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  1. Yeah, I am thinking of going with Discover, well trying. I have heard more favorable things about Discover than Chase. Besides Chase cancelled a card I had, because I wasn't using it so I will take the bite of Discovers transfer fee.
  2. If you get the chance catch History Detectives, I love that programn.
  3. If you get the chance catch History Detectives, I love that programn.
  4. It would be considered cannibalism.
  5. They both have a transfer fee of 3%, which comes out to about 60 dollars. I do have other credit cards, but their balances are under 200 dollars. The big one is for some roofing work I had done. I do tend to lean towards Chase because the transfer will allow me up to April 2014. I have heard Discover is not too shabby, I just want to pay the one off with the big interest and be done with it. The big one is Cap One having never been late on a payment, I thought that they would work with me....I was wrong..
  6. They called one time so far, and I haven't heard else anything as of yet. The one time they did call it was a voice mail, so I didn't speak to anyone. But, I have no problem sending them a C&D letter, and keeping records of their calls and letters.
  7. I have a credit card with a balance of 2000 dollars, and I called to get a lower interest rate, of course I got a NO. In the mean time I have got a couple of offers for balance transfer from Discovery and Chase Slate. Has anyone dealt with either of these two companies regarding transfers, good or bad? I should mention I did have the regular Chase credir card, and they closed it because I was barely using it.
  8. First of all hello everyone, it has been a while since I was last here. I got a call from a place called Dynamic Recovery, and I have no clue as to who they are. I have no letters from them just the call, asking for my spouse or myself. Has anyone ever dealt with this company?. I am planning to write them a dv letter once or if they send me something in the mail. Also. I have read some of the posts here talking about font size in DC letters, is there a certain font size DC have to use?.. Thanks for any and all replies.
  9. I am sure the time limit for the first discovery has expired, since the hearing is the end of next week. As far as the names on the complaint it is both the OC and the CA, which made me question the whole thing. That is why I asked in discovery for some proof of the relationship between the law firm and the OC. I asked for it in the dv process and again in the discovery process and still nothing. The complaint also mentioned if I wanted to settle contact the CA.
  10. I am trying to make sense of F.A.C.T.A and H.I.P.P.A., Can a hospitals account department send a CA a record of your medical treatments in an attempt to collect a debt?
  11. Yes, I did ask this as part of discovery and they denied sending me any proof. Since the court date is soon, I will ask the judge for a motion to compel them for proof. Maybe this will get them to provide what I requested.
  12. This involves a credit card account, that is going to court. I have a law firm who works for a CA, yet at the same time they say they are working for the original creditor. I asked this law firm for proof that they are representating the original creditor. They wrote me back saying that information is of no substantial consequence to the court case. They basically denied showing me anything to prove they are working for the original creditor. Would this be a violation of proof of assignment?... Thanks
  13. I found a link about Federal court Pro Se, let me know if it is useful There is a steep filing fee but according to the site you can get help with it. Again Good Luck
  14. Thank you so much for the information, and I hope your father gets well quickly from his surgery. By the way have you considered going federal with Rausch, I hope you beat them. Good Luck
  15. Does anyone know how to obtain the rules of Discovery for Wisconsin, and a refernce for understanding the millon or so various court motions. Thank you
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