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  1. Hi everyone...it's been a long time since I posted here. I just wanted to vent my frustration with the FICO scoring system and the separate scores.. Today, I decided to check my scores: TU- 805 EQ- 691 That's just crazy!! Here's what each report says: TU: What's hurting my score- there's nothing listed What's helping my score- 1. no missed payments 2. limited use of available credit 3. established credit history 4. not actively looking for credit EQ: What's hurting my score- 1. no recent activity on revolving accounts 2. no recent activity on credit cards What's helping my score- 1. no missed payments 2. established credit history 3. not actively looking for credit That makes absolutely NO sense! Just had to vent- I know everyone here can understand. Thanks!
  2. The Statute of Repose is simply a statute that cuts off certain legal rights if they are not acted upon by a certain legal deadline (deadline can be the statute of limitations). In Mississippi, most Statutes of Limitations for debt are 3 years. *THIS is different from the reporting period, which for most debts is 7 years from DOFD or DOLA. Fortunately for Mississippians, once the statute of limitations has been met, the statute of repose kicks in and no collector can attempt to collect a debt, if they do, then they can be sued based on violation of the Statute of Repose. Not many states have this. This doesn't really help you as far as your credit report goes. The debt can legally remain on your report until 2012- the 7 year reporting period. And, if it's sold over and over to other JDBs during that 7 year reporting period, you'll end up with numerous TLs for the same account. You're past the Statute of limitations on this one, so IMO- you could always DV the CA/JDB, and in your DV- throw in language such as... if they are able to prove the debt is yours, then it's obviously past the SOL, and therefore the SOR applies. Then threaten to sue based on the SOR...as you believe they are attempting to collect by placing the unverified debt on your report........ after all, now that you are under no legal obligation to pay, they are simply wasting their own money by reporting the debt to the CRAs. Hope this helps...
  3. I have family in credit hell too, I've tried to help, gave them the "good credit is sexy" book, offered to help with understanding their CRs, offered to help create a budget, all my advice goes in one ear and out the other.... they want to know what to do, but they don't want to change their behavior. Sometimes I wonder if it's the parent/child relationship, I don't think my parents want to take advice from their child, even though they know all the child went through and has learned.
  4. awww...I miss that smart little squid!
  5. Anyone have any advice on share certificates? My CU is offering 18-24 months, minimum of $5000, dividend rate is 4.15, APY is 4.23. Is this a good vehicle for conservative saving? What exactly is it? I've never heard of share certificates until I started banking at my CU.
  6. Here's to you- Mama K! for your "Sexy" book and everyone else here at CIC!!! I couldn't have made to 700 without you!! CHEERS!!!!!
  7. I'm there to raise a glass or a bottle!
  8. Thanks RN, as usual, you give sound advice.
  9. That's what I'm thinking....that a judge will look at their incomes and expenses???? As long as I've been a member of this forum, I've never had any experience in dealing with lawsuits and judgments.
  10. I'm not worried about the bank trying to garnish their SS- since that is illegal. $28,000 is certainly not enough to BK, I don't think any attorney would recommend that. It is the same bank and I'm afraid their part time job paychecks will end up being garnished. As of now, they need that extra money. And, to mention- they have downsized their life - they are renting a modest apartment, and own outright one car.
  11. Sending a DV to a CA once you've already paid them is pretty much useless. Because- by paying them, you've admitted to the debt. However, anything is worth a shot. I paid several CA before finding this forum, It took ME "hounding" them before they removed the "paid" CA TLs. I literally bombarded them with emails, letters and phone calls until they flat out got sick of me and removed the TLs. Eventually, I got everyone of them removed. As far as accounts not being reported properly, yes- dispute any TL that is not reported accurately
  12. There are alot of varying opinions on this board, that's why this forum is so informative. The reason- IMO, as to why disputing is so highly advocated even if the debt is legit is because once you pay a CA then in the eyes of FICO the debt has been brought current and looks new- then boom! FICO scores plummet. Which obviously, does not seem fair, but that's just the way FICO works. No one here advocates not paying your bills, however, there are regulations that collectors must follow and we all here advocate that. Do what you feel is best for your situation, we all understand- otherwise we wouldn't have ended up on this forum!
  13. My mom informs me last week that a bank is suing her and my step father for $28,000. Served papers last week. Situation- Their mortgage was through a local bank here. There was an HELOC of $23,000. The house was foreclosed on in 2006. The bank auctioned it off and made a profit, so there's no deficiency. Her defense is- She says she SPOKE to the loan officer at the bank and she told her the HELOC was paid when the house sold. This does not sound right to me- since I've never heard of a bank paying the HELOC in a foreclosue situation. I asked my mom if there is any paper work from the bank saying they didn't owe the HELOC, and of course- there is None. I have no idea what to tell her except to respond by the due date of the 31st to avoid a default judgment, get a lawyer to attempt to settle. My parents are in their 60's, mom is drawing retirement, she'll be SS eligible in March. Step dad is drawing SS.The house was foreclosed on because my step dad lost his job at age 59, and could not find a job paying him what he earned. They both work part time now. I've looked at their finances and I don't see how it will be possible for them to pay this debt on what they earn even when she starts drawing SS. any opinions???
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    he pays for dinner!
  15. yes, be glad....I'm melting down here. Due to the temp, air conditioning, our electric bill jumped more than $100 from last month. I'm trying to learn to adapt to keeping it at 78 degrees instead of 68!
  16. awesome! Eventually, I'll have one too..according to DH.
  17. WoW! That's exciting! lovely little song, what's it from?
  18. you can tell he's a deadbeat...just look at that shaggy hair!
  19. It's been a while! What I would give for a pool! Sometimes I miss apartment life!
  20. Hey Y'all! It's been a while since I've been around. So, I was reading the news and there we (Mississippians) are again- We hold the coveted spot of most obese state in the nation....year after year after year. Anyways, thought I'd share.... http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080718/ap_on_he_me/med_obesity_states;_ylt=AsIM2.QzwQ158tOjEHjKTRCs0NUE
  21. Jq26, Thanks for that simplistic explanation. I've been listening to CNBC all day and getting more anxious. You put things in better perspective. I continue to contribute to my 401k, I guess I should start back contributing to my IRA. What scares me most is -there's no insurance to protect my investments. Previously, my allocation was more aggressive....I'm letting this scare make me more conservative and I know I'm too young to do that. I think I'm going to buy and only look at it once a month.
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    OMG! that is so cute!
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