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  1. My $5200.00 card at 14.xx% just went to 29.99 for purchases. I called them and asked... How long has my account been opened? A: April 2006 How many times have I been late with a payment A: Zero How many times have I paid the minimum payment? A: Once How many times have I paid a considerable amount over the minimum? A: Several How many times have I paid the card to zero in all those years? A: Several So, you would agree I am a low risk customer correct? A: How can I help you? Would you agree I am a low risk customer? A: Yes, it appears that way Then why has my interest rate doubled? A: Some are worse than that There are some better than that though, right? A: I have no idea Well how can you know some are worse, but not know if some are better? A: Yes, some customers have a better rate than yours, I am sure Well, since I am such a low risk, I want one of those lower rates A: Sorry, we can't do anything for you at this time. "Can't" and Won't" are miles apart. Choose your words carefully. A: Nothing we can do at this time. It is changing and that is that. You can opt out if you are not willing to accept the revised terms. I wanted to climb through the phone and strangle them. Obviously, this one will get paid to zero and cut in half.
  2. Yesterday in the mail I was sent "courtesy checks" for" up to $6000.00. To funny that these arrive AFTER they lower my limit to $600.00. We recieved an AMEX for 7.99 and $5k so Chase can stick it.
  3. So, I'll close the account, close the savings, and function off of cash or personal loans only and when the economy turns and I start getting offers, I will perhaps use them as toilet paper and send them back in.
  4. What a nightmare, I have spent the last two years, maybe more, monitoring and repairing my credit. I brought my FAKOs from the mid 500s to 733, 698, and 693. I have received cards with single digit interest rates for the first time in my life and have not be late on ANY debt in about 4 years. I had a Target card that was at 15% and I requested a rate reduction. Sorry we can't do that, was the answer. Followed shortly by a closing of the account for non-use. I did not use it because my Chase account had better terms. I have two Chase accounts. In April, one account had a $4900.00 balance on a 6k limit and the other was $8700.00 on a 10k limit. In April we paid the $4900.00 off with our refund and began making aggressive plans to kill off the other by Christmas. My wife was considering moving our checking account to Chase and had a discussion with them two weeks ago about it. When we paid off the first card, I followed up with a phone call to make sure we were not shooting ourselves in the foot by prompting a CLD. "No sir, we have no notes about that and your account is in good standing" they said. Based on the great rate, and good credit limit, we opened a $10k savings account at Chase and were waiting until our CU loan was paid to 50% before moving our checking. So, for those keeping score...Increased scores, low interest, 20% utilization, tradelines dating back to 1994, $10k in savings, and my reward? One TL lowered to the balance, and the second to SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS. Yes 10% !! of my CL. Reasons? 1. Not enough availbale credit. BOGUS, more available than when the card was issued and more available than any time in my LIFE. 2. Too many tradelines under 24 months - BOGUS. Guess which ones were under 24 months....THEIRS !!! 3. Time since card opened is too short - WHAT? I don't even understand this one. It is their own account they are referring to. and it has never been late and more than minimum payments were always made. I am spitting mad to say the least. It seems the reward for BAD pay history is identical to that for GOOD pay history. The lesson learned? Rack up those bills and WALK WAY !! Forget about your score if you own a house and a car. I busted my AZZ to get my doo doo in a collective pile and THIS is my reward? When I filed bankruptcy 15 years ago I had more available credit than I have today with FIVE TIMES the income now. What is the recourse? Has ANYONE had a CLD reversed in the history of man? Is it a total waste of energy to call them and explain how absurd their reasoning is?
  5. Ok, I pay child support to Texas for a child in Tennessee. I posted here about a record keeping issue that mistakenly showed me in arrears in Tennessee. I received a letter from Tennessee stating that I am not and was never in arrears, however, my credit report pulled today shows this month current and last month in collections. They did not remove the collections derog even though the letter clearly states I was NOT in arrears. Also, the same account is listed again as being in good standing. Sooooo, should I dispute to have the derog removed and provide a copy of the letter OR should I dispute to have the entire duplicate tradeline removed and still provide a copy of the letter? If I leave the dup. and it is a POSITIVE pay history, does it better help my score? How long do they have, to remove the derog, once they get a copy of the letter I received from Tennessee?
  6. It should be 10 years from the dismissal date. That was what mine did.
  7. If I have (had) and account from 1997 and it is currently closed, does it contribute to my credit history from an account "age" status? I am not sure I am being clear, but I know new accounts don't really help you much. I have a few new accounts because of great rates and closed some older not so good rate accounts, but I fear that it may work against me because I am not sure if the age of my credit is measured only on open accounts.
  8. Ok in today's mail from Tennessee, I received THIS... Dear Aerovette, Case number xxxxxxxx Texas Child Support notified our office you do not have any arrears. Texas has the controlling order. I am having the arrears balance removed from your record and having the order reentered and hopefully this will take care of the situation. Also, I am notifying the Child Support Office in Nashville that handles credit bureau reporting, to notify the credit bureau that you did not have any arrears and that Texas has the controlling order. This will be on your credit report for 7 to 10 years, however once Nashville notifies the credit buearus that it was in error, it should show paid. If you don not understand you may call and talk to me. Sincerley, X Child Support Services __________________________________________________ This is NOT satisfactory to me. They admit error, but indicate the derog will remain for 7-10 years but show as paid. That is wrong. Perhaps I am mis-interpreting the letter, but it does not say anything about the arrears being erased, only that it will show PAID. Thoughts? I also found a bit of irony in the fact that I talked to several people on their end that "did not understand" but they want to tell me to call THEM if I don't understand. HA !!
