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  1. Hello: Nascar I am being sued in Tennessee by Synchrony Bank who alleges they acquired my Debt from GE Capitol who somehow bought or financed a Amazon account. I've been to General Sessions Court twice first I denied Alleged Debt. Second time I asked for more evidence from a Javitch Block Lawyer because the statements from Amazon did not start with a Zero Balance and I also wanted to know why Synchrony Bank had standing to sue me. Now comes round three in Court in June. Synchrony's Lawyer sent me a letter saying GE Capitol became Synchrony but it doesn't say how my Account came to be owned by Synchrony.  Is this hearsay if my account from Amazon is not specifically stated as purchased by anyone besides Amazon? All I received was what appears to be a blanket purchase or name change of Giant Banks. Oh, PS:  I'm filing Chapter 7 in August of this year what's your thoughts on my June Court Date?  I know they could be Granted a Judgement against me and I could Appeal if needed. I only need this 2 or 3 month window before filing BK how quickly can or do these Law firms try and recover anything I'm self -employed. MY assets should fall under the Wildcard Range and I will list what I have as Exempt. My home is Tenancy by Entirety so as I understand the law it's off limits as well. Your thoughts?