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  1. I didn't read this thread carefully enough, but I believe this is the hypothetical scenario the OP is trying to explain: 1) You badly want to purchase a plane ticket but can't afford it. 2) You're close to within a few points of being able to redeem your points for said ticket. 3) You decide to "purchase" an item from your brother, knowing that he will refund whatever he received from the sale because the item will never changed hands. 4) The "purchase" makes up for your shortfall in points, and you can redeem them for your ticket. Sure, you'll probably lose a little money in the bargain, but
  2. Congrats! I've had a Cap 1 CC for over two years, but still my CL is stuck at $2,500. Does anyone know a way I could get them to increase it and change me over to a rewards card? I have a BoA card with a $12k CL, and another with an 8k CL.
  3. Thanks AboveAverage. Actually, I don't want to be converted. I already have 4 credit cards, but no charge cards. I'm told having a charge card is good for your score since it gives you diversity. I wanted to know if Macy's automatically tries to convert you like (from what I've hears) Target.
  4. Does the Macy's Card report as a charge card? Do they try to convert you over to a visa? I'm looking for a good charge card mainly to improve my credit diversity.
  5. Thanks for your help! That does answer my question.
  6. I have around $5,000 in cash from a recent foreign trip. What is the maximum amount I can deposit into my bank account without triggering an alarm of some sort?
  7. Because it's a subprime account... I already have much better TLs, and decent scores. Btw I neglected to mention that I have 2 such WFF accounts. I know positive TLs remain for 10 years, but if WFF keeps reporting I'm afraid it might stay on for 20 years! I'm afraid I may be rejected by someone like Amex for "having too many subprime accounts".
  8. Will the fact that they continue to report mean that the account will remain on my CR for longer? I want that account to fall off as soon as possible! I didn't know WFF was a subprime lender... I got a call from them after I was turned down by Wells Fargo Bank. I accepted thinking Wells Fargo had reconsidered. Is there any way to get it off my credit reports? They weren't explicitly clear that it was NOT Wells Fargo Bank.
  9. I opened a Wells Fargo Financial CC a year ago, and closed it 3 months later. However, they keep reporting to the CRA. I've never used it or owed any fees. Should I be concerned? They don't seem to list the date it was closed also... I've listed the details of the account below: ------------------------------------ Status: Closed/Never late. Date Opened: 07/2006 Type: Revolving Date of Status: 06/2007 High Balance: NA Reported Since: 07/2006 Monthly Payment:$0 Recent Balance:$0 Last Reported Date: 06/2007 Recent Payment: $0 Your Statement: Account closed at consumer's request Balance Hist
  10. How safe is it to pay my CC or auto loan bill by providing my lender with my bank details? I'm worried about their systems being compromised... What recourse do I have if money is fraudulently withdrawn from my account?
  11. Basically an article about a new e-check scheme using any card with a magnetic strip, including a drivers license. It seeks to help merchants avoid paying outrageous transaction & processing fees to networks like VISA and MC.
  12. My combined CL is a little more than $10k, and my total utilization is around 10% because I don't charge much and PIF. Should I request a CLI from my banks or would that mean I have too much credit? I make more than $80k/year.
  13. What is the ideal CL/Income ratio? Assuming I earn $100k (I don't yet ), what would be an ideal total CL to have? I spend around $1200 per month on my CCs and PIF. My current total CL is around 14k (3 cards).
  14. This is actually a US Bank Visa branded as a PNC Visa. They used to use MBNA before it was bought by BoA. I think you can only apply for this card if you are a bank customer.