  9. I considered this but keep in mind that Tennessee SAYS their records are intact so they will be able to validate and verify, however, they will STILL be in error. You see by having a payroll deduction it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to be in arrears. However it IS possible for my state to NOT send them money which is out of my control. I received a letter today stating that Texas has ONCE AGAIN sent payment history to Tennesse and has requested that the derog be removed. Of course that means NOTHING if they stand by THEIR records. The website I checked for the state of Tennessee should have been enough to prove my position but I don't know what "magical" math they use.No offense to any forum members from Tennesse, but I can tell you I am less than impressed with the people I have spoken too. Perhaps it just doesn't take much to qualify for those jobs. I tried breaking things down in simple terms and was putting Sesame Street and Barney to shame with the elementary wording I used, but still nothing was being absorbed. I think a deaf ear gets turned to a non-custodial parent. We are assumed to be scum regardless of the facts.
  10. This issue concerns child support. I live in Texas, the ex lives in Tennessee. Tennessee is the originating state with Texas being the enforcing state. Payments are automatically taken from my check every two weeks by the state of Texas and sent to Tennessee. So last week I got an alert via my monitoring agency and it indicated I was three payments in arrears for child support as of 3/15/09. Of course I called the state of texas and they said, nope not true all is good and all paid and up to date and in fact I was over on my account by $72.00 and March was already disbursed. My next call was to Tennessee and let me tell you if you are the non-custodial parent, you will get NOWHERE with the people. They refused to talk to me and told me I needed to get the situation corrected with the Texas AG. I repeated several times that the issue is not with Texas, but with Tennessee. They didn't want to hear it. I called any number I could find on line to plead my case and the last woman said she could not help me because I am not their customer. I said if I am not your customer, why are you reporting to MY credit bureaus? "Talk to Texas" was the answer again. I asked if Texas provides proof of my payments, would they remove the derog. The reply...No. They would show a zero balance, but NOT remove the derog. I was not happy. I logged in to the TENNESSEE child support site and looked at my pay history. I pay $970.00 per month and as of 3/15 10.5 months have passed since judgement and the obligation began per my court documents signed by me and my lawyer as well as the Texas AG's Rep. So, 10.5 months x 970 = $10,185.00. So I looked at the total that THEY show I paid as of 3/15 and it is $10,186.00. How can they put a derog against me when THEIR RECORDS show I am paid up? So I called and had them do the math. Their reply, "well it's not always that simple where the math is concerned" WHAT ??!! So Texas has forwarded my pay history TWICE. If they do not remove the derog, do I have grounds for suit? I can get pay stubs reflecting each deduction, I have the Tennessee pay history and can obtain the Texas pay history if needed. This will impact my credit and above that portrays me as a deadbeat dad to anyone looking at my credit report. Surely there must be some restitution for this.
  11. I truly DO understand why they closed it, but it does not make me happy. Unlike my younger years, I now see credit as something to have for emergencies and when travelling I grab a zero balance card and have it on standby just in case. I think if I am adhering to their terms, then it should be MY option to close. If I am NOT adhering to their terms then it should be THEIR decision. It mostly bothers me because without a SINGLE mistake or mis-use, or abuse on my part, my credit score will be negatively impacted. It's one thing if I do it to myself, but with a click of a mouse key, THEY have harmed my credit. Also, when I called and told them that my agreement says NOTHING about "lack of activity" they used the "we can change the terms at will" clause to which I stated that doing away with the terms is NOT the same as a change in terms. I feel unjustly PUNISHED, when the fact that I watch my debt should be REWARDED.
  12. F*&%'em. I'll wear a Wal-Mart BAG before I will buy Target clothes. They lost a customer forever. I did the same to Montgomery Wards many years ago and look where they are There is nothing I need there, that I can't get somewhere ese. They could have had my CASH "always" and some credit interest "now and then", instead they will get NOTHING. Not one penny.
  13. OMGWHID - The problem is the new owner is NOT the issuer.
  14. Apparently things are so good at target, they don't need customers. I called last year for an interest rate reduction. "NO" was the answer so I decided to stop using the card, BUT I did still shop there so they recieved coled hard cash with ZERO risk. Lo and behold, I found out today, they closed my account for inactivity. I called to have it restored but it is "not their policy" to do so. I explained that I was still a Target customer and that their competition (Sears, Penneys) did not do that to me. All that got was their apology but it is their policy. I told them that because of the account closure, they would no longer get my cash either. It did not make any difference. I congratulated them on their ability to remain unaffected by the poor economy and their ability to cast loyal customers aside for the sake of WANTING to have a risk via credit as opposed to wanting real money. I will not step foot in a Target store and will encourage all those I know to do the same. They did invite me to re-apply. My response...Why on EARTH would I want to RE-apply to a company that just took a crap on my credit and cancelled my card? I hung up promptly.
