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  1. Thank you. I think my inlaws are having the issues because of the means test. We are a family of 5, and are within the median range, so doesnt that mean when we file a 7, if we have more thatn $175 leftover a month we are OK? or it still appplies? We are not using the attorney we were planning on. He has had my inlaws paperwork for 3 weeks, cashed the check the 1st day, and even admitted he didnt even look at anything until yesterday. (they were quoted a price for 7, now my inlaws might have to pay more for the 13)
  2. Hi. Washington state here. My husband and I are getting our paperwork ready to file a Chapter 7. We already had our initital consult with our attorney, who told us we qualified for a 7. Since then, my inlaws relized they needed to file. I refered them to my attorney. They have gotten all their paperwork ready, paid the attorney ect. They had qualfied for a Chapter 7 also. (they were negative $4000 every month due to credit card debt) The attorny quoted them the cost to file, check was cashed, ect. When the attorney went thru their Schedule J (current expenditures of individual debtors) he told them they do not qualify anymore. Inlaws clarifed with them that the schedule J was supposed to be filled out with the expenses they would have after they file, and he confirmed that. It shows they have a monthly net income of $758.00. The attorney now says they do not qualify for a 7 because they need to be negative every month. So in order to qualify for a 7, you need to be negative every month before you file and after you file? This makes no sense to us. He is telling them that unless they come up with more expenses to have AFTER they file, it will have to be changed to a Chapter 13. Is this correct? Any advice would be great. Thanks!
  3. I feel your pain tmac01- Last september was when I first had a CL decrease on one of my AmEx's. (I had 2 others) I ended up speaking to a pretty nice CSR @ AmEx who gave me a bit of insight. She said they do a soft pull every month (which I was aware of, and watching, it was like clockwork) and every 3 months AmEx goes over those soft pulls to do a financial review of the credit report. They ended up decreasing the CL on the 1st AmEx because of the utilization of other cards showing on my report (which at that time were alllll under 30%). She said IF there was any CL decreases on the cards, it would only happen every 90 days, and never go below the CL. She gave me the dates of the last financial reviews on the 2 other cards and sure enough, exactly 90 days after the last FR on each of those cards, the CL was lowered. (not at the same time, about 6 weeks apart for each card)
  4. married 17 yrs. So this is what we really want to know.... How many CIC'ers have hooked up over the years? *does not count Nimmy showing up at CIC'ers houses looking for some:roll:
  5. I can honestly say that after 17 years of marriage...we still surprise ourselves with discovering new things. We are very happy, very lucky.... I have friends that try sooo hard to have perfect romantic nights, that it ends up being disappointing for them, because they were trying too hard. A few of them dont even kiss. There is no connection with their partner. One couple just got too involved with their "lives". It had been so long since there was anything other than "wham bam thank you mam" in bed, that they couldnt get back to where they used to be. Being the great friend that I am , I told my friend to just take the lead, kiss her man in bed, initiate the foreplay and see what happens. It was a simple, obvious suggestion, but it worked. And now I must abandon this topic, since hubby is in Seattle for a few days.
  6. jc72


    Really good....I'm glad i'm back again. It's almost like I never left! You keeping everyone in line?
  7. jc72


    Hi Hows all those lil ones doin? Planning any more? Summer routine? That is out the window this year! Have not worked during the summer in 10 years. Trying to get it all figured out..Its hard cause the 15 year old stays home with the 10 & 5 year olds. But he is so busy Im trying to find a teen to come watch the lil ones when he cant. Alot of days I got to work at 5 or 6am, so I can leave at 2 or so. Which is usaully just around the time they are ready to wanna go swimming or to the lake. And I'm sure pretty soon we will start hearing Chase talk about childcare issues:lol:
  8. Im curious how everyone budgets and shops for their groceries... We are a family of 5 (3 boys, 15, 10, and 5. nuff said on that:cool:) I always have a menu planned also... DH has always gotten paid every other friday (now I do too, on his days also:)) So I have always done one big trip every 2 weeks on payday weekends. I always go to WalMart (no hi-jacking my grocery thread to I hate Wally-World thread! ) then bread store, Costco, and then to Albertsons to buy meat (hate WalMarts meat section) Not only does that take alot of time, but I would still end up going to the store numerous times during that 2 weeks to get fresh fruit/veggies ect. Which meant I was spending more because I had to "justify" going to the grocery store to pick up a couple of things. So I am going to start shopping once a week. But with us getting paid every other week, I think the best thing I should do is budget the amount I'm going to spend in that 2 weeks and either take the cash out of the account right away for it, or transfer it to savings. Otherwise Im fraid if I just have it sitting in the account, then that middle of pay period grocery trip will get spent.
  9. Oh yeah, I've been catching up on everyone.... J has a stalker...lots of sex talk...Chase got married (but i have stalked her the entire time I was gone anyway8]) Nimmy still tryin to get some...
  10. Thanks...I read that Dive and Master gave a lil update saying what was up with them, busy and all. and i forgot to ask about LNY..but she seemed to not be around before I stopped coming around. All you mod's have a tough job and get beat up alot around here!
  11. So ive been trying to read up (stalking) on some of ya and a few seem to be missing on the board lately.... Anyone have info on how these guys are doing? Elyse Lyle Earth Angel Dive Master P(orno)
  12. I have missed out on so much since I deserted CIC... Stalker? pretty cool Jay. and I swear there used to be a smilie that was stomping/throwing a fit?
  13. :BigDance:Happy Birthday!!!!
  14. jc72


    Thanks guys! I re-read my post, and it seems that I'm putting alot of blame on AmEx, economy blah blah blah. We know WE f'd up. big time. We are kicking ourselves everyday for this situation. During our entire marriage (17 yrs) we never had good credit, no cards, have rented the same house for 11 years. Then we get smart, find this site and it didnt take very long to get to a "normal" place. A year ago we had 680-718 scores. Now we are here. Still renting same house. Way worse credit than we could ever imagine, and OH MY GOD collection calls? hellloooooo...is 30 a day necessary? It is obnoxious. And they are mostly automated. Now they have resorted to calling my inlaws (since I used them as reference ) For months we didnt change our spending habits, even tho we were living on cards, thinking things would change. Stupidity on our part all the way! When we get out of this mess, someday....we will have just what we need to establish our history. I am taking my signature to heart more now than ever. Live, love, laugh, LEARN
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