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  1. I have $40,000 in student loans and a debt collector trying to enroll me in their rehab program. They say if I make my agreed upon payments for a year, those loans will no longer be in negative status on my credit report. After the rehab period of 12 months, my loan will then be handled by some other company which I'm assuming is essentially re-opening or reviving the loan and making it new. Those loans are the majority of all my total debt (at least 80%). They're between 7 and 14 years old. I've never made any payments. My credit score is in the high 500's.... in terms of repairing my credit, at this point, will it be better to set up a payment plan with the debt as it is in its current state or go the rehab way, get them out of negative status and basically incur a new $40,000 loan? P.S. - My only need for credit in my foreseeable future is maybe business loans and not being the cancer when my future wife and I want to buy our next home (the current home is in her name, we're not married yet).
  2. Got sued for 10+ year old student loan, but now miraculously the opposing lawyer (or school) has agreed to monthly payment arrangement. What should I make sure to get in writing from them so I'm not tricked and so they can't pull a fast one over me (like raise the monthly payment, abruptly demand payment in full, change payment process or lie about receiving payment on time, etc)?
  3. Got sued for 10+ year old student loan, but now miraculously the opposing lawyer (or school) has agreed to monthly payment arrangement. My credit score is high 500 which I find shocking considering I've never paid a cent back to none of my student loans nor credit card debt (both 10 - 14 years old). Needless to say I'd like to keep whatever magic with my credit score going. How will this new payment plan affect my credit report and score?
  4. Good to know. Hopefully they actually can't produce the promissary notes and this thing falls off my credit history too
  5. Great! I saw your signature and did a search to see if the law firm or plaintiff is licensed as a CA and neither of them are. Does that help me? They are suing me in King County District Court (West Division).
  6. Thanks for the info, but what I'm really aiming for here is to find out whether or not those points I mentioned give me a good chance of getting the lawsuit dismissed. I understand the debt itself will still be valid and they'll find another way to try and collect, but I just need to buy me some more time as I will for sure be able to make payments on this debt beginning in May or June. Also, I'm not worried about a long battle with this lawsuit and the subsequent legal fees as they are 100% covered via a benefits program I'm enrolled in. I just need a "I would go for it", if you think the possible errors found or the lack of promissary note does give me a good chance of dismissal, OR "don't bother", if those points don't give me a chance at a dismissal at all.
  7. I currently reside in Seattle, WA and I recently received a summons/complaint saying I'm being by sued the university I attended in New York state for student loan debts from 2000 and 2004. One lawyer I meet with about this lawsuit felt there is something off about it. One thing I remembered him noting was the fact that the university was listed as the plaintiff which he found odd since the university has no domain here in the state of Washington (or presence or rights or jurisdiction... I forget the exact word he used). That would mean the lawsuit is invalid due to this error and I could have it dismissed. He says law firms (like the one who served me this summons) purposely push these erroneous lawsuits knowing most people will not question the validity of them. Another thing he noted was that the summons papers I was served is missing something important. I'm guessing its a copy of the promissary note as he said I could request this and if they don't provide it, then I can have the lawsuit dismissed. Does any of this sound right?
  8. So I can't answer this lawsuit myself to at least cover my arse?
  9. I'm in Seattle, WA. I'm being sued for an old school loan debt. I met with a lawyer 12 days ago and he said he'll submit my answer, etc. the following business day (I'm not fighting the lawsuit). Its been over a week since then and I haven't heard back from him nor have I been able to reach him. I have 2 days left to answer this lawsuit and I have no clue if this lawyer has already answered on my behalf. Just to be safe and cover my bases, how can I answer this lawsuit myself? If that's not advisable, what should I do? P.S. - The court is King County District Court (West Division - Seattle), in case that's helpful.
  10. Also, I've never made a payment on these so there's no last payment date
  11. I'm currently in the state of Washington, this is where I received the summons (the law firm suing me is also in this state). The school is in New York. The school is also the name listed on the loans in question (not "Sallie Mae" like the rest of my student loans).
  12. I just got a summons for a lawsuit for old student loan debt. I was curious as to which debt it actually was so I pulled up the latest credit report I had (Experian from Feb. 2010) and saw that their Status Details said "This account is scheduled to continue on record until Dec 2012" and the other one said Feb 2013. Is this the debt collector's last desperate attempt to collect before this thing falls off? If I default and those designated times have passed, how is my credit score affected? If I answer, work something out the debt collector and those designated times have passed, how is my credit score affected?
  13. I reside in Seattle, WA. I just learned that if your business is a sole proprietorship and you're the owner a creditor, if granted by a judge, could levy (or garnish or whatever its called) your monthly income (checks/payments) directly from your clients since you don't have a normal paycheck. Is this also the case if your business is a S-corp, LLC or corporation?
  14. does the firms/agencies check your bank account balance before putting a freeze on it?