  15. I reside in a different state than the custodial parent. I have my payments automatically taken by the Attorney General's Office from my paycheck making it impossible to be late. I received a letter from HER state telling me I am in arrears by more than one month. I called my state and they said they show the account current and actually over paid. They offered and sent a complete pay history to the other state. So last night I pull up mycreditkeeper and I have an alert. The alert is from the other state reporting me as delinquent. I got the number for the agency there and they were absolutely unbelievably rude. They are telling me it is a problem I need to take up with MY state and that they are not going to speak to me further. I kept them on the phone trying to explain and they insisted I am "not a customer of theirs". To which I replied that if I am not THEIR customer, they should not be reporting to MY credit bureaus. They responded by hanging up. I called back three times to attempt to get a supervisor, but no luck. They refuse to act. I called my state and told them what happened and they confirmed I have paid on time every time and offered to once again send a pay history as well as fax it to them. For whatever reason they are not permitted to call. So in these really bad economic times, I don't need a whack like this on my credit. Do I have any recourse? Can I sue them for reporting innacurately? What about a local news type "consumer advocate" ? Has anyone done that? I cannot have this on my record for 7 years. My LAST support payment is NEXT MONTH. I need help, but was not sure if this should be under "Is there a lawyer in the house". If I AM able to file suit, can I force them to pay the attorney fees?
  16. My wife and I went to our credit union and had ONE credit pull that we were told would allow us to by a car within the next 30 days. When we went to the dealerships we negotiated the price ONLY. Since we did not need them to finance they had no permissable purpose OR a SS# to use for that matter. I have used the same line in the past. I said I wanted a one dollar payment and the sales guy said he couldn't do it so I told him, "well, just get as close as you can".
  17. Turn to him and say "Enough about me, let's talk about you !" If he does not get it, then you can go ahead and be as rude as you want, he is not bright enough to be offended.
  18. You are in a tough spot for sure. I was in the same postion years back. THIS IS NOT ADVICE, but it IS what I did. I happened to not make enough money to afford my bills AND my house on unemployment. The first thing I did was tell the credit card companies I was unemployed to see what they would do. They did NOTHING. Now the mortgage company was willing to let me add two months to the back end of my loan and pay interest only. I never signed up for that. What I did was pay the house one month, pay the CCs next month and so on and so forth until I got back to work. I simply oiled the squeaky wheel. It WRECKED my credit BUT I still had cards and still had a house 6 months later when I did go back to work. I learned that my mortgage company would not foreclose until the loan was 4 months or more in default. I sent in just enough, just in time to keep that from happening and I made a lot of promises to pay and rode the storm out. I repeat this is NOT advice, it is simply what I did. Now I did spend a lot of time repairing the damage I did and just now, after 4 years, I am in the low 700s / high 600s.
  19. I am curious about how the DOLA was communicated. If it was NOT, you may have an issue because you could not establish SOL as a defense without personal knowledge of DOLA. On the other hand, if THEY indicated DOLA on their documents to you, that would be different.
  20. I have had the same experience and the same frustration. My advice is to find a particular method you feel is most applicable to your case, read what was done and any legal references listed and ultimately make your own decision. The "general" process is often repeated and can be trusted, but the devil is in the details. Ultimately, I read and read here and then went to an attorney. The reason being, communicating with an attorney AFTER you get an understanding of how these things work is cheaper and easier than going to one absolutely uneducated. You may want to think of the forum as going to more than one doctor or mechanic. Each will have their own reason why their diagnosis and treatment is "the one" but you have to decise what will work for you. Good luck !!!
  21. It was not my intent or desire to impress, or even try to impress. Opinions cannot be wrong, so I don't fault you for yours. When you don't have the story, you can't pass judgement.
  22. I was in a rush, but the sentiment remains. If the money I pay is NOT going to go to the OC, it is NOT going to leave my hand. Period. Threaten, sue, harrass, whatever. I will never pay anyone except the OC and that is where the check will be sent. If it comes back, I will assume I no longer owe. Call it ignorant or whatever you want. I am the one working for my money and I am the one that decides where it goes. A judge can TELL me differently, but ultimately, it is my choice.
  23. Here is my take on the whole mess. First of all, I don't like the fox in the henhouse just to see how the chickens are cared for. In other words, you are in the enemy camp and it does not smell right to anyone. Secondly, I don't care how nice or mean or persistent, or compassionate you are. I have already decided what I will and will not do with my finances. Nothing you can say or no way you can say it that will change that. In my opinion under no circumstance do I EVER EVER feel like I owe ANYONE except the original creditor a single dime.CAs are buying something that should not be for sale. I would pay an OC triple the amount before I would pay a CA 1/3 the amount. Lastly, there are two groups of people and you cannot make one in to the other. There are those that will pay and want to pay, and those that won't pay and don't want to pay. Making one in to the other is like turning an apple to an orange. Nothing positive can come from you being here unless of course you want to start sharing all the weaknesses and loopholes on your industry, but that would be old news here.
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