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  1. In March of 2005 I voluntary surrendered my car to Drive Financial. The account is reporting twice on my Equifax and Experian reports. One is reporting Open/Past due 90 days and the other is reporting as Account Charged off. Is there anything I can do that will help the way this is impacting my reports. Someone please advise. DRIVE FINANCIAL Address: 8585 N STEMMONS FWY STE DALLAS, TX 75247 No phone number available Status: Open/Past due 90 days. $1,580 past due as of Mar 2005. Date Opened: 02/2002 Type: Installment Credit Limit: $14,117 Date of Status: 03/2005 Terms: 62 Months High Balance: NA Reported Since: 03/2005 Monthly Payment: $361 Recent Balance: $10,494 Last Reported Date: 03/2005 Responsibility: Individual Recent Payment: $0 DRIVE FINANCIAL Address: 8585 N STEMMONS FWY STE DALLAS, TX 75247 No phone number available Status: Account charged off. $14,117 written off. $8,443 past due as of Nov 2006. Date Opened: 02/2002 Type: Installment Credit Limit: $14,117 Date of Status: 04/2005 Terms: 62 Months High Balance: NA Reported Since: 04/2005 Monthly Payment: $0 Recent Balance: $8,994 Last Reported Date: 11/2006 Responsibility: Individual Recent Payment: $0
  2. I just received a letter in the mail from FCNB PRIVATE LABEL/MBIA the letter states Dear Ms.Love This letter is to inform you due to the time frame of your dispute,we no longer have your information on file. Please forward your dispute to the Credit Bureaus. We apologized for any invonveniences this may have caused you. I did a search online would this letter be in regards to a Old Newport News account and if so I have not disputed my Newport TL in a while it is now in care of Midland Credit Management. How should I proceed with this issue?
  3. Has anyone in the Houston area applied for this card if so can you tell me what bureau do they pull and what score range do they work with?
  4. Ok will do thanks so much I will let you know how it turns out.
  5. It was deleted because I had submitted a disputed of about 11 items on my TU file and this was one of the entries but they never sent me anything saying that it would be reinserted. Ok if I dispute it again do I use the same reason for dispute "not mine" or what would be my reason for dispute?
  6. On the 06-14-06 I received a dispute back from TU and it showed RJM Acquisitions results no longer on file. This entry was only now remaining on my EX report so I sent a DV letter and not even a week after they received it this entry was removed from my EX file. However I just DV two more TL on TU and when I get the results back from the DV now there it goes RJM Acquistions is back on my TU file again. Someone please help me and tell me what is my first step to get this removed yet again.
  7. I also have this same entry on my report for $61.00 this account was paid in full with AT & T back in 2000. I have no proof from that long ago to show that it was paid in full. Would my first step be to actually dispute with the CRA or should I DV with RMA since I have been reading about their bankruptcy. Please someone tell me my first step I want to get this removed asap.
  8. Could you tell me what type of score range were you in when you qualified for the car loan through BOA . I bank with them and I have considered to try to get a car loan through them.
  9. I went through the same process it took about 2 1/2 weeks after I mailed my information back to them.
  10. I just received my dispute back from TU today and six entries were deleted but in the midst of all of this my TL that was open never late for my car was removed is there anyway I can have this reinserted.
  11. Thanks I am going to try not to get anymore violations from now on I will be a little angel
  12. What if your scores are right below 600 would it be a good idea to try or wait if so what kind of score should I have before I try.
  13. Well my scores are still right under 600 so I will stay away I want a BofA partial secured but I am unsure if I can get a approved I have repo showing as a charge off from 2005. I will just wait it out and work on the low utilization and getting more negatives removed because I have heard good things about Citi Premier Pass and I want to try for it thanks for the advice.
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