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  1. Does anyone know or have had any dealings with a place for student loans when you have a BK on your credit? I am wanting to go to school, but I dont know who to go to and dont want a sleazy place to deal with!! Any help would be great!!! ~Lindsay
  2. ok We were approved for the hooters card..... it said however, that the info needed to be verified. Does anyone know about how long it took them to get "verified"? ~Lindsay
  3. We are one year into rebuilding our credit and my DH got a preapproved CC from them. Anyway, I was going to piggy back on this one to add another positive to mine. When I called they were like "oh no we dont report for an AU" But I gave them my SSN anyway just to see what they would do. Today, I see that they have reported it on 2 of the 3 CR. Why would they make abig huge deal about "ABSOLUTELY NOT" REPORTING AU's but then they do.......???? ~lindsay
  4. Well, I burned them on a BK for only like $500. But DH was a reported AU on that too. But he got the card and now they wont report me but they want the SSN. I didnt think of a joint account. Our scores are on mid to upper 6's one year after BK7, with 1 open CC one store CC and 2 auto loans. SOOO, I might try that and see what happens. Should I just call up there and ask, or what ?? ~Lindsay
  5. I remember like 2 years ago Crap one used to report AU's, but my DH has gotton one post BK and they wont report me as an AU on my credit report, but they want my SSN....... Whats up with that?? ~L
  6. I think it took me like 6 weeks. Maybe it depends on thier cut off time on thier books. Try emailing them. I get my bill online too, have you gotton that yet? ~Lindsay
  7. we dont qualify for it......we have too soon of a bk7. Just since Jan 06 is the discharge.
  8. In the midst of credit repair, and trying to get some positive TL...... My DH is getting pre approved cards right and left, even if they are some of the crappy ones. He got one from juniper today, but they wont add me and report to my report too. They can add me, but they wont report pos TL for me. What is up with that?? why wont some do that? The only one we have found that does post BK7 is crap one..... ~L
  9. Skill 5: Choosing mainstream credit over high-interest credit It's easy to compare the benefits between mainstream and high-interest lenders by looking at their interest rates. But stopping there wouldn't give you the full picture. Think back to when you were in high school...remember being judged by who you hung around with? In my school we had: the jocks...the pretty people...the stoners...the geeks...and the average kids (we didn't have goths back then). What group do you think little Stephen was in? Let's have some fun...we've set up a fun web page where you can vote. So, go here and tell
  10. I signed up for his newsletter, I got my first one today and it really made sense. I will post it here and then if you want the newsletter you can go to the website and sign up. Hope this helps someone! Please correct anything that is wrong in this email ~L ps I tried to put this on ne thread so you can see if you want to sign up but it didnt work sorry so i put it on 2 posts. The 24 Skills You Must Know After Filing Bankruptcy (Part 1 of 3) I recently became a certified scuba diver. Most of my diving has been near Pompano Beach and Miami, Florida...great diving there. Part of being certif
  11. I checked out their websiteand found out that they have lenders that come to thier program to talk with you about financing homes, cars and getting credit cards. They say its big name lenders, but ......I dont know. I might go just to see Its free anyways.
  12. I got this thingin the mail about a Credit After Bankruptcy Seminar. Its free, and I was wondering if anyone had heard of it or went?
  13. Are they supposed to go by the date that it was paid off, or the date that it was filed? ~L
  14. I think the ones filed under a BK popping back up are a legal issue.... as in illegal for them to do that. Are they notifying you within 5 days about it? If not thats a BIG no no.... ~L
  15. In the FCRA in you apply for credit, you have to be called if you have a fraud alert on your credit report. I have been in a little argument with a place that has put an unauthorized inquiry on my CR. Thye said they pulled it for another company. Isnt it still thier responsibility to check if they are the one pulling the credit? Thye say I have to go through the origional person to dispute it, but their name is on it. I would think they have to do their own investigation. All thye have told me is that they did it for another company. So, whats the real law? What is their responsibility on thi