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  1. Just came through to whore it up!
  2. JustaTexan


    Facebook rocks my world, that's why I'm never on here anymore!
  3. None of you whores are on my whoring level anyways!
  4. Well my credit is not as "repaired" as yours my friend but I have found Facebook, cooking, and photography as newer hobbies! I still check in from time to time! :- ) I have never heard of the Geocaching thing. Dunno if that would be for me or not....
  5. I too miss our "discussions" Robert! I did tell my friend to let her boss know what's going on and let these jerks know that her boss would be willing to sign a written statement saying that the payday loan company did infact call and ask to speak to my friend's boss, then informed them of the debt, and harassed them to find our more supervisors names and numbers. I think she's just embarrassed. She told me one time that because she works at a bank that they are expected to have their financial stuff together. Like they even pulled her credit report before she was hired. She's called and tried to work out some kind of payment agreement with these people but she says they are just not willing to move an inch. Thanks again!
  6. Thank you very much RebelLady, I hope this can help her out some.
  7. Hello CIC! Been awhile since I've posted but I need to ask a quick question for a girlfriend of mine. She just had a baby and has gone back to work at her place of employment, a bank, and is having some financial troubles. While she was out of maternity leave, she took out 2 payday loans that she has had to let go. My friend wants to pay her debts off but she just can't do it right now. I composed a very nice but tough hardship situation/do not call/want to pay but can't letter for her to mail off to these people, (ACE and CheckNGo), but before she even got a chance to mail them off today these people from ACE are calling her at work and harassing her and her fellow employees. They asked to talk to her boss and were asking for the names of all her superviors, etc. Now I know that the FDCPA prohibits this in Sect. 804 and 805, but since we're dealing with the OC's here they are not bound to the FDCPA, however they are still bound to the Texas Finance Code, which has all kinds of restrictions on what these people can and can't do but I can't find anything in it about contacting 3rd parties when the location of the debtor is already known. Here is the link to Chapter 392 of the TFC: http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/txcodes/fi039200.html I would be very very very grateful to those who would be willing to look through this and see if you can maybe see something that I am not. Something that would give her more leverage with these people. She seems to be extremely stressed out and even in tears at this point. I want her to focus on her newborn baby boy and not these people calling her constantly all day. She works at a bank so she says this makes her look bad because she works with money and it makes her look irresponsible. Thank you again!
  8. Alot of these are actually still nice vehicles that are being traded in. I think the whole thing is entirely wasteful and not thought through. Know how many people could use a vehicle that still runs? Especially a nice Volvo? Know why alot of people on public assistance don't work? They don't have reliable transportation. I have a million ideas just off the top of my head that could have made this program more efficient and actually make sense. I'm just at a point where I am 100% frustrated by our government at this point.
  9. Have you guys seen the volvo video on youtube? Do a search for "cash for clunkers volvo" or something along those terms. Apparently the bill says every traded in clunker has to be destroyed. WTF? I understand that they are trying to rid the streets of the clunkers but when the car you are trading in gets one less mile per gallon than the car you are purchasing, why destroy the f'ing car? Donate to charity or something......
  10. Wow you've really been on a ride lately huh? I'm glad everybody is doing okay though! Congrats on your baby boy!!!!
  11. Well due to the fact that I cannot pull Chase I.P. everyday now I have cancelled. I went to True Credit to sign up for their service and there is no product choice for daily pulls for all 3 bureaus that I can see. I looked at Credit Keeper as well and it seems they don't do daily pulls either. Not a good way to start my morning off...
  12. Hey keep your head up, it's their problem not yours. I'm so sorry for you and your partner's loss. <hugs>
  13. JustaTexan

    Swine flu

    Yeah it's getting pretty hectic here. I'd say about half of us are freaking out and the other half are mocking the ones freaking out. I'm one of the ones freaking out. There was an unconfirmed case in a New Diana school and now everybody if freaking out. I live about 10 miles from New Diana so it's kind of unsettling. The've closed the Diana schools and I suspect my town may be next. Went to the Dollar Store on my lunch break and everybody's there stocking up on everything. There's no more hand sanitizer or masks anywhere within a 10 mile radius I think........
  14. I'm talking about mud-slinging. It didin't have to go like that. We could have just had a few jokes over some of the funny signs and kept it light-hearted. By the way-there have been plenty of threads lately about the bail-out and taxes, etc. that have NOT gone overly political but it only takes one ugly post to ruin an entire thread.
  15. Yeah umm okay. This thread didn't have to go political. But I guess it just did huh? I believe the majority of the protestors are complaining about the bailout money not his African heritage. I think alot of people, on both sides, are getting fed up.
  16. I think my favorite photo is the "God only asks for 10%." That's for the tithe for those who aren't familiar. But then I saw this one, "You're not my wife, don't spend my money."
  17. http://www.news-journal.com/news/content/news/stories/2009/04/16/04162009_tea_party.html http://news.yahoo.com/nphotos/Anti-tax-protests/ss/events/us/041509teaparties Here's a link to my local area party location. The second link is some AP photo shots. My Dad and a few co-workers went and said there were thousands of people there. I saw an AP photo of a little girl holding up a sign that said "get your hand out of my piggybank" or something to that effect. I thought that was just hilarious. Did anybody go to their local Tea Party?
  18. Wow alot of people in your shoes would not be coping as well Shortbus. I think you're doing well and I wish you the best.
  19. Hell yeah it counts! Don't feel terrible. The goal is to pay off debt-any kind of debt! I say you're doing good!
  20. Yeah usually it is just me but I seriously can't be the only one this time who is confused.......
  21. Wow I know I'm not the only one totally lost here....... :'>
  22. You're right, I just like to use that expression!
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