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  1. Will this lowering my CL lower my credit score for home loan purposes?
  2. 11 yo tradeline lowered me from 16k to 3700 with one late in 48 months. And raised interest from 9 to 29.99%. I just paid off the entire balance. I'm thinking you'll all say to keep it open and not charge anything to it due to age of tradeline yes, it's from a company that starts with a c. I'm going to my CU to get a card........Yes/No?
  3. So the cu tells me they pull all 3 reports and take the middle score of the 3.......
  4. lots of suggestions for cu's for credit cards & car loans.....how do they stack up normally for home loans?
  5. Hubby has only 1 credit card opened 3 weeks ago - basically no credit...no bad tl's just nothing there. My credit has 2 30 day lates a few years ago and a Pd. collection which is due to be removed on 9/1. Car loan from years ago pd on time and everything else in good standing. Credit union just pulled a 785 for hubby and a 748 for me! They said they don't pull a skewed report at all b/c I asked about that.......Loan rep for cu said I actually had better credit - hubby just has better score??? What? How could this be??? Is this an awesome score for a car loan? I am floored
  6. Newry: Invitation to sue me? the Buyer? For what? So, when I go to hand the check and pick it up, just say no, they'll take the money and they'll give me the car? I have to pick it up out of town--should we duke this out now over the phone or when I get there? hmmmm.
  7. I'm told dealer has to run credit to ascertain there is no terrorism, child support owed, fbi wanted or anything when paying cash for car? Is this accurate?
  8. I have worked through several baddies. All I have left are a 30 day mortgage late and a 30 day credit card late. Both the same month '04. Dammit, they bills slipped down between my car seats and weren't sent with the rest. Goodwill letters didn't work. (Wamu and CHase) CC account is 10 years old and not one other late during that time. Mortgage is 7 years old also with perfect history except that one time. Yet, they are negatives. What is the true effect of 2 lates with long history accounts that are otherwise pretty excellent? Both for mortgage and auto loans?
  9. I sent dispute letters yesterday to CRA's. Just thought that laying the hammer with the reminder that they agreed to delete from reports and I'm seeking legal counsel if it's not removed asap might hasten the removal without the wait...........
  10. would it hurt to jostle their memory at the same time as disputing as "wrong account number"? do I need to wait?
  11. CA did verify before I got them to agree to PFD. I tried "not mine" with CRA's as my very first step. Do you still recommend trying not mine? Or just write them myself with the seek legal counsel/action? Or have an attorney do it? This is the last thing I have to get off besides 2 lates from over 3 years ago and those aren't budging even after Goodwill attempts. Thanks everyone!
  12. Ooops, just found the update. It's still under Collections shows as 0 balance and "Paid". It has not been removed as they explicitly said in letter to me......what now?
  13. PFD was agreed on 1.5 months ago, sent it in CMRRR. Done deal. But it's not off my report yet. Do I write the CRA's with copy of agreement, or start with the CA who agreed, or both. This was mid June, so they rec'd by late June. I gave them the extra month to get the TL removed.........
  14. CA sends a notice to collect on an account with a company I use, but is not an account number I ever had. Nothing ever reported to any CRA's/ no TL's. In fact, I'm in good standing with the "OC". What should letter say & not say to this scum?
  15. Wrote a PFD to local CA for small med bill. Instead of getting back my letter (the std PFD letter from here)with their sig, I get back the following printed on their letterhead Our client has authorized us to delete this item from your CR, but we must receive your pmt in full immediately. THis will improve your credit score since this will be totally removed from your credit history. We will notify all CR agencies. It's not signed by anyone, but is on the their paper. Does it have to have a sig? Or is letterhead enough? I think it's golden...they want the money. Thoughts anyone?
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