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  1. Yeah, I know they can still get a judgement between now and Sep 2007. But I'd either settle out of court, or I'd fight them. I know they can't provide a contract that i signed, because it does not exist so i don't really worry too much about the lawsuit thing. I just need it cleared so I can get a mortgage. Don't ya HATE seing Cav Port on your report?
  2. I'm looking at getting mortgage in the sub-prime market. Some of the lenders have balked at some old collections (they are big reposessions) but they are old. One of them, a note for 9K is past SOL, and basically not legally actionable in KS. The other one is still in statue for a little over a year. Here's the question: Do lenders take homestead exclusion into consideration when mzaking decisions regarding open collections? I can see where they might have a problem if I were buying across the border, in MO, where the SOL is 10 years, and there is no such homestead protection. Anyway, h
  3. Hello all. I'd like some input regarding a potential offer to Cav Port. Here are the details on the repoed car: Date of delinquency 9/2002 Date Cav port pbegan their collections: 9/2004 Original amount placed: $9,396 Amount now owed: Depends on the CR, but between 12K - 14K So, this was my ex wife's car. She got it in the divorce, and made sporadic payments until American Investment Bank finally repoed it. Assuming my attorney finds nothing wrong with the reposession process, collection account, etc. I'm guessing maybe they will settle for something like: $4,500.00 PLUS all of the assi
  4. Thanks for the links. I have already read through the site numerous times. I'd guess there's not really anything to do but either wait it out or sue. I'm not filing law suits over this. It's just not worth it for an old collection account. I was specifically wondering if there was a way to deal with a CA who is attempting to collect a debt which, probably exists, but is obviously not yorus. Like I said, this account is in some other person's name, but has MY account number. He didn't commit fraud against me. Bally still has my account in godo standing. This CA is just off their rocker
  5. I have a Cavalry account which was originally a car my ex wife got in our divorce. The amount is over $13K. Has anyone had any luck getting these guys removed from their CRs? I also have a few open collections which legitimately do not belong to me. One of these is held by "Asset Acceptance LLC". it's apparently a Bally Total Fitness account which some guy named Bob Pacelli, or something like that, had. The CA tells me it is mine, but has this butt-clown's name on it. The funny thing is, I have a Bally Fitness account. It's in good standing, and on credit. I have disputed this, and t
  6. I have a lof of old debts listed on my credit report. Two of these are car repos which were given to my ex wife in the divorce settlement, and two more from my layoff. I also have some stuff which is legitmately NOT MINE, but will not drop off of my credit no matter what I do. I am working with a mortgage broker. His gut feeling is that the under writer will approve me for FHA -but- I'll have to settle some of these old debts. I won't settle a thing until the loan officer tells me to, but I'd like to start my planning up front. Here is what I have: Cavalry: $13,070.00 Ex-Wife's car