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  1. It's not just that Chase is closing accounts........ I had a WaMu card too at 8%. When Chase took over they jacked it up to 10%. I had the option to close the account and keep the rate at 8% and lose my credit history, or keep my credit history and and pay the higher interest. I kept the card open because I've had this card longer than most of the others and my credit limit is the highest on this one: $6500. Well a few months ago they jacked it up AGAIN to 14%. My balance was around $3000. but I figured I'd pay it down quickly and keep my credit history. So I opted to go with it and keep the card open. Now, just like someone else had posted, I recieved a letter saying they're closing the account for the exact same BS reasons. My balance is only $300. now and will be paid off immediately and I don't intend on ever doing any kind of business with Chase EVER AGAIN! This good paying customer is GONE! I just can't help but wonder how people must be feeling who are receiving these letters, and are carrying a balance with a high interest rate, and are kicking themselves right now because they HAD the option of CLOSING the account themselves earlier and paying off their balance at the lower interest rate! But now they're stuck with a higher interest rate and have had their account closed anyway!!! Chase is really evil for doing this! I'm writing to my congressmen and I suggest you all do the same!
  2. Hi Nashville, thank-you for responding. We fulfilled our written lease and remained there on a month to month basis beyond the written contract as most states allow. We were unable to pay in February. March 1st came around – another months rent due. The landlord made his rounds, like he did every month collecting rent from his tenants in the building. A friend of mine was there and witnessed this conversation and says she will sign an affidavit if necessary. The landlord said he could not allow us to continue to stay without paying rent – totally understandable. I explained to him that we’re unable to get help and don’t know when we will be able to pay. He said, “if you don’t have February’s rent by the end of March, you need to be out so I can rent to someone who can pay” – again, totally understandable. I repeated this back to him for clarification and asked if we should put this in writing and he said it wasn’t necessary. (I know, I know) We were unable to come up with the money so we moved out and in with family (in another state) until we were able to get back on our feet. Would you believe the car broke down along the way? We’re now homeless, without transportation and oh yeah, I was 7 months pregnant. Needless to say, it took us a while to get back on our feet. We had to save money for a place to live, a vehicle, and pay overdue utilities and credit cards. By the time we got around to this, we were shocked to discover via the CR that the landlord claimed such a high amount was due. Before we left, we cleaned the unit – very well. We did not have a bad relationship with our landlord and had no hard feelings. Our friends helped us to put our furniture in storage (that my mother paid for) as well as, help us clean a bit – nice friends huh? I honestly thought when we dv’d that they would claim cleaning fees or something of that nature. No, there wasn’t a walk through because the landlord was out of town that week. We didn’t take pictures because we didn’t have a camera (I’m not kidding when I say we were broke!) So anyway, I was surprised when the invoice arrived with the second letter itemizing the inflated balance. There was no mention of cleaning fees. It simply says Feb month plus late fee, March month plus late fee, AND April plus late fee. AND $45 for filing for an eviction. We did not live there in April and we had an agreement to leave before April – friend is a witness. We were NOT evicted. I honestly don’t know why the landlord is making this claim unless he feels like we took advantage of him which I can understand that to a point, but if we were taking advantage of him, we wouldn’t have moved out the way we did – left to allow him to rent to someone who could pay PLUS cleaned the apartment. It doesn’t make sense. My goal is to take care of this debt – but without getting screwed in the process. This CA seems hellbent on asserting that we owe what they claim we owe despite our dispute letters. I would like to pay what is actually owed AND have it removed from the credit reports. We do NOT owe three months rent and I don’t see how we owe for an eviction that never took place. It seems to me, that billing someone for an action than didn’t really occur would be fraud. Am I off my rocker here?
  3. My ultimate goal is to have this TL removed completely. We have always been willing to pay what is actually owed. However, the CA on behalf of the landlord insists that an amount is owed that is inflated quite a lot. At this point I guess I'm trying to gain some negotiation leverage as well as force them to stop lying about what is actually owed. It seems to me that billing someone $45 for an "eviction filing fee" that never actually occured would be fraudulant billing. Are you saying that in Oklahoma a landlord has the right to bill someone $45 for typing up a piece of paper that says (pay by this date or an eviction will be filed) and leave it on the door - we were already gone so I'm just guessing it was meant for the door.
