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  1. This Collection Agency is a piece of work, My partner called them to see if they would remove the collections from his reports and this person (female) was down right nasty to him (I was listening on another extension) I was able to record part of the conversation in which she was telling my partner how horrible he was for not paying his debt. He tried to redirect the conversion back to his inquiry and she finally came out and said, "We's don't do dat, you pay yours bills and suffer for the 10 years." He thanked her for her time and hung up. He called back later and spoke with Don Moore who is the manger of the office (this is what he stated on the phone, and we have the whole conversation taped) He was friendly (playing good agent vs bad agent) he told my partner that they normally do not remove collections from reports, but he would consider it. He wanted a letter in writing from my partner, which was sent in certified with return receipt (which we got back) but never heard from them, the 15 day period is over. So what is the next step with these clowns? Tony
  2. It's been a while since I posted on this forum and a lot has happened, my credit scores were in the high 500s and low 600s, after working at getting things settled and paying off debt, I can report that my scores are in the mid 700s... This website has been a god send of wealth!! OK, so my partner didn't pay two medical bills, both went to collections One is with CMRE Financial Servies out of Brea CA. The other one is with Bureau of Medical Economics (BME), I sent them both a Pay for Delete letter, CMRE was the first to respond with a positive letter, I followed the direction on the letter, made a copy of the letter with the check and mail it to them. Check was cashed now they have 30 days to comply. However, BME has not responded and the 15 days is up, I guess I need to send them a validation letter to get the information from who the money is owed or unless someone has a better idea on what to do. So we have one successful removal and one not.. Tony
  3. DOn't think insurance companies already know what your PMH already is the medications you are now talking?
  4. Ok so my deal, I have a CA telling me they can not removed a collection from my CR once they report it to them, I don't think this is correct. My last conversation with this CA went ok, I told the guy I felt he was harassing me since I have gotten 3 calls in less then 7 days from them. I explained I am willing to pay the collection, just waiting for my Fed Tax refund. He told me he can old off reporting to the CA until the end of this month. So how do I go about getting the collecting off my CR if they do report it? I have used this web site in the past and have found the info I get to be excellent. So I'm back again..
  5. I have a old Capital One account that had been charged off 2 yrs ago, and they keep posting to my CR that its a CO (charge off) can they do that ? CAPITAL 1 BK More about this account >> Condition: Derogatory Derogatory Derogatory Balance: $2098 $2098 $2098 Type: Credit Card Credit Card Unknown - credit extension, review, or collection Pay Status: Collection/Chargeoff Collection/Chargeoff Collection/Chargeoff Two Year Payment History: Legend >> Now under the 2 yr payment History that have reported to th e CR almost every month for 2 yrs that this account is a CO (Charge off) account. can they do this ? And if so for how long ?
  6. I was under the understanding that once a C&D letter was sent out, that CA could not contact me OR report anything to the CRA. So how do I get this collection off my CR's ?? It brought my Score down between 50-75 points.. Tony
  7. Ok Yes I sent them a DV letter, which they did contact me during that 30 day period. So what good is the C&D letter if they they can still report to the CRA or contiune to collect ? Tony
  8. Ok here is the problems in short 7-5-06 I sent a Cease and Desist letter to Collection Service Bureau (CSB), they recived the letter on 7-6-06 (certified mail return receipt.) on 7-15-06 I recieved a letter from CSB showing my 'debt' AFTER they recieved letter. I was out of town at this time and didn't return until 60 days later when I saw this letter. So I ignored it, now this month Dec, I see on credit report they have reported to all 3 bureaus a collection. I just filed a complaint with FTC. I would love to take these people to court, what legal stand do I have??? BTW, the Cease & Desist letter I used, was the one from Debt-consolidations web site. Thanks for any advice I can get. Tony
  9. wow souhds like someone didn't have enough caffine this morning... Yes a Validation letter was send, again Certified maill, they called me twice after recieveing that letter, which in the letter stated, DO NOT CALL or I would take it as harrassment. Then I sent them a C&D letter, again via Certified mail (yes I have both returned reciepts.) I need a lawyer because I want to sue them for harrassment and not following the law. Tony
  10. Ok, I have this Collection Agency that doesn't know when to quit, I have sent them a cease and desist letter, Certified mail, I have the return reciept. I was just informed through 'true credit' that I had a something pop up on one of my CR's. This stuipd collection agency has reported me to the CR's as a collection. So I need a lawyer here in PHX, AZ.... I can't beleive how stupid this company is... Tony
  11. Ok people I sent a Collection company a C&D letter they recieved and I got the return recipt back, and 6 days letter I got another letter from them. The date on the later was 6 days after they recieved my letter... Is there a way for me to scare them without using a lawyer ? Tony
  12. This is very simple on my CR's the listed all of the address you have lived at. So if the CA have that, and collection companies do pull your CR's they can find you. Tony
  13. I'm late to ths thread and read all the replies. There are two people who differently have a love/hate relationship. First off not all collectors tell the truth, in fact they lie, flat out... I had 3 collection from the same collection agency, I was informed they could NOT remove the collections off my CR's, I paid them all off, they shoed up on my CR as paid, and 3 months later, disputed them and they are no longer on them. They well try all sorts of tricks to get your to pay.... It seems that peoples names who start paying collection agencies get put on a list. I have had 3 collection agencies try and collect on very old account 10+ yrs. I wrote them very stearn letters, to s how me the validitty of these account, 2 could not do this, one told me that they didn't have to and they were going to take me to court. all 3 got C&D letters and have never heard from them again, nothing on my CR (this happened 1.5 yrs ago.) Collections is a Multi BILLION dollar business people. I use to work with high risk kids, and one things I use to tell t hem was, a education is one thing NO ONE can take away from you, so get educatied on the SOL and rights regarding the collection agencies... They well do and say ANYTHING to money from you.... Tony/PHX
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