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  1. Excellent point about the rates. My HSBC has been great. I got the rewards card with 0% interest and 0% BT for a year. MY rate is 11% so I am happy. Better than my Chase which is considered "Prime".
  2. Hey congrats! What exactly was wrong with the flat screen? I have a busted one and would love to be able to fix it. I was told it wasn't worth it. Mine has a little pin prick in the sceen that took out half the picture. I had read that it was not worth trying to fix.
  3. It's not showing on my CR anymore but I know they have databases for things like that.
  4. So if it is a CITIBank card does that mean I would be blacklisted if I have an old Citi Charge off?
  5. Just called to cancel my Target redcard. When they asked why I said low limit blah-blah. Anyways the cancellation lady said that Target is aiming to roll out upgrades of redcards to the Target Visa in January. She said they planned to do it this fall but the state of the economy made them hold off. So she claims they are aiming to upgrade some Redcards in January FWIW.
  6. You need to search the addresses for the names of the companies on your report. Next send them a DV letter(search 1-2 punch or Debt Validation). If that doesn't work try to negotiate a PFD (Pay For Delete) with the company. You pay, they delete the entry from your report.
  7. Some advice for you. If those collection accounts are showing paid they are still negative and still hurt you. When I had to pay some collection accounts I waited a few months and disputed them. Once the Collection Agencies get paid they often don't give a crap and don't respond to the Credit Bureaus and the accounts get deleted. I got quite a few deleted this way. Give it a shot.
  8. I just got mine pulled for a mortgage and it was within 1 pt of MYfico score from a month ago. It could have been from an inquiry that has gone on my report since then. It was very close or exactly the same for me.
  9. Well I have had it for a while. It is ok. It has some ok tools. Like a "what if simulator" and the daily monitoring is decent. Just to let you know though you can't run your report daily. It is once a month. It tracks your FAKO score and gives you a three bureaus merged report once a month which i have found pretty accurate.
  10. My Juniper CLI came when my card was about 75% Charged up. I think they might like balances.
  11. About R-1 accounts. Does this include store charge cards? Or are those a different classification. I have 4 CC's Chase, HSBC Platinum Rewards, My Credit Union's Platinum, and A Juniper card. But I also have charge accounts at Best Buy target and Kay jewelers. Are these a different classification ? By the way fired Orchard. Thanks.
  12. Do you have any Providian cards in your history? Like Getsmart cards or regular providian? WAMU took up Providian's business. If you have a bad providian card they seem to blacklist you.
  13. Ahh yes. Well I do have an annual fee. I know what you mean though. Alas paying 80$ a year to have a 700$ card is not worth it to me anymore.