  4. Sent a pretty basic DV to a CA in Tulsa who is reporting a debt to the CRAs. We have never had any contact from them. The debt is from a former landlord who is claiming we owe more than twice as much as what is actually owed – hence the delay in addressing it till now. Not even two weeks later they send CMRRR a copy of the rental agreement & copy of an Eviction Notice that is merely a typed piece of paper by the landlord. We were already gone by the date of this notice as we had agreed we could no longer stay there without paying rent – we were having hard times back then. Anyway, I immediately fired back a dispute and claimed the debt has not been validated as of yet. I requested an itemization of the inflated balance. Again, not even two weeks go by before they send back another letter CMRRR with an invoice from the Landlord that is dated two months prior to the alleged eviction filing that claims 3 months rent plus late fees plus “eviction fees” that is $45. Based on this invoice the CA claims once again that they “consider the debt fully validated.” It also says “this item will remain on your credit report as a validated disputed account.” I immediately sent another letter declaring the invoice is incorrect. Not only are three months NOT owed, but I checked OSCN (Okahoma’s court website) AND called the Tulsa county clerk to see if an eviction was ever actually filed since we’re being billed for the filing fees of $45. Guess what? No such file exists. Isn’t this fraud?
  5. I'm so sorry you're going through this. From what you've posted, it sounds like there is nothing they can do to you. If you truely have no money and no assets than I wouldn't worry about it so much. I understand that you want to address this problem but there really isn't much for you to do except ensure that your exempted income is protected. You've already suffered a stroke, don't compromise your health any further. Stress from a lawsuit can be horrible - I know. Try to relax and take care of yourself.
  6. Dive is right. We send CMRRR to PO Boxes all the time with no problems. We also receive CMRRR at our PO Box.
  7. Okay, all is not lost here. Don’t feel too unlucky. It sounds as if the judge may very well eventually rule in your favor if Litow can’t prove his case. This happens a lot in Iowa. You mentioned he had a credit card summery of the account. Was this a copy of a statement from the OC or a generic piece of paper with the info typed on it? If that is all he had than chances are he may not produce anything substantial in the near future. I strongly suggest you go to the court clerk and ask to see the case file. Copy everything in it – everything (unless you already have it). My summons was pretty basic. I had to go to the court clerk to find out exactly what Litow had like the affidavit and notice to cure and stuff. Ask the court clerk if there is or will be another trial date or if the extension was just for Litow to provide something more. I’ve seen many cases where the judge gave him 30 days to provide something else to prove his case and most of the time he was unable to and therefore, the judge ruled in favor of the defendant or the case was just dismissed. I’m not certain, but I think if Litow does provide something else, than you have an opportunity to rebuff. All of this info I have is based on researching cases on the website I gave you. I don’t know why people feel they must pay $25, the info you need is free. Do a search for Litow for your county and go through cases until you see one that says “trial.” Look at that. I found some cases in my county and went to the courthouse to request the file so I could find out more about what actually happened. That’s how I know that sometimes a signed credit card agreement is NOT enough. You said the judge was very annoyed with you when you told him you wanted “confirmation of the validity of the debt.” When I gave you that answer statement in my previous post I said it looks good on paper. (By the way I can’t take credit for that one – got that from the CIC experts) When you say this or even paraphrase it in court, it does sound like you are trying to get out of paying a legit debt by educating yourself a bit about your rights and the law. Not that that’s wrong, but doing this makes you appear less like a victim than if you were to approach the judge in person, as you did, and keep it simple. For example, “the summons was the first time I had heard about this debt. I don’t have enough information about this debt to explain it.” It’s really hard to give advice on what to say and not say unless you know exactly what Litow has as evidence. You asked how you could find out when the last charges or payment were made to this account. You could write a letter directly to the OC, but at this point in the game I’m not sure that is the best way to go. Who is the CA? The most important thing for you to do now is go to the clerk of court and get the info I told you is needed to know how to proceed. I’m sorry the judge was hateful. It could have been worse though – you did NOT lose! Congrats on side stepping Litow’s snake-like method of trying to trick you into admitting this debt in any way. Like I said, Litow is a joke among his colleagues. He graduated from a third tier law school and was a debt collector prior. He’s a good hustler and liar but he couldn’t litigate his way out of a wet paper bag! You are definitely not SOL!
