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  1. Call up experian and ask them the DOLA on the account. I have a feeling it will probably still be 2000. I'd be willing to bet that statement, while false, probably doesn't mean crap when it comes to your credit score. Robert_Nashville is correct experian is just reporting what they are told. The CA is the one telling experian what to say. I would lean on them.
  2. I have read companies like Amex, Citi, Discover, and Chase will blacklist you unless you pay the amount that was charged off. If you settled, then you will be blacklisted until you pay the unsettled amount.
  3. If the OC doesn't want to deal with you and your "disdain" stop you from dealing with a CA then you wont have much luck getting a PFD or something along those lines. You sent your settlement letter to the OC over a month ago correct? And they havent replied yet? Did the OC sell the debt to the CA in question? If so you may not have a choice but to deal with the CA or live with this TL on your CR. I think its great to have principles, but you may do better trying the diplomatic approach. Considering it is your debt and the CA has talked of a lawsuit. You're getting a bum rap with that electric
  4. If it was an apartment. it should be fairly easy to get evidence that you didnt live there after a certain date. Remember though electric usually bills one month late, so lets say if you moved out June 15th, you will probably get your bill for the month of June in July. Just because you paid the bill you recieved in June and cancelled your service, it doesn't mean you were free and clear. Alot of people forget about that last bill and think they were all paid up. As for your disdain... If screwing your credit up is worth it, more power to you haha
  5. What is the difference in dealing with a CA v/s your OC? Your OC appearantly didnt want to deal with you anymore so they hired the CA to collect on their behalf or sold your debt to the CA. I am very curious as to what the difference is to you. Like it or not the CA has every right to collect the debt. If the debt was sold to the CA then you do infact owe the CA money regardless of what you would like to believe. If the debt was assigned to the CA then the OC will get their money anyway... How long ago have you made this settlement offer to the OC? As far as your other debt goes... Have you co
  6. I'm no lawyer but I doubt you can be sued for the same thing twice. If I am wrong someone correct me. ERS is probably just collecting on the first judgement.
  7. Yep, 6 months and it drops off. I wouldn't let it worry you.
  8. Sounds like the CA is probably just assigned the account since the OC directly replied to your request for DV. You received your validation. Ultimately validation is statements from the OC, why does it matter if the OC or the CA sends it to you? You claim they have the "wrong person", but you don't think you claimed fraud? Here is a definition of fraud: One who assumes a false pose; an impostor Looks like fraud to me. If someone used your name to get this account, that would be fraud... Again you are basically claiming Identity Theft. Some how they got your name and ssn attached to this acc
  9. Didn't you guys get those little payment books or statements in the mail? Those things usually have how much you owe, # of payment remaining, interest rate, and other things like that. That would be all the proof you need. Sambabchip, if you have "proof" they changed your interest rate, get a lawyer and sue them.
  10. Where exactly is it showing Charged off in 2005? The 24 month payment history?
  11. Ultimately its your responsibilty to know what is and isnt covered by your insurance. Its not the doctor's office responsibility to inform you of that... Your best bet is to probably work out a payment plan with the Doc and maybe see if you can get the cost reduced some. Insurance companies never pay what is actually charged, so you may have some room to negotiate.
  12. Being military isnt an affirmative defense to medical bills. Tri Care may have not paid the bill for some reason. If they didn't find out why. Being military doesn't automatically mean you can go to the hospital and your bills are paid. There is procedure and if you don't follow them closely Tri Care may decide not to pay. If they don't, then you are 100% responsible for the bill, but honestly I have never seen a case where Tri Care didn't pay. Thats called validation. All they need is statements from the OC saying you owe the amount. Why do you think they are "blatantly refusing to validate
  13. I'm in the military never had to have all my bills paid in full before I moved off base. Then again I am in the AF, we usually get treated a bit different than other services. The local cable company handles cable service for the military bases. My experience is you have to go to the local branch to sign up for service, just like any other civilian. There is no military involvement in the process, other than maybe a deposit waiver. You guys didn't forward your mail? Anyways Have your husband contact the OC and explain he PCS'd and thought his bill was paid in full. They may go ahead and recall
  14. They can still report this acoount for 7 1/2 years after "Date of last activity with OC 10/27/2003" You are looking at it dropping off around 2010 if that DOLA is correct.