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  1. I say the addresses could be a big deal. The way the "e-Oscar" automated system works is that the CRA can see what has been reported by whom. Elaborating just a bit: Addresses get on your credit file one of two ways: You self-report the address usually by credit application A data furnisher (creditor / JDB / CA) reports the addressIf these aren't addresses that were ever yours, then it's unlikely they came from a credit application. (If they did, you could have ID Theft... are all of the accounts yours? Don't answer that, just think about it to yourself ) If they didn't come
  2. Hospitals have a responsibility to provide emergency care regardless of the patient's ability to pay.
  3. I'm well. I don't get on here as much as I used to. I ran into an old friend who confessed that he had terrible credit, and so I'm in credit repair mode again, and I find that I've forgotten more than I know re: the esoteric how-to in dealing with CRA and JDB. This place has changed a bit over the years..
  4. *Bump (always liked this thread)* I've been holding PRNHX and PREMX from T. Rowe Price as a long-term buy and hold for a few years now. ( Emerging Markets Stock and Bond funds) good diversification because they have a lot of international holdings, and PREMX has been paying good cash dividends anywhere from 7% to the 5.5% they are currently paying. I still like them even with all the unrest in Turkey, Brazil, etc., and other so called emerging markets. In day-trading account I still hold most of my QLIK that I bought right after IPO. I like PNC long-term. Wanted to buy them i
  5. I agree. Depending upon where you live and how you use your phone, you might be quite happy with one of these companies (generally called mobile virtual network operators). Similar plans are Tracfone, Boost Mobile, Straight Talk, Net10, etc. Consumer Cellular, in particular, leases extra bandwidth on AT&T towers. You can get great looking plans with unlimited voice, text, data, etc. What these companies don't tell you is that you are using AT&T's [or Sprint's, Verizon's, T-Mobile's] secondary data networks. This means a few things: You do not have the ability to "roam"
  6. It sounds like it is simply an inquiry? If you owe back taxes, they often hire third party collection agencies.... perhaps the IRS is showing on your report as one of these debt collectors and you do not realize it?? The inquiry is obviously permissible if you owe taxes.
  7. Secured lines and loans most definitely do help your credit! The narrative code does little to your score. Further, some secured cards do not even note to the CRA that it is, in fact, secured.
  8. Try GM. Apparently, they've ramped up their subprime lending GM Ramps Up Risky Subprime Auto Loans To Drive Sales; Taxpayers Still Own 26.5% -
  9. 564 is not a good score. I think you will struggle to find attractive financing. But, a credit score is just a number. You can be a good credit risk, yet have a bad credit score and vice versa. How much cash can you put down? What does your most recent credit history look like: 6 months? 12 months? 18 months? How expensive is the car you want to buy? Do you have full time, stable employment? Do you have other significant debts relative to your income?
  10. It's good to have goals! But, AMEX.. really? I had an AMEX years ago. I could hardly use it anywhere; I got tired of this and closed it. If you want it just to have it for a milestone, great! But, there are more practical, functional cards out there with comparable rewards and service.
  11. This happens all the time with TU. They are by far the least reliable of the big 3, in no small part because they have this issue with split files. The worst part is that only one report is sold to lenders even if there are multiple split files. So, lenders will buy reports from TU and calculate a FICO based on that report, but the report in question may only be a very small portion of the applicant's total history!! For example, when I, myself, apply for credit, the TU report that gets sold to lenders only lists 2 credit card accounts, both with high limits and no debt. It doesn't in
  12. Good looking smoker! My chicken is pretty phenomenal. I think I'm impatient with the brisket. I start poking the thermometer in it too early and the juices run out. Also, when the internal temp isn't going up after like 2-3 hours, I get worried. One time I turned up the heat... didn't work. I've only tried 3-4 times, and haven't gotten it right. Next time, I'm going to execute the plan all the way through, even if it takes 8 hours.