  8. Let_it_slide I’ve been investigating a bit and I’m surprised you need help – you’re a veteran. I’m not sure I can offer you any suggestions or advise that you didn’t already receive in your last lawsuit thread. Did you just check the “deny” option and send that in or did you type up an answer with affirmative defenses? I replied with affirmative defenses so we never actually went to court because Litow dismissed. I can tell you that Litow seldom shows up for court because he is in an office with only two other attorneys and they file so many lawsuits all over Iowa every day, that they cannot possibly show up for every case. Many attorneys in this state hear the name Litow and literally laugh! They rely heavily on default judgements and as a result have a tarnished reputation with many magistrates. However, you MUST show up or he gets a default. Since you are going to court, I can’t really say what you should and should not tell the judge because I never got that far. But, I advise you to research cases here: http://www.iowacourts.state.ia.us Try to find cases by Litow in your county that actually went to trial and see how the judge ruled. In my county the judges appear to be very unimpressed with Litow’s affidavits and want strict proof thereof. I even saw a few cases where Litow provided credit applications with signatures and the judge told him to go pound sand. (yep, I don’t plan on moving out of my county any time soon) If you have time to research Iowa courts and discover that the magistrate in your county generally rules against the defendant, than the only other advise I have is to possibly ask for an extension and file affirmative defenses. Answer: Defendant is without information or knowledge sufficient to form an opinion as to the truth or accuracy of the allegations contained in the complaint, and based on that denies generally and specifically each and every allegation contained therein, and leaves Plaintiff to provide proof. ~ This is awesome on paper. Do you say that in court? Well, you could I suppose, but the judge and attorney can ask you all the questions they want and there’s really no way to be completely prepared for that. I wish I could help more, but that’s pretty much all I got. If you decide to file an extension, (you’d have to ask the court clerk how to do this and if it can be done on such short notice) I will provide you with my affirmative defenses if you like. Either way, please do let us know what happened. This website is invaluable and there aren’t too many threads about Iowa lawsuits. Best of Luck!
  9. Litow.....ick......this is the same dillhole that sued me. Not to worry. I followed Recovering Attorney's advise and he went away. When is your court date? I have to go cook supper but rest assured, I will be back to help.
  10. It appears as though TU is investigating your dispute as if they have 45 days under the stipulation of the free annual credit report. If you in fact paid for your credit report, you should call them immediately and remind them of that. This happened to me but with Experian. Good luck & keep us informed.
  11. I live in Iowa where CA’s are required to be licensed. A CA in Oklahoma is collecting a debt and is not licensed in Iowa. I use the term “collecting” loosely because as of yet, all they have done is report the debt on all credit reports and respond to a DV letter. Their response sort-of validated, but is still disputed. Their letter provided an amount due, but they did not demand, request, or ask for a payment. They merely said, “we consider this debt to be validated and expect a call from you.” Based on that, I think they know they cannot collect in Iowa but I can’t really be sure. I guess my question is, if they are not licensed to collect in my state, and reporting a debt to credit reporting agencies is considered to be “collection activity,” are they allowed to continue to report this debt? And if so, what other collection activity are they allowed to engage in?
  12. I recently decided to address the last collection account on DH’s credit report as our goal is to purchase a house within a year or so. We have never heard from this CA but they are reporting a debt on his CR and update it every month. The amount is an inflated balance due a previous landlord. They responded to our DV with a certified letter that had the mini Miranda but did not include the other Miranda which indicates that we have 30 days to dispute ….. Their response to our DV was the first communication we had from them and we explained in our DV that we had never heard from them but know of them only through the CR tradeline. I know it’s petty and nit-picky, at this point, but, isn’t this a violation?
  13. Hi Elyse That was my thought. I'm going to call ConsumerInfo.com tomorrow. Perhaps they pocketed the money instead of forwarding it Experian? Regardless, I proved to Experian that I did pay for an Experian report, but the "specialist" argued that paying Experian "affiliated" companies do not count.
  14. Hi Greg, I have received a lot of info here and have had lots of success but this really bites! I have to tell you though that I'm not saying that you shouldn't purchase your credit reports for the purpose of shaving off the extra 15 days. I still think it's a good idea and well worth it - as long as you have not accessed the free annual credit report within the last 12 months. At least that is my understanding (until someone can answer the question stated above) The message here is: If you do purchase your credit reports, mail the request and money directly to the Credit Reporting Agencies. Do NOT purchase them through any of their websites because even if the website appears to be the CRA, they may just be "affiliated" and according to Experian's "Specialist" credit reports that are purchased through "affiliated" companies are not official credit reports; therefore, the CRA will treat your dispute as though you accessed the free annual credit report. Good Luck on your disputes!
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