all had 100% of funds to pay cash for everything we would. Sometimes they think we are crooks or avoiding them and the truth is if we had the money we would pay it. So good luck.
  6. Hi. You know that's funny you say that. Last month I also got a letter from them saying some bologna about them investigating a dispute and found it to be MINE. So that's when I wrote them another letter regarding the SAME manner I had to rewrite them another letter that basically asked them HOW did they verify the items, because I verified and the company had no information. I made a bunch of copies of stuff from the account and I got the info from the cd that they sell on here. Its only like $10 creditinfocenter and it's called Good Credit is Sexy. I just got the download. Anyway, you can really get more out of the whole letter writing thing. Because guess what after I sent them a copy of that letter, on Monday of this week I noticed that they had REMOVED that item that I complained about. Trans Union was the one who said, Oh we verified and it belongs to you. If you get yourself a few more letters on that cd you have more power you can resubmit the same thing without sounding like you are saying the wrong thing. anyway, If I were you I would get the cd or download and copy paste the NEW and improved letter that states you will sue them more or less. anyway, It worked for me. Now I just have 5 more things to get removed. Those letters on here the Sample FREE ones are good but the ones you buy are much better. I don't work for this company or know anyone I just know that I don't want to have to pay a lawyer or paralegal to do something that I can do. I need my $200 plus dollars that I would pay them to remove one or two things to save. good luck. Wow. I'm so glad that this site exists.
  7. Wow. That's a miracle. You go girl!! If you have any pointers for me. I've got to remove 5 things and three are Original Creditors. I'm having a bit of trouble. I'm going to try to dispute inaccuracies with OC's. Do you have any words of wisdom for me. I would love to try to get these last 5 items off my report. I put myself on payment plan to pay off my student loan. I'm not getting my nails done for a while becuase I'm filtering that in my budget to pay them off by January 1st, 2008. I got my loan deferred until Feb. 2008 but little do they know I start making the 12 payments of $250 and I will have paid them off before the loan comes due then I want them off my credit report. Oh I hate student loans. But should I keep it on there? I paid late a bunch of times. Anyway, let me know what you think in regards to trying to get the Original Creditor (OC) off my report. have a great month
  8. Good point. But here lately I've been dealing with some Skank Creditors seems like they don't ever get my Payments. When I call they didn't get it. But luckily I've sent them by DELIVERY CONFIRMATION and I sent by check so I saw when the check cleared the bank. The post office sells money orders too for 95 cents. They are traceable but it takes weeks. They are unfair it should be automatic. I normally pay everything with a money order too. Cashier's checks are great if you are paying large amounts Also some of the NEW Check Cashing facilities that are chains when they first open for Customer Appreciation they offer FREE money orders. This one store opened up near me they are a part of a chain but they give FREE money orders for limited time only. I just wonder What's in it for them? I like Walmart money orders and post office.
  9. You know it seems everyone is doing the DEBIT CARD (Visa/MC). Now you can get a Debit card through Western Union you can call them and ask them what location is close to you so that you can sign up for one. NO credit check. You put your own money in it. You can spend like a debit card at all major stores, internet, wherever. The great thing is you must watch your balance on the CHECK cards from bank. I bought some gas on mine i didn't know it locked you up for $250 I only got $30 in gas. It locked my acct up for nearly 10 days. I only had a few dollars in the acct to begin with my Edison draft went through as overdraft $22 fee. Then another draft for cell phone went through $22. My latest rule for my life the past 2 years I always pay for gasoline in CASH. I use my bank acct debit card RARELY like NEVER. I put cash on the Western union or Netspend card which is the same most places you get Netspend.com debit check card you can also get a Western Union. Netspend gives back nearly 5% interest on savings accts. NO NSF/Overdraft charges. I think the banks love the Check cards because people go over and that makes them MORE $$$$$ I don't like that. Netspend sends you a text message anytime you spend money on the card and it gives you a balance. I like that. No interest. No over the limit fees. I only have 4 things left to get off my credit. It seems the closer I am to freedom the harder it is to do this DEBT validation thing. I may have to get a lawyer at this point. I'm going to pay 2 of them off and the other couple of items I'm going to DEBT VALIDATE or get the lawyers to do it. I didn't want to waste money on lawyer for what I could do but now it's getting tough. Trans Union is being a real Tight wad. They won't VERIFY. They are so lazy. However, I'm going to resend the letter again on Monday and surely I will get someone who will do it. I will do it over and over I guess until someone takes it off and after I get back from VACATIOn I may need to get a lawyer if it doesn't come off soon. Has anyone experienced this???? It seems like when you are getting close to being CLEARED of all the bad debts it gets harder to remove them with Debt Validation? I got a lot of them off because of it. whew!!! I'm grateful.
