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  1. My $5200.00 card at 14.xx% just went to 29.99 for purchases. I called them and asked... How long has my account been opened? A: April 2006 How many times have I been late with a payment A: Zero How many times have I paid the minimum payment? A: Once How many times have I paid a considerable amount over the minimum? A: Several How many times have I paid the card to zero in all those years? A: Several So, you would agree I am a low risk customer correct? A: How can I help you? Would you agree I am a low risk customer? A: Yes, it appears that way Then why has my interest rate doubled? A: Some are
  2. Yesterday in the mail I was sent "courtesy checks" for" up to $6000.00. To funny that these arrive AFTER they lower my limit to $600.00. We recieved an AMEX for 7.99 and $5k so Chase can stick it.
  3. So, I'll close the account, close the savings, and function off of cash or personal loans only and when the economy turns and I start getting offers, I will perhaps use them as toilet paper and send them back in.
  4. What a nightmare, I have spent the last two years, maybe more, monitoring and repairing my credit. I brought my FAKOs from the mid 500s to 733, 698, and 693. I have received cards with single digit interest rates for the first time in my life and have not be late on ANY debt in about 4 years. I had a Target card that was at 15% and I requested a rate reduction. Sorry we can't do that, was the answer. Followed shortly by a closing of the account for non-use. I did not use it because my Chase account had better terms. I have two Chase accounts. In April, one account had a $4900.00 balance on a 6
  5. Ok, I pay child support to Texas for a child in Tennessee. I posted here about a record keeping issue that mistakenly showed me in arrears in Tennessee. I received a letter from Tennessee stating that I am not and was never in arrears, however, my credit report pulled today shows this month current and last month in collections. They did not remove the collections derog even though the letter clearly states I was NOT in arrears. Also, the same account is listed again as being in good standing. Sooooo, should I dispute to have the derog removed and provide a copy of the letter OR should I dispu
  6. It should be 10 years from the dismissal date. That was what mine did.
  7. If I have (had) and account from 1997 and it is currently closed, does it contribute to my credit history from an account "age" status? I am not sure I am being clear, but I know new accounts don't really help you much. I have a few new accounts because of great rates and closed some older not so good rate accounts, but I fear that it may work against me because I am not sure if the age of my credit is measured only on open accounts.
  8. Ok in today's mail from Tennessee, I received THIS... Dear Aerovette, Case number xxxxxxxx Texas Child Support notified our office you do not have any arrears. Texas has the controlling order. I am having the arrears balance removed from your record and having the order reentered and hopefully this will take care of the situation. Also, I am notifying the Child Support Office in Nashville that handles credit bureau reporting, to notify the credit bureau that you did not have any arrears and that Texas has the controlling order. This will be on your credit report for 7 to 10 years, however onc
  9. I considered this but keep in mind that Tennessee SAYS their records are intact so they will be able to validate and verify, however, they will STILL be in error. You see by having a payroll deduction it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to be in arrears. However it IS possible for my state to NOT send them money which is out of my control. I received a letter today stating that Texas has ONCE AGAIN sent payment history to Tennesse and has requested that the derog be removed. Of course that means NOTHING if they stand by THEIR records. The website I checked for the state of Tennessee should have been enoug
  10. This issue concerns child support. I live in Texas, the ex lives in Tennessee. Tennessee is the originating state with Texas being the enforcing state. Payments are automatically taken from my check every two weeks by the state of Texas and sent to Tennessee. So last week I got an alert via my monitoring agency and it indicated I was three payments in arrears for child support as of 3/15/09. Of course I called the state of texas and they said, nope not true all is good and all paid and up to date and in fact I was over on my account by $72.00 and March was already disbursed. My next call was t
  11. I truly DO understand why they closed it, but it does not make me happy. Unlike my younger years, I now see credit as something to have for emergencies and when travelling I grab a zero balance card and have it on standby just in case. I think if I am adhering to their terms, then it should be MY option to close. If I am NOT adhering to their terms then it should be THEIR decision. It mostly bothers me because without a SINGLE mistake or mis-use, or abuse on my part, my credit score will be negatively impacted. It's one thing if I do it to myself, but with a click of a mouse key, THEY have har
  12. F*&%'em. I'll wear a Wal-Mart BAG before I will buy Target clothes. They lost a customer forever. I did the same to Montgomery Wards many years ago and look where they are There is nothing I need there, that I can't get somewhere ese. They could have had my CASH "always" and some credit interest "now and then", instead they will get NOTHING. Not one penny.
  13. OMGWHID - The problem is the new owner is NOT the issuer.