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  1. It is possible that my wife and I will be relocating with work. Because this move would be from the mid-west to the west coast where housing costs are stronger, my employer is offering housing assistance which is a zero interest loan to cover the down payment. This would be payable with termination or future sale of the home. We purchased our current home for $275K and had made approximately $70K in improvements. We have paid cash for all improvements, no additional loans against the home. Assuming we could sell the house for $345K and recover our investment for improvements, could we use this money to pay off our car loans or would we be required to reinvest this in our new home?
  2. Good advice Robert, I have a good track record for the past three years with only one ugly remaining on my reports. The only reason I'm even interested in improving my score is because relocation is always possible with my employer and I don't want to be penalized with a higher interest rate. Thanks again for your response.
  3. My wife and I purchased our home almost three years ago however at that time we were not married and my wife was the only one listed as the buyer because she had a credit score that was much better than mine. Since then I have worked on repairing my credit and have made tremendous headway. Currently I don't show having any type of mortage history, is it possible to be added onto our current mortgage wife my wife? If so, would I then also receive the payment history? The account is with Chase.
  4. I have a BOA account that was charged off in 2001. The three CRA show different dates as too when this will fall off my report with one showing June of this year, another at December of this year and the last showing January of '09. I'm considering challenging the date of last activity, is this something y'all would recommend or should I leave well enough alone and continue waiting it out.
  5. I would never want to consciously erode the protections that have been established, however I do find myself wanting to capitalize on any violation a CA may make. Several years ago when dealing with the terminal illness and eventual passing of a loved one, I walked away from not only my debts but life. At the same time I took a pretty big hit to my income. When I started to get on my feet again, I started managing my finances and addressing my debts. Through this process I dealt with a few CA's who made threats and accusations, I remember how this felt, it still makes me mad. I've been managing my finances for several years with the assumption that my credit would eventually come around. It was only by accident that I found this site and began a proactive approach to addressing how my credit is viewed by others. It may be revenge but I find myself wanting to get them (CA's) back, if not for myself but for others. I'm fortunate to be in a financial situation that I can afford an attorney.
  6. I agree with you 100% and having said that this may not go any further than this conversation, however I have made no mention to the validity of this alleged debt which in fact I would dispute. I began my credit repair journey in February of this year and along the way I have owned up to every legimate debt. As I mentioned earlier, when they threatened legal action against me for a debt that is not legitimate, they turned the table and I'll fight back. I'm fortunate to be working with a cunsumer advocate attorney that I trust. He is not a sue happy attorney, if he suggests simply DV'ing without any mention of a suit, that's the direction I'll go. It's just that it is irritating to be threatened by someone claiming that it's necessary to respond within 10 days of a letter dated Aug. 3rd when received on the 12th.
  7. After you mentioned this, I doubled checked the front and back of both letters, nothing !
  8. Thanks for the responses. I did not DV them after receiving the first letter. I decided against it because I'm currently involved with another collection agency in which a have filed suit in federal court. I didn't want to have too many irons in the fire and the amount they are attempting to collect is only $125. At this point I have not pulled recent credit reports to see if they are reporting. They got under my skin when they threatened legal action. Since I'm already working with an attorney I'm going to discuss with him tomorrow. If he feels it is something worth pursuing I'd gladly pay the federal fee's again.
  9. In June, I received a statement from a collecton agency. This was the first letter received from them. There was no mention of miranda rights on this document. They also did not mention anywhere that they were attemping to collect on a debt. The letter simply shows my personal information, their contact info and a statement reading " A search of our records indicates you owe the following accounts". It then lists two OC's with amounts, interest, fees and a total. At the bottom is a portion to detach and return with payment. This weekend I received a second letter that is almost identical to the first with the exception they included a statement that reads. "Do Not Ignore This Letter" Unless this office is is contacted in 10 days of the above date to arrange payment, it is our intention to forward you account to an agency in your area for collection and possible legal action. This letter also makes no mention of miranda rights. These are the only two documents I have received. Have they committed a violation under the FDCPA for not including any miranda statement?
  10. When a CA first makes an attempt to collect on a debt they are requred to provide a 30 day period in which you can dispute the validity of the debt. If the 30 day period has passed without request for validation, they are not required to respond to your request.
  11. I'm going to attempt to contact legal myself because of non-investigation. I received my dispute results from EQ yesterday. I was successful with a couple of deleted negs however the primary item is was concerned about was not addressed. They made no mention of the account that I disputed and it continues to show as a neg TL. I even double checked my original letter to ensure I didn't make a mistake and I did specifically address this account.
  12. I called the medical center today and explained that I wanted to pay them directly and was told that I had to work through the CA because of the amount of time that has past.
  13. First of all, I heard back from TU today - 6 deletes and a couple of days ago EX - 4 deletes with one still being reviewed. I'm still waiting on EQ. Both TU and EX have verified a B of A account that is listed as a CO however both have deleted the CA listed for the same account. If I send a dispute letter to the OC asking for validation, am I exposing myself to trouble? or should I leave well enough alone with the CA deletion? Same type of question: I disputed late pays with Chrysler and CRA's verified. Would I be better sending a GW letter to Chrysler or a dispute letter?
  14. I DV'd a CA back in March and they validated the debt that was for a medical bill. On April 8th I sent a settlement offer of a 75% lump sum payment for which would include a deteted status. I committed that they would receive the cashiers check by May 1st provided the returned the signed agreement. I have not had a response from them as of yet and I'm tempted to contact the medical center directly to try and make the payment directly with them. However the date on the statement is 06/03. Is there anything specific I should request from them prior to making the payment? Provided they are willing to work with me of course. I'm prepared to pay it in full if they will play. If I were to be successful doing this, would the collection automatically be eliminated? Thanks for your advice and response.
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