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  1. I should clarify that we have no intent to pay this, ever. Glad to see that my suspicions about this are shared. As for as a creditor "asking nicely" for payment, that made me laugh- we all know Cap One doesn't do anything "nicely". I'm sure they are trying to pull something. I just don't know what.
  2. A little background: My husband has a Cap One account that was charged off 9 years ago. The debt is past SOL and CR reporting period. Cap One never sued for the balance. In September, out of nowhere, Cap One sends him a "friendly reminder statement" on this debt showing intrest accruing. I thought it was weird, pulled a report, saw nothing from them, shrugged my shoulders and moved on. December brought another "friendly reminder statement" that he shredded. Fast forward to yesterday- Cap One sent what appears to be a response to a DV letter. The kicker is that no one ever sent a DV- not in the last 3 years and probably not ever. Anyone else seeing anything like this? Is this a new scheme that they have come up with to try to trick us into paying? Thoughts? Comments?
  3. Discover loves me still- got a $2500 bump. I guess HSBC must be hatin b/c they gave me a big fat CLD.
  4. I recieved a notice yesterday that HSBC is decreasing my piddly $1000 CL to $705 as a reward for my perfect payment history with them. I've had the card for almost 5 years now with no CLIs and my credit has done nothing but get better since getting that card. I used it regularly until about a year ago when I got fed up with their BS excuses for no CLIs. Now it's making friends with my socks. I'll break it out every once in a while to keep it active. But really- what the h*ll HSBC? That's fine, I see how it is. And this following their closing of my Saks card (inactivity)- which is fine b/c I had no business getting a store card there anyway.
  5. The last bit of love I got was 6 months ago from Discover. So, that's 1 increase and 1 decrease in the past year. All of the others have remained the same. BOO! Once I got to 3k, Hooters stopped giving me the auto-love. I haven't had an increase from them in over a year.
  6. While I would be pretty mad that my APR was raised for no real reason, keep in mind that 22% still isn't THAT horrible. I was rate jacked for no reason by HSBC to 31.99%. Good thing I don't carry a balance on that card. Those jerks just lost any potential interest income from me with that move. Moral of the story= Don't carry a balance on that card. If you have one, move it to another card.
  7. When I cancelled my Orchard Card it took 1 phone call and less than 15 minutes. No offers to stay, no begging, nothing. My card was secured, so maybe that's why.
  8. ok, so the number from the ID is: 516-576-8785 Google tells me that this place does collections and telemarketing scams. Hmm, ok. So no one has ever heard of these guys? From a collection perspective I mean. I KNOW this isn't about a card we currently hold.
  9. I'll have to get the number off the ID at home, but I'm pretty sure it's not about any cards that we have. On the occasions that we have had calls from them, A- the bank name shows up on the ID and they leave messages identifying themselves as calling from Discover or whereever. They've called at least once a day for the past week. Never when I'm home, of course.
  10. We keep getting calls at home from some outfit called Cardholder Services. They never leave a message and the number on the caller ID just rings and rings when you call them back. We haven't recieved anything in the mail, but I'd really like to know who this is. My google search turned up that they have done telemarketing and collections, but I haven't been able to find anything else. Anyone with more info out there?
  11. My honey was just approved for the Amex Gold Delta. I'm not sure what report they pulled, but EQ and EX have 2-3 baddies that are all over 2.5 years old. I'm pretty sure they did not pull TU b/c that report is the WORST! His scores are in the low 600's.
  12. My requested INQs are gone as of this morning. Awesome.
  13. I call it small for 2 reasons: 1) it's FAKO points. I'm not really interested in feeding the FICO monster right now b/c that will make me want to apply for more credit. 2) It's only off 1 report. If I can get it off at least 1 more, then it will be a BIG victory.
  14. I've jumped on the bandwagon- very late of course. I'm hoping to remove the 2 hards from some no-name dumb CA and a hard from an idiot CITI rep.
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