  10. Some services like Vonage offer emails that include the phone/voicemail message that was left for you. You can: 1. Read the TEXT, time of call, phone number 2. Get a digital recording of the message which can be saved and put on a cd 3. Billing shows in/out calls with time, phone number, and a transaction number Very good service and you can log on to your acct and download 24/7 it is always up to date unlike cell phones and most telephone companies. Voice Over IP is the best way to track these Crooked Collectors. Many of them are total loosers who are a day late and a penny short. I got two items removed because 3 people were trying to collect for the same debt on my credit report. That was funny. They were supposedly 3 different companies in 3 different states all trying to collect a debt from me. Washington Mutual/Providian. So I got them All off my report so now I just got to get Providian off one way or the other. I paid off a couple bills this month. Happy about that. Anyway, I hope the info helps.
  11. Hendu, what is the DOFD for this account? I have them too. They didn't DV me. I sent letters to them and Northland they are the same basically. Same company. THEY SENT me a letter from lawyers. They didn't dv anything. I'm personally starting to get stressed. I got a few items removed and today I thought I was doing great and my credit score just dropped 35 points and that to me was very SAD.. I have been so excited working on stuff and I have come to realize I've spent several hundred dollars on certified letters and DV letters and I'm still not done yet. But I guess it takes time to get this stuff off but in a way I think I'm getting a lawyer to help me because i cannot stand anymore stress. I do not like getting letters from law firms when I only asked them to debt validate information. Its like automatically they want to take me to court and I asked to DEBT validate something. PluS they have me owing 3 times the amount that was charged off. A $500 debt to someone has turned into like $1400 I am not paying that. I would settle for $200-$250 max. I didn't owe the original debt of $1400 I want to know where they came up with that total? They are just gonna have to SUE me. I am just getting very frustrated. It seems the DEBT validation is starting to go sour. that's not good. GET a lawyer. Starstruckdiva Starstruckdiva
  12. You know I posted something similar to this the other day I can't find the post but I'm serious. DV is starting to SCARE me. I got hit with a letter from a law firm. I have 30 days to respond. They've NOT dV anything. I'm thinking of using a lawyer for my credit stuff because I can't just go to court and risk being sued all the time I think these CA have gotten smart about DV? Anyone out there have any ideas how we can ARM ourselves. You have to go to court but if you don't show your face They win. DV isn't the same anymore. it seems the CA are ignoring and just bringing in the lawyers now. I have to get a lawyer I am really sick of working on this crap. Seriously. Starstruckdiva
  13. it looks like everyone is getting into that now?? oMG. whO do we Trust? NOBODY. Who knew?
  14. I see that myself. I need help with those nutz.. They sent a letter from lawyers office to me.
  15. I asked this company LVNV CA who is also a part of Northland Group to DV some old debt from a while back 45 days ago. They sent me a letter dated May 2nd from their LAW Offices of Weltman, Weinberg, & Ries Co, LPA of Cleveland, OH. My questions are: 1. Are we loosing the battle of debt validation?? 2. Does anyone in here know how to handle this type of situation? They are saying I have 30 days to dispute the validity of this debt? It's not like they are going to ANSWER me. I sent two letters for debt validation one to Northland and one to LVNV and this is how they respond sending me another letter from their Law Office I guess its supposed to scare me into paying them. any suggestions. I'd like to send this certified letter out this week. I want to send them copies of the original letters I sent to their other companies to debt validate as well as copies of the return reciepts. Then send them the same letter. BUT does DV work on a Law Firm??? Just curious. Plus I don't really want to go to court at all. I guess I am going to have to sign up with a credit attorney like this week maybe they can help. One of the members in here suggested them to me. if anyone has any suggestions please post or email me privately on here. thanks (I'm starting to get afraid to debt validate anymore. hahahha) starstruckdiva
  16. Hi. thanks for giving us something to work with. I just like to know things. I used to FREAK out and get scared if a CA would call and they would talk to me like a piece of crap. At XMAS someone called me about some OLD debt they had added $3000 to the original debt and I totally freaked out and then I found this site. So I ended up sending in copies of my CR from Equifax from like 2001 and I sent in a copy of it plus I wrote the CA had them DV and they did. So I sent the CRA's all 3 copies of that and said they were re-aging it cost me about $45 including supplies, certified mail, big envelopes, big clips to put 40 pages together. BUT the good news was I found my power and I remained calm by reading stuff on here and ordering the info they sell. I was able to get that info off my credit and it was old, they were REAGING but before I came to this site, I used to get such a big headache trying to even think about fixing my credit and now I am not scared. So that was what I meant when I wrote earlier in the week. I wasn't trying to get on anyone's bad side. As consumers we have rights to DV. Someone asked me what rights I was talking about Hey, The right to ask questions, the right to defend our credit. thank you for your time I will definitely print that info out and put in my book. have a great weekend Starstruckdiva
  17. great advice. definitely close it and if you COULD stop payment on the check or drafts that would be good too.. hahhahaha WAIT to DV.
  18. yeah get those balances down and CLOSE the accts. Keep only the cards YOU must have. Try spending some of the $20grand in something that will make your MORE money opposed to cREATE more debt. Pay off the car at least pay on the principal try to pay it off surely its not more then $20 that you owe, $500 a month is a lot. Pay extra on principal pay a couple payments ahead and get rid of that debt. Don't buy anything. pay those credit card balances down and you score will go up especially if you GET RID of one of those cards and the car payment. Pay extra on your mortgage. RENT it out to someone. You may want to take a class or at least get some books to read.
  19. So do you think we all need lawyers to battle for us in court now. Is the DV era over?
  20. That's really not that much money. However, do you think that all of the companies will grab this method? If so how do you think that will affect the DV strategy? Also does the daughter have to pay the court fees for Citi? The other thing is how would you advise this woman to get through the court battle IF she goes? She could get afraid and not even show up? Did she DV and get this summons or ARE they simply suing everyone??? I'm curious?
  21. First of all, I'm not trying to contest it. All I am saying is, What is one to do???? What do you want people to do? All you are saying is BE afraid. Be very afraid. Okay I get that part. Don't DV with CITI because they will send you a summonds to court. How can people be prepared? Who are some of the lawyers they should hire? How can they defend themselves and NOT be afraid???? So are you against DV letters in general. What if everyone starts taking all people to court re: DV?? What will we do?? Should we get prepared now? This is NOT about how many times I've been in court or NOT been to court. This is about solutions and answers. What advice do you have to empower regarding this opposed to making people AFRAID to try???
  22. So what other companies are like that??? Just out of curiosity? Finally what do you suggest people do in regards to CITI? We know they don't want to tango with them. So what do you suggest people do out of curiosity.
  23. So you are a lawyer??? What do you do? At first I was thinking you were a NON-lawyer who got sued by CITI? Now it sounds like you are a lawyer who just sent us a warning message from your co-associates, who know that you are on here.
  24. I totally aggree. It's like a GAME or STRATEGY & Procedures. I also think the OC hiring their onstaff lawyers SCARES people. Some will not go or pay up. But I say conjure up some guts or power from within and take them on because they are trying to scare you and we have rights.
  25. great point. I see their side too re: but seems to me like FEAR is what stops people. Someone has to say, "I aint scared of you suckas." Even if you are shaking in your boots.
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