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  1. It happened recently with another post. The same thing-someone new provided a link for everyone to check out a site and suddenly that other site's creator began posting here (mainly advertising--kinda like smooth spamming) and in a blink of an eye this back and forth of accusations and so forth began and it was disruptive plus I didn't see the point for another person providing "credit repair" svcs to post here and advertise their website. I'm sure you meant well, it will just get annoying to see this happen again. On the other hand, I find it very helpful to just go under the BBB site and fi
  2. I have that as well on my CR... I'm not sure if they automatically place it there when you dispute a TL as "not mine"... Perhaps in one of those "identity theft" procedures they take..
  3. I've read several posts and all the CAs in there are pretty arrogant and a big percentage of them are ignorant on consumer rights... It really goes to show you how these people think and act!!
  4. Thanks Dive! I like page#29.... "CAs SHOULD perform initial check to see that the debts are generally valid and verifiable.....blah...blah.." SURE... I'm sure most CAs do these initial checks first!!! Almost forgot... I like their psychological pause B.S on page 33!! Hillarious!!!!
  5. Great idea Lyle!! Try e-mailing her in case she doesn't see this... I think it will be a great source for everyone interested in this!
  6. It's pathetic!! But I'm sure politicians see increases in their pay!!
  7. I think this one is complete (it was created on Word doc. so I can't copy and paste it) http://www.lawpoint.com/NACA/FDCPA%20Violatiuons%20Checklist%20and%20Cheat%20Sheet.pdf Site I got it from (with other great info) http://www.lawpoint.com/2005_NCLC_Conference_Materials.htm
  8. Thanks Rav! I will use that on the letter I'm going to send them tomorrow. That's a great idea for future dispute letters-never thought of that. Thanks!
  9. Nah, not yet.. I'm waiting to take care of a few baddies before I apply..
  10. Ambience, one thing I've learned is that if you want to budget you need to live only on the things you need NOT want! With that in mind I do understand that gyms charge fees for cancelling, but if you just cancel your membership of $60/mo you'll save $720 a year! BTW, you can still have a healthy social life and not go broke by the end of the week.... find other things to do on your time off that doesn't require spending lots of money!! Reconsider what you do!! And a part-time might be a great idea. Do something temporary just until you reach a certain goal.. If you really follow through and m
  11. LNY is the DPP Cavazos007 sends the Congratulations with the balloons to all those who are approved Hooters!! Great team here!!
  12. Thanks they're so horrible and they are really bad with records of what they send.. this "counsel" has no idea on what they sent me for "verification".... he has it all screwed up. I'm sure their counsel is just the guy who also works the phones!
  13. I should do this while wearing a shirt reading "VICTIM"