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  1. Thanks for the info all and thanks for the update LNY. I actually called them and the person I talked to insisted that they last reported in November instead of September as it shows. She told me to contact the CRAs. I didn't bother based on what LNY said, I am sure this is something that Cap One is messing up. I will just have to see if there is any update when my statement ends on the 17th and for what month it shows reported. I also noticed that they are reporting my credit limit as $0 (even though I have charged up to $400) ... so even my current balance of $28 kills my utilization I guess. :/
  2. I have a credit card in good standing with Capital One. They had been reporting monthly to all three CRAs since I opened the account in January of this year. I noticed though that they stopped reporting to TU and EX after September, one month when I actually had high utilization on the card. Since then my balances have been abut $20, and this is reflected on my EQ report. Will they ever report this to the other 2? Can they just let it sit there and keep my score lower forever? Will they do it at least quarterly?
  3. I have a TL that I disputed with LVNV. I have written to them or their agents (with receipts signed) 4 times so far for DV and have not gotten anything back. I don't think this is a legitimate debt. After my recent dispute was resolved, Equifax changed comments from "Consumer disputes - reinvestigation in process , Collection account" to "Consumer disputes this account information , Collection account , Account transferred or sold , Charge off account , Trsf/Sold" The account status changed from "At least 120 days or more than for payments past due" to "Bad Debt; placed for collection; skip" Does this mean that they have sold the TL? (It is past SOL & due to fall off my report anyway 9/2007). I am trying to figure out why they added the "transferred or sold" part. If they did this shouldn't there no longer be a balance showing? (In my case it actually went up after the dispute review by about $80.) I am just trying to figure out what is going on with this.
  4. This is helpful information. Thanks!
  5. Ok well, it does show as paid, so I guess what both of you are saying is to leave it alone as even with the 120 days late it is doing more good than harm. Thanks
  6. Hi I had account with Discover that went 120 days late in June 2001. Starting in July of that year I began a payment plan and paid off the account earlier this year. I know that Discover can be hard to deal with, but should I ask them if they would be willing to delete the entire tradeline from my credit reports? I hate to loose credit for making payments ontime without missing for the lat 4 or 5 years, but it seems like the 120 late (and the notation "Closed by Credit Grantor") hurt me more than the payment hisotry. Is this correct?
  7. Ok so I will DV again ... and what will probably happen is I will hear nothing (as I have heard nothing before after DV-ing) and then I will get another collection letter from another firm representing LVNV (who still owns the debt). What is the point of DV-ing if this is all that is happening? Is there an end-game? I know that they don't have to respond to my DV, but I at least thought they had to stop collections until doing this. They called today threatening legal action. I told them that it was beyond SOL and they said it wasn't and they would forward my account to their legal department to start the proceedings. Until they contacted me last year, I hadn't even thought about this account since I remember paying it off in 2000 in a settlement. On my credit reports it shows the date of last activity being 12/2000. However they claim I made a payment (which I KNOW I didn't make) 11/2004 which restarted the SOL clock (it also shows this date as my last payment on my credit reports - even though the date of last activity is 12/2000)
  8. So by having another company send me a collection letter on their behalf, this is a violation of FDCPA 809 B, is this correct? If this is correct what should I do next?
  9. I guess I am a bit confused as to what an OC (Original Creditor) is. In my case the original original OC was Montgomery Wards, who then sold the debt to LVNV who now owns it. Does that mean that LVNV is now the OC? And, just so I am sure I have this right, they can send this out to other agencies to collect on their behalf and if a request is made to validate they just move it to another agency representing them even though they retain ownership of the debt?
  10. Thanks. Some other attorney's hired by LVNV sent me another collections letter - THAT is a violation isn't it (I started another thread about this)?
  11. The thing is that LVNV hasn't sold the debt, it just has different firms attempt the collection. I was pretty sure that they (or the companies representing them) can't keep trying to collect until they validate ... someone please tell me if I am wrong.
  12. About a month ago I received a collection letter from J.C. Christensen and Associates representing LVNV. I sent a letter disputing the validity of the debt and asking for validation. They received the letter on October 16th according to the delivery confirmation. Today I received another letter from a different Firm, Frederick J. Hanna & Associates, P.C. regarding the same LVNV account. It was postmarked 11/10. Is this a violation? I thought that they couldn't attempt to collect until they validated. Does it matter that it is a different firm representing them? Any advice on what I should do next is appreciated - this account (which I believe I resolved long ago) is really annoying. This is actually the second time that I have requested validation from one firm representing the account (last time it was Bidna and Keyes) only to receive nothing but another letter from a different firm.
  13. Just a follow up - I received this letter from JC Christensen and Associates Inc, offering to settle a debt with Resurgent Capital Services (which I guess is LVNV), or if I disputed they would provide me with verification. Are they under any obligation to actually provide me with this? What if they don't? It has been almost 30 days and I did send them a delivery confirmed letter within 30 days of their original letter? Thanks!