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  1. Thanks for the reply. I'm keeping everything, every little scrap of paper in a file. I just thought it strange they would want a dismissal without prejudice, since they can't come after me for that debt because it's already been discharged. If they do try to pull something like that in the future, I will get a lawyer. =)
  2. The case was finally dismissed but this is what it says: REQUEST FOR DISMISSAL FILED- WITHOUT PREJUDICE. So, even though Cap1 was included in the BK, they can still come after me in the future? I don't understand how they can do that if the debt was forgiven in the BK7?
  3. Sorry for the delayed reply, I've been really sick. Thanks to all of you for the posts/help. I'll send a notification to their attorneys out soon along with a copy of my BK discharge. We'll see what happens from there...
  4. I don't have an attorney. Had help from a paralegal but now I'm on my own.
  5. Thank you for your replies! I didn't use a lawyer, had help from a paralegal, once my BK discharge came through she was done. She did tell me what paper to file at the court to dismiss the case but I don't remember what it was. OK, I'll go ahead and make a copy of the discharge paper and include it in a letter to the attorney. I'll try that and hopefully they'll finally dismiss the case. Thanks again!
  6. Hi everyone, I finally got my discharge, capital one was included, but I (they're suing me) still have a court date in March. What should I do to get the case dismissed? Any advice appreciated! Happy New Year! Blu
  7. Unfortunately, it looks like they're withing the law. Thank you for the info Trueg.
  8. Well, in the letter they sent, they sent a copy of the cc app I signed. They're also requesting discovery from me (cancelled cheques, statements, etc..) that I don't have. They'll probably object to being included in the BK.
  9. UPDATE: I did find someone to help with my problem. I filed my answer and stated that I am filing for a BK (and I have done that, should get the papers next week). Well, today I get a letter from the lawyers, they aren't offering me a deal, they still want to sue. So, as soon as my BK papers get here, they're going to be served with them as proof that I am serious about the BK. Very stressful, I just want this done and over with. These people are going to harass me. I know they'll be there when I go to the meeting of the creditors. Sigh. I've nothing to give to them expect my blood. I'm indigent, I can't believe they are doing this.
  10. I'm looking for one but where I live there are very few. I want to meet with a couple of BK lawyers.
  11. Please do, I'd like to know! Like others have written here, they're trying to scare me probably. I may be stressed out, feeling a bit overwhelmed, but definitely not scared.
  12. I didn't know that. Cap 1 is the plaintiff in the lawsuit.
  13. I hope so? I could use the break. My funds are very limited, and I still need to file for BK.