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  1. You've already disputed with the CB' s in writing ? Doesnt FACTA stiplulate that the information has to be correct for the 7 year reporting removal date?
  2. Correct. Even though they reported before contacting you, your DV window is 30 days from intial contact. Your DV will include a C&D that states you only wish to be contacted by mail. Since they've indicated they may give you problems, send the letters CMRRR. Interesting solution........ Never too late to DV if they are not suing. In fact they can't legally do anyting until they respond. Number one they have to leave you alone until they validate. If they continue calling or sending pay up notices they violate the law. I say send a dv. Record calls and get your phone records if legal there. If they dont resond to your dv in 45- 60 ( not sure about the time frame)days dispute with the CRA and request removal because they didnt validate . If they do validate legitimatly negotiate a settlment . Name address city state Return recipt requested In referance to account #xxxxx I dispute this alleged debt. I am requesting debt validation. Phone calls at any place at any and at any time are inconvienent. Correspondance via US mail is acceptable. Name ( typed not signed ) Send this certified mail. Any calls after this be sure to log . If they violate sue
  3. struck a nerve huh . It's apparent you're agitated . Well it makes no differance to me . And it's 132...
  4. Well I thank you for providing at least a stratagy to deal with them instead of just telling the OP what they can not do and simply debating law. I notice a lot of that goes on around here On a C&D though . why would you still not request Debt validation. Wouldnt a banket C&D give them no other option other than to say they are dropping the matter or sueing ? Also in do the word Cease and desist for calling have to literally be spelled out in such a letter
  5. Interests: Stock Market , Finance , General Mischief and mayheem ...... Hello!!!! I'll be the first to admit , i know nothing about the law , but I do know how to get what I want and how to get out of or avoid sticky situations
  6. I think sue'em quickly and not let the SOL pass. The law is not about right or wrong, but who has the biggest valid paper trail, or the most convincing lawyer
  7. other than seize a bank account i'm not sure there is much they can do . They can sue but nothing to attatch a garnishment order to since you get paid cash. Really as long as your taxes are in order you're good. The government 's about the only entity that can just take it from you . as far as I know
  8. pretty much nothing. Actually your credit card debt should be good. It's supposed to drop off after 7 years What's aTari Loan? If that's from a contract there's still a statute of limitation on that too. They can sue but put themselves in a position for you to collect from them if it's done illeglly
  9. Hmm 10 years... other than the student loans your proably already in the clear. the SOL there's like 5
  10. So you're telling me your never buying a house, will never get a job that checks your background, will never get a non prepaid cell phone will never rent an apartment in your name and when your liscence expires or move will never have it updated with the DMV. No one can hide for ever. Escecially the student loans...
  11. Consumer Lawyer in the Atlanta Area Initial Consultation $35 However if you're confident in your legal skills just find your soulution on this website
  12. Is the debt inside or outside the statute of limitation? Either way , you still have the right to send a debt validation notice , inside or outside the 30 day limit. Who says you actually recieved the letters or that they went to the correct address the first time. if it's outside the sol DV , and enforce your rights. The ONLY power they have is bug you by mail , bug you by phone or sue , which is only good if inside the sol and you dont respond. No disrespect for more learned individeals but I see no one offering a solution to the OP other